Jose: Stop acting like a 'kid' AVB


Andre Villas-Boas who was under the apprentice-ship of Jose Mourinho at Porto, Chelsea and Inter has revealed that he has fallen out with the Chelsea manager and no longer considers him a friend.

Jose has hit back at the former Chelsea manager for revealing that to the media. Jose on the eve of the game said:

“I don’t discuss this with the media, it’s a personal thing. I don’t care what he says. I’m not here to do that. I’m not interested.”

Jose accused AVB of being a ‘kid’ and not acting like an adult. Jose said:

“I am not a kid – if I have a problem with someone I go upstairs, we speak and we have lunch.”

Jose drew a comparison of the relationship with AVB to that of Louis Van Gaal. Jose was Van Gaal’s assistant at Barcelona and in 2010 while in charge of Inter in 2010 defeated in Bayern side in the Champions League Final.

“I managed a Champions League final against a manager who was important in my career and taught me to grow up and I did it in a professional way. And that is a way you have to do it,” Jose said

“I have had so many assistants in my career. I was always an open book to them and with the coaches in the academy. Will I go for a glass of wine with him? When people invite me I always go. I never refuse. But I have nothing more to say on this.”

Jose however does admit that Spurs are genuine title contenders this season and have narrowed the gap at the top of the table. Although they have sold Bale but they added enough quality to the squad to mount a challenge.

“You win titles with squads, not with an especially good player, so Tottenham are bigger contenders than before.”

Meanwhile Jose was quite impressed with the display put up by Juan Mata vs Swindon.

“I liked the way Juan Mata played against Swindon. His attitude is very good and his effort was good. When a player makes an effort to come in my direction then I go to him as well. I can imagine from now him working into my way of thinking and I think the natural tendency will for him to be in the team.”

Jose has also admitted that he will prioritize the fixture vs Manchester City after the Capital One cup tie vs Arsenal was moved to 29th Oct. He said:

“I will prioritise. We will play the kids (at Arsenal). It’s a chance for them.”

  1. Shingie Samu says

    AvB is selfish. I think there was no need for he to go to the press and complain about their working relationship with Jose, instead he had to talk to him personaly thus what gentle mens do.

    Samu Shingirai———- Sent via Nokia Email

  2. Irokotola michael says

    Let him be jare. The guy is just a boy not yet a man…….

  3. K DHEERAJ says

    ” Mata is coming to my way ” nice to hear that and waiting for Juan to break into first team, make loads of assists, score some goals and win trophies for the club…. Of course top priority is team.

  4. fidel says

    Lol, Jose!!I love this man!.He speaks his mind.AVB is a good coach but he needs to work on his utterances and emotions.I do not understand him coming out with a comment like that.jose was right.whatever fued he had with jose,was not in public so why has he come out to tell the world’I hate mourinho’?.Is it to gather undue favor and sympathy?I cannot understand this underdog coach,who failed miserably at Chelsea and hated by most players,even lukaku(you can’t be good to everyone you know).He admitted in an interview he now knows how to manage big players and is more’grown up’at managing big teams as well so we can excuse him for some of his childish outburst since he has come of age.I believe every statement by a coach of a top club like tottenham(only AVB is not top character)should be met with a response.Jose replied appropriately.if mourinho said this about AVB,it will be all over the news in the negatives;ENGLAND DOES NOT. LOVE IT’s BEST;even when chelsea has brought,recently,more honours than any other club in the league at Europe yet the FA never wishes CHELSEA Well.It is most unfortunate.

  5. Ola says

    Small boy er young let leave him

  6. Akees says

    Jose also make bad comments on coachs too. And pls he should stop using the word “kID”.

  7. JAYDE says

    AVB has acted nothing short of a kid. No decorum. ” I don’t really care about Chelsea” and ” Mourinho is not a friend”… these are just bitter words coming from a sad man who lacks the social etiquette, and worse to deal with former acquaintances.
    AVB is a man of grudge. wont be surprise if he doesn’t stay long with spurs.

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