Jose vs Pellegrini: Analyzing the escalated War Of Words between the two

Jose vs Manuel P.
Mind games: Mourinho has dismissed Chelsea’s title chances against big-spending City

Jose Mourinho and Manuel Pellegrini have been involved in an escalating war of words especially after last week’s big win of the Special One’s Chelsea over Manuel Pellegrini’s Manchester City. The Portuguese manager have branded his side the ‘little horses’ in the title race and that the title is for Manchester City and Arsenal to lose in order for his side to succeed and claim the illustrious premier league at the end of May.

And such mind games of Mourinho to ease the pressure of his team has not gone well with his counterpart at the Etihad. The Chilean boss dismissed the notion of Chelsea being ‘little horses’ in the title race but instead a rich horse. Pellegrini pointed out Chelsea had the biggest net spend in the last 10 years of the title contenders while his team since being bankrolled by the Arab billionaire has spent more money than Abramovic had in the last decade at Stamford Bridge.

In this article, we analyze who is correct and who is wrong in this exciting mind games between two of the premier league giants tipped to lift the trophy by the end of the season.

Here is the full quote from Jose Mourinho’s analysis of the title race that has commenced between the three top contenders in the league table at the moment…

“We are not a squad like City with every player in the best moment of their careers. All of them are between the ages of 24 and 30. All of them have been working together for quite a long time, the manager arrived and the team was ready for him.’

‘Arsenal are the biggest example of stability and a manager working with players year after year. He’s worked with them since they were really young players – Ramsey, Sagna, Walcott, Wilshere – all these guys have been working with the same manager at the same club for many years.’

‘We are different, we are just beginning. In the first day of next pre-season I will say yes we are there and we accept people considering Chelsea as candidates. Today, no. We are there because we are doing very well or because maybe Man City and Arsenal aren’t doing as well as they should with the conditions they have.”

Everything Mourinho claimed in his words were a facts and a good argument as to why Chelsea aren’t the favorites. The west London side has been in process of rebuilding since our Champions league victory in 2012 and the young players signed are just know showing their quality and being match winners this season under the leadership of Mourinho.

Even though the Blues have won the Europa League last season, it was a disappointing 2012/13 season which saw two managers (one club legend and another a Fat Spanish Waiter or the Chelsea reject). We failed in 8 of the top trophies we have contended for last season only winning the Europa League. It is after that season that we have achieved an incredible double over Manchester City this season and also holding the at bay from scoring at their home ground since November 2010.

Mourinho has a point in comparing the three sides and branding that either Arsenal or Manchester City are favorites for the premier league crown at the end of the season.

And here is the full quote of Pellegrini’s response to the mind games of Jose Mourinho to ease the pressure of his squad…

“Maybe it is a small horse if the manager (Mourinho) thinks like that but it is also a very rich one,’ he said. ‘This is the team that spends the most money in the last 10 years, it is the team that spends the most money this year and the team that spends the most money in the transfer window, so a little bit rich.’

‘He shows in the last two games he has a strong team with some great players, but he thinks it is better not to talk about it. Why? Because if he wins (the title), he has all the merit, while if he loses, he does not have the responsibility. It is the way he acts. ‘It will be very close with Chelsea and Arsenal. Arsenal is the favorite because they have a two-point lead in the table, an important advantage.”

As seen here, Manuel Pellegrini is blaming for Chelsea for excess spending on transfers while his own Manchester City side have lashed out more money in the past 5 years than Chelsea as demonstrated in this table by

The figures tell it all: Transfer league's table shows the purchased gross and the net profit
The figures tell it all: Transfer league’s table shows the purchased gross and the net profit

So, we can come to the conclusion that Jose Mourinho has really gotten in the head of Manuel Pellegrini that the Chilean is confessing the wrong words that would come back to hunt him. Big spenders Manchester City had given excess money for their current manager to spend last summer and he had an almost perfect squad of players to manage and lead to trophy.

Jose is surely winning the mind games and battle of words as he always does and successdully did before against the likes of Ferguson and Pep Gardiola let alone Manuel Pellegrini.

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  1. fahmicfc360 says

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  2. akinwumi steven says

    Without any doubt,Pellegrini has already fell into the trap of Mou’s mind game and let’s keep our fingers crossed to see how the situation unfold!

  3. maritimo says

    Pellegrini, or “Don Alcorcon”, was able to lose to a 3rd Divison with Real Madrid. It’s a fact that CFC is a team in a building process, adapting to the manager methodology and with several players learning the club culture and adapting to each other. While City is a team built mainly by Mancini (who I think he should have won more trophies with the players he had, but he still had the merit to build this City team), with players playing together for several years and the only change is the style of play that Pellegrini want to implement. Manuel is the typical manager that hides behind is “sexy football” to justify his lack of trophies. Let’s see what is coming…

  4. Don Coleon Nii says

    I am not sure why Pellegrini felt obliged to reply to what i consider compliments just as much as i don’t appreciate marring a fine article by calling Rafa “a fat Spanish waiter”… Look, it’s true that we will never endear ourselves to Rafa but he at least deserves some respect for being professional in the midst of massive hostility. Besides, we have Spanish players in our team so how do you think they would feel if they should read this article??

    1. Lightning says

      Much like every other fan, I’ve never particularly liked Rafa. but I do understand that we should at the very least appreciate that he led us to at least 1 trophy and a Champions League spot that was only separated by 2 points. But he could have easily just said no to Chelsea when we approached him to take over, he had to know what hell he was walking into beforehand. Still, we ended the season very strongly with him.

      Pellegrini is just bitter Mourinho succeeded him at Real Madrid. Mou’s first order of business was to insult Pellegrini, then went on the win a couple of trophies in Spain.

  5. Jayde says

    We are not here to talk about Rafa…remmember? Analysis is on Pellegrini trapped with finely coinned words. This is the beauty of having Jose around.

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