Jose: Arsene is a specialist in failure & Cahill, Terry OUT of City Clash

The Chelsea manager had some choice words for his Arsenal rival, calling him a 'specialist in failure.'
The Chelsea manager had some choice words for his Arsenal rival, calling him a ‘specialist in failure.’

Jose Mourinho has again been in sparkling form in  his latest press-conference and has opened another interesting war of words with his old nemesis Arsene Wenger. The Arsenal manager had previously claimed teams who play down their chances of winning the premier league are doing it because of ‘fear of failure’ earlier the same day. Mourinho responded emphatically by claiming that Arsene Wenger himself is a ‘specialist in failure’.

The Arsenal manager has already tasted many of Mourinho’s biggest sound bites in destabilizing his opponents and responding to every critic that comes over his side from any manager out there. We all remember when Mourinho called Arsene Wenger a ‘voyeur’ years ago in his first reign but, let’s read his quotes here….

‘Wenger is a specialist in failure. I’m not,’ said Mourinho at his Friday press conference. ‘If he is right it is because I don’t fail many times. Eight years without a trophy is failure. The reality is he is a specialist. Eight years without a piece of silverware, that’s failure. If that was me I would not come back to London. I’m not fearing anything in football.’

This comment was sparked by Arsene Wenger’s earlier press conference in which he said when asked about title rivals (specifically Mourinho) playing down their chances of winning the league, “It’s a fear to fail. If you’re not in the race you cannot lose it, if you declare yourself not in the race you cannot lose it, simple as that.”

The two managers surely don’t have love lost between them through out Jose Mourinho’s time away from England and his return has yet sparked a renewed rivalry and war of words along with other challengers’ manager Manuel Pellegrini who is new to England.

Speaking of tomorrow’s FA Cup showdown between Manchester City and his side, Mourinho claimed he doesn’t want a replay at Stamford Bridge for second leg since it will prove difficult in spicing up the fixture pile-up. He also claimed that Manchester City’s key players missing the previous win at the Etihad didn’t make much of a difference since they had a strong squad and those players had played the first time we beat them at Stamford bridge.

‘People can say that they missed players like Fernandinho and Sergio Aguero but, the first time we played them, they were playing and we beat them. ‘ – Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho also discussed the availability and fitness of two of our centre-backs’:

‘John (Terry) is not back. I think Cahill is out,’ reported Mourinho. ‘He injured his calf against West Brom. He tried to train today but he didn’t finish the training session in the best conditions. He is going for a scan to be sure if he can or he can’t (play).’

Mourinho is the undisputed master of the mind games and succeeding while Arsene and Pellegrini are well the opposite as it looks as they never had won a trophy in the past 8 years while the latter has none to speak of so far in his career even though he has unrivaled experiance in La Liga and is a master tactician both qualities that Jose can boast as well. We at Chelsea should enjoy the luck and privilege of having the best all around manager in the world at the club where he is ‘loved the most’. He is at home and he is here to win. Next chapter will be advancing over the favorites of the trophy Man City in the FA Cup tomorrow and the journey to Wembley (our second home) is on.

  1. akinwumi steven says

    Hmmm…from mind games to war of words now!Mou is right about his comment coz Wenger hasn’t won anything since 2005!

  2. Okpali Gahagan says

    But that is true!

  3. miles says

    That’s not right. I can’t bbliv fans are supporting this. It is not only on tactics that we shd criticize d manager but also on things like this. Wenger is a rival no doubt but that was uncalled for. It was highly disrespectful. Drama is good, but this is too much. He made the whole club look bad. Quite frankly, mou is d best coach in the world. He is also d most arrogant. I can’t be in support of a statement that is highly disrespectful. From one coach to another? If he was a sport presenter or pundit, it wld be better. But to say that about ur colleague? That’s too far and we shd all be ashamed if we can’t see that.

    1. Cfc_obsessed. says

      Cant u see wenger started it? How can he say the title is for cfc to lose? Is there a sin for say is team are not favorite? Wenger disrespected cfc first. Ve u ever see mou say arsenal ll never win a trophy? He always chose his words with care. Players word war to follow now

      1. MDB says

        Agreed. Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight (metaphorically speaking) Arsene. Someone needs to come up with a T shirt with “The Special One” on one side and “The Specialist in Failure” on the other.

    2. Anonymous says

      Could not agree with you more. Thanks for the sensibility. I like amount, but ashamed of such comments. Atleast win something this year before talking.

      1. Anonymous says

        MDB you are an IDIOT. He is the longest serving manager at the moment, so he must be doing so,etching right for Arsenal to merit such an extended tenure. Do you see CEOs retaining their positions when the company is being run to ground?

      2. MDB says

        Troll on. I stand by my comment. Arsene is perpetually preoccupied with Chelsea and inconsistent at best. Here’s a man who complains about the Mata deal when he sold off RVP (when he had the ability to keep him – hello pot meet kettle). Let’s give him the “Profit maximizer” trophy. That ought to satisfy you.

  4. Anonymous says

    Did anyone see the documentary about Mou at ITV? He’s always beena fearless manager and when someone says he has fear he reacts like this. Wrong choice of words by Wagner

  5. gyamfi Kumaning says

    wenger should shut up,he(wenger) is nt Jose Mourinho co-equal

  6. K DHEERAJ says

    Arsene Wenger always have an eye on chelsea as jose said before and now. He loves to follow chelsea and criticise in every possible way. Example:- When his trophyless team travelled to naples to play group stage UCL match against napoli he stated about chelsea fan’s treatment to rafael benetiz which is irrelevant to him……. And recently about Mata sale to united…. so on. That’s the reason why he is unable to focus on his own team and struggling to win a trophy from 8 years. Jose is right about wenger.

  7. Anonymous says

    Jose, get your boys to play with heart. It’s more effective than mind games. Perhaps you should keep quite and win, or at least beat WBA. Along this line, Hazard, should shut the F up about being in close to Messi and Ronaldo’s level. Since he opened his mouth, he has been ineffective. What a dumb ass. Do your job, the fans will liken you to whom they please…

  8. salim kazungu says

    The desire for a fan in any club is to see the club winning trophies,to me Arsene Wenger is concentrating in making the club rich than serving the desire for the club fans,contrary to Jose…he rightly knows what it takes to have the fans support thats why he’s focused in making his C.V admireable by winning trophies,compare what Wenger achieved from 2005/13 to Mourinho’s achievement in the same period…you now why Jose termed him so…SPECIALIST IN FAILURE.

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