Juan Mata's Final Message to Chelsea, Emotional Indeed!

On the completion of his transfer from Chelsea FC, Juan Mata took out time to write a letter to everyone associated with Chelsea. And yes, this is very emotional indeed. Get ready to board the feels train (an overused but appropriate phrase).

Juan Mata: “Hi everyone, As you can imagine this is a very important day in my life, and with these lines I would like to express the memories and emotions that come to me as I write. This letter is written from my heart, and first of all I would like to say that I will never forget all the affection given to me by the Chelsea fans. From the very first day until the last. With your support and affection I have grown up as a player and I have had an amazing time both on and off the pitch. I will always feel the gratitude towards you. Always. No words are enough to give back all the things I have received. There has been plenty of good moments: the FA Cup, my first trophy as a Blue; the immense happiness of winning titles for the first time in the club’s history, such as that magical Champions League night in Munich and the Europa League… On the other hand, I have experienced some complicated situations from a personal point of view, mainly during the last six months. Every message I got through the social media, every nice word you have said to me on the street, and of course, your support in the stadium, has made me feel incredibly proud of the Chelsea fans; you deserve a team like the one you’ve got, with so many fantastic players. I won’t forget the faith you put in me when I was given the player of the year award the last two seasons. I feel really proud and I will never forget those nights. Thank you so much for the way you have treated me, you have been unbelievable. I hope you understand that after going through a complicated and, for me, new situation in the last few months, I believe this is the best choice in order to carry on with my football career and to keep enjoying this sport. Before last summer, my intention was to stay here for a long time; as long as the club wanted me to, and to keep winning trophies for Chelsea FC. This is how happy I was in the club and in the city. However, as you all know, things changed after the preseason. From feeling like an important player, I started to experience some difficult situations and I felt unable to help the team to the extent that I wanted and was used to. Obviously, I fully respect the circumstances. Football is a team sport and it’s not easy to play regularly in such a good squad. In sports you may win or lose, but the most important thing is to give everything. I hope you know and feel that I have always done so. In every game, in every training session, without exception. I have always tried my best for the club. I would like to emphasise the affection, admiration and respect that I’ve had for my former team mates since the first day. I want to thank the captains for their help and understanding at all times. They made me feel comfortable when I arrived and they have supported me throughout the difficult times this season. I thank all my former team mates for these two and a half years and I wish them the best, personally and professionally, for the future. Of course I have been closer to some of them, but the most important thing is that my years in Chelsea have left me with great friends. Friends forever, football rivalries aside. I also want to highlight the day-to-day job of every member of the Chelsea staff: medical team, kit men, staff at Cobham and Stamford Bridge, media and marketing department, Chelsea TV team… All of them are very important in making this club a great one. Thank you for your treatment and your efforts to make the life of the players easier. Furthermore, thanks to every manager I have had the pleasure to work with during my time here. They have all been a big help for my progression as a player. I have always respected their decisions, whatever they were; they made me more mature and a stronger person. You learn from everything, and certain situations make you think about other team mates who are coping with similar situations more regularly. Thank you Andre for giving me the opportunity to join Chelsea FC. Without your support, none of this would have happened. To Robbie and Rafa, for their unlimited trust in me. And to Jose, for making me a stronger player, because in difficult moments, I have learnt to remain positive and to keep working hard. Lastly, I want to thank the Club, and in particular its owner, Roman Abramovich, for trusting me and making an important investment when signing me. Also for their understanding regarding my situation over the last months. I’m very glad to have been part of the squad that made his and our dream come true: winning the Champions League on that unforgettable night in Munich. Additionally, my years in Chelsea have been profitable for the club, which I’m very pleased about. I want to make clear that the stage that now comes to an end has been extremely important for me, personally and professionally. Although many of you, like myself, never thought this moment would come, this is football and a new chapter is about to begin. I would have liked to say good bye to all of you in the stadium, or in a press conference, but it has not been possible. I’m sure, i will be able to do it in the future, because is what you deserve. Evidently, today is a day of mixed feelings, remembering the past and looking forward to the future and what it has to bring. I look forward to being happy and to enjoy what I like the most: play football. I will never forget my time in Chelsea and the affection I take with me, I will keep forever. I wish you the best. A big hug to all of you. THANK YOU so much, Juan.”

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  1. akinwumi steven says

    Honestly,I’m close to tears!I still don’t believe that Mata is finally leaving us like this!Highly emotional words indeed but all the same u’ll always remain in my heart.Wish u all the best!

  2. fidel says

    So it is true juan Mata is no longer our player smh.Okay,okay.Jose better make sure this is the right decision.

  3. Jk says

    Juan we never thought this would ever happen. You have done an important decision for your career which was collapsing because he never tasted your worth. Am a Chelsea but whenever Mata is playing, I will support him as a magician. Jose found all the means to put you off but a definate chance has come. Fair well Mata. Forever in our hearts. Fans will mourn because we know your worth better than Jose!

  4. Anonymous says

    You will be missed ;(

  5. elmoy says

    Once blue, forever blue. Have a nice trip Juan 🙂

  6. Anonymous says

    So sad to me

  7. mesgr says

    I almost broke down to tears…no words. I just cannot still believe him leaving. May god make him happy forever.

  8. Mozeez says

    Best Of Luck; JUAN”

  9. Anonymous says

    We shall miss you Indeed Juan Mata.Thanks for that message.

  10. anushil thapa says

    i never thought that u would leave the club and join manutd. you dissapoint me mata, ive got no words to say. but thankyou for all that u have give to us. 2 beautiful years and three trophies. wish you the best ahead. you will always remain in our heart. ktbffh chelsea

  11. Rawlings Mario says

    You have been fantastic and I personally will never forget your contribution to Chelsea.

  12. vinces says

    tears just cascading.i feel bad…..



  14. Abubakar Ahmad tahir dbm says

    i felt lyk nt to let u go, ‘cos dis ur letter shocked me vry wel and seriously,juan we blues fan should never 4get ur immense contribution during ur career as a player in chelsea.¤cry¤ gudbye wshn u ol d best personally and professionaly.

  15. John Schmidst Ríos says

    All the best Mata… I’ll never forget you… Proceed with your career successfully…

  16. Francisco Rangel says

    Mata is an amazing player , with great talent we should.of kept him. Theres no point in buying a new player and having him get adjusted to the team when we have a great mid-fielder that knows the team and gives its his all and has love for the team and a player that his team mates are used to… jose made a mistake on letting him go , i hope MATA consideres coming back after his contract is over and. Hipe jose gives him an opportunity to show him that MATA is a pay we need on the pitch, you cant exspect a player to play well in jux 10mins you give him , you need to give hin atleast 20mins to show you what he got and i can honestly say JOSE MOURINO. Made a mistake on letting him go but I WISH MATA THE BEST EVEN IF HE IS ON A RIVAL TEAM BUT HE WILL ALEAYS BE A BLUE IN HEART

  17. snowhite obi says

    I will miss you Juan,wish you the best at United.

  18. kay says

    My man Juan Mata,I feel like crying but all the same life goes on, carry on with your career,everybody in Chelsea will miss u.

  19. Lekan says

    Juan departure is an unbearable lose to the club and the fans,…I personally felt sad when the transfer news broke.,..mata is a very good player and been loved by eveybody ….his departure is so quick and unexpected … We all miss you…your unforgetable contribution in club silverware will remain in our memories….JUAN MATA i wish u all the best in your new club …..

  20. Anonymous says

    juan i realy feel it especially when i recall that very day in munich, juan ur a great player indeed wish yu all the best because as a player career matters
    we love yu juan as blue fan resides from #Kenya i will try to forget you if i can coz i dn’ t think now that ur still in this league……………………….<3 yu juan
    from #johnson katei

  21. Kola Fagbamigbe says

    I can’t help to hold back my tears of joy and sadness on this intelligent farewell messages of Juan Mata- one of the best midfielder of this generation. Sadness, in th sense that Chelsea is loosing a fine and intelligent footballer who epitomises the virtues Chelsea Fc represents. Joy, for the fact, every talented player of his quality would always excel wherever they are. What a manner of sportmanship! The scrupulous manner at which these pieces from Juan were put together simplies the reasons why he’s been Chelsea best player for the last two seasons. Much as I’ll like to keep my optimism on Jose as one of the best Managers in the game who astutely knows when and how to make a big decision; I hope Chelsea would look back in the future and realise the decision to sell Juan Mata had been to the best interest to all parties involved. In Jose, we would all believes cos he is one of us. I wish Juan and his family the best of luck to a new lease of life in his football career.
    We love you, Juan. Thanks for everything.

  22. Idd jr says

    Oh Mata

  23. Prashantcfc says

    miss u sooo much….rlly felling bad that u r leaving…..hw cn we see u in fucking reds….u r alwazz a blues…ktbffh

  24. Anonymous says

    Even as a man U player i go with U,may the good lord strenghten U and make U what U ought to be in future.chelsea luv.

  25. Irokotola Michael says

    Football is a business and in business you make sacrifices to have profit and vice if not…….. Mata is a sacrifice for both the blue and united…… Wish you best of luck and not against Chelsea….. I feel you, you’re a great writer

  26. Adeaga ademola ige says

    I will never 4get u juan magic

  27. edward ratemo says

    we will miss u daddy mata bt it is agood decision 4 ua futbal career moreso in the spain team which is very competitive

  28. Jonathan says

    We will missed you. Trust me, you gave us your best short. And for a player like you, you deserve regular playing moments. Like you said, football is a game of team.
    we wish you good moments at your new club. Cheers

  29. Anonymous says

    mata u were just a great player @ we wont forget u @ as u go to man u ol te best.

  30. Anonymous says

    Speechless! i still can believe seein mata red shirt0 n d team i hate most. dis is very bad n i wil miss u in blue shirt.

  31. Anonymous says

    Speechless! i still can believe seein mata in red shirt0 n d team i hate most. dis is very bad n i wil miss u in blue shirt.

  32. donvic says

    Dough u will b puttin on d red shirt of d united,,ur blood will always remain blue cos u ar part of us..wish u all d best in ur career,,so far its nt against cfc objectives

  33. Asange Terna Samuel says

    So so emotional.
    Love you JUAN, you’ll always MATA to the blue family.
    Wish best of luck as a player in all your future engagements on & off the pitch.

  34. akinjide says

    wake me from these DREAM

  35. Jawara says

    You have been a great player for us no matter the situation you have been through, We know how best you are and the best you can do when you are on the field of play. You’ll always remain in our heart forever. Love you juan

  36. wafumbo peter says

    Mata! you will shain with the future @ united.

  37. Mdaz Asamba Musasa says

    Thank for what u had done to us as a chelsea hero.I wish u the best season at man u.I still believe in u as the best Spanish

  38. Anonymous says

    Mata# respect

  39. Anonymous says

    Tears! Tears! Tears! Tears! Tears. so unbelievable juan is leaving. no more curling free kicks goals we known you for. actually we really understand the situation you were in. we wish you well and you will always have a place in our hearts.

  40. Lema Measi says

    so sad to me ,infact i am not happy for this situation,we will miss you guy,wish you all the best

  41. jester kabota says

    Especially why Juan?????? Why please????? Jose! Why Mata??? I love Chelsea. The good moment will never vanish just like that. All the best.

  42. Yinahoto Holo says

    Still can’t accept the fact that you are gone..:-(

  43. Famous awo says

    Tears i still can belive juan is leaveing us, jose why mata our hero and our joy that have to leave. Wish u d best of luck in ur future once blue and will always remain blue we d fans will miss ur magic touch matafabalous.

  44. Anonymous says

    Mata,you were simply amazing for us,God bless you,you’ll forever be in our heart of hearts,goodbye Juan!

  45. Anonymous says

    I don’t believe he has gone that letter almost put me into tears I’m so sad

  46. Moses says

    Honestly this is one of the worst decision the club has ever made.Mata is a great player,every club would lov to have him.I don’t know y Jose had to give up on him.am rily pissd but nothin I can do abt it personally.just wish Mata the best in his career.love u Mata

  47. Philip Reid says

    Thankyou Juan Mata your letter was from the heart and u deserve the respect from everyone I for 1 will never forget what u done for Chelsea football club I hope you fulfill your new chapter in your life as something’s in life we all have to grab with both hands take Care Juan Mata you are an exceptional footballer and I for sure will remember all the positives you done for Chelsea thankyou

  48. Anonymous says

    Mata thank you and best of luck ;-(

  49. nick says

    A letter frim a good good man. Honour in football. He loved and loves Chelsea with his heart and was and will be loved forever in return.

  50. KELLY WHITE says

    There comes a time in a man’s life where he has to accept the things he cant change, you dont deserve the bench you deserve to play regularly, so u made the right decision, i miss your soft touch of ball in the field, your long passes, i wish you d best at Manchester united….. Excel JUAN!!!!!!

  51. bryce says

    ( Crying )…… I’ll miss u mata…… No, am already missing U…..

  52. Emmanuel kimandi says

    Juan Mata we thought you would live to became another chelsea great like ZOLA or DROGBA::: This has not happened ! I wish you happiness wherever you go but still hope that you will come back once day! SUCCESS JUAN!

  53. Abdirahman ibrahim says

    Indeed u hv left a heart touched message. goodbye mata we wil miss u so much

  54. Abdirahman ibrahim says

    Indeed u hv left a heart touching message 4 us. goodbye mata we wil miss u so much

  55. Emenike ken says

    Hmm!! El magician!! My worst emotional transfer ever!! Wish u well anyway….

  56. Obed Efumbi says

    Im a Man-United fan and we were really salivating for you juan..welcome to Old trafford

  57. Edwin kosgei batalz says

    Juan u av leaved us the time that we needed u so much bt av nothng 2 say bt 2 wish u al the best in ur life.bye mata

  58. Anonymous says

    We stil love you mata <3

  59. James Mwas says

    All the be MATA , sometimes you got to move on to try make ends meet .. All the best in you life JAH bless MaTA

  60. Agawu says

    indeed u hav shown professionalism in even writing of these heart touching message unlike some other players who will force their way out of a club, u ar genuine and ur decision to move on is obviously well understood we as Chelsea funs are really going to miss u…… and pls remember to always pass by to say hi for u ar always welcome we love u…. may u always excel in all ur endeavors

  61. oyoo beryl says

    Welcome to old trafford…am happy to have u here.

  62. olaoye says

    Juan is a great player….I received the news with shock when I heard that he had moved to Manchester united. Anyway enjoy yourself at the united and remember we still love u at chelsea.

  63. Anonymous says

    Forever u remain in our hat. We luv u & WISH u all d best

  64. Anonymous says

    i found tears dripping down my face, we love yo mata ,Success!

  65. Anonymous says

    Great man and a player for expressing his feelings. True blue hope he comes back one day too Chelsea (of course), I hope he plays his best for MANU to show he still the great player he is.! Good luck Mata

  66. Anonymous says

    Great player and a gentleman.all the best

  67. BWALYA (BREALZ) says


  68. Anonymous says

    Great Onwuka
    juan,your message has really shown professionalism..what a hear ttouching letter!i as a true chelsea fan understood your plight.there comes a time in a mans life when he takes the hard decision to pierce through in l
    life.i wish u d very best in your football carrier.i miss you,all the blues fans miss you most..

  69. Bonney Enoch says

    Aww…..i’m feeling sad! This is one of the emotional letters written by a player! I will miss u Mata! Hpe u become happy @ Man U. Forever in my heart!

  70. emmanuel says

    u av left heart touch messages,wish u success

  71. meron says

    We’ll miss or u know i already miss u♥ 🙁

  72. Alaamjalled says

    Love u juan hopefully ull return

  73. Anonymous says

    Byeee mata, we love u,

  74. saww says

    Though painful, am trying to curb up with situation.. though you hv gone to another club.. I will still support you werever you play

  75. Olalekan Yusuf says

    Your a player I have always love to watch on the pitch. Miss u and already missing u. U will never be forgotten in my heart as a chelsea and formal chelsea player. Tears Drop.

  76. John says

    juan why leaving us at this moment.we your fans were missing you,’mazzacar.you leaft oscar and hazard alone. It seem painfull try to remember your friend. Your impact at chelsea will be in remembrance.wishing you best of lucky at united, loving you forever

  77. Mumbwani says

    Truly emotional

  78. Onyeka Emokam says

    I feel like crying now…but all the same,Juan ur a hero in chelsea nd we the fans will never ever forget u,u have the heart of blue nd blue u shall be forever…!

  79. Augustine says

    I just feel as if its just a dream juan mata its really painful to lose…for me I still blame it on jose for not giving u a chance to regular first team play…I wish u well mata I wish u success juan

  80. Alen says

    Dear Juan
    I read your letter and after have found a new level of respect for you, I’m a QPR fan and can only hope for a few Juan mata’s to sign for us good luck at man utd

  81. Anonymous says

    t hurts mourihyo tho we love u u av failed us by leting mata coz he is the best player chelsea had

  82. Kituli, S. Thomas says

    I will always miss you Mata, when you are able come back at Bridge, goodbye then JMata!

  83. Henry says

    Goodbye juan you are a fantastic footballer and I will always remember you by the way you played for our club so I wish you the best but sort of not as I am a chelsea fan I never thought that a player could leave such a amazing comment to say goodbye to his former club and thats what will always make you a special person to all of us here as chelsea supporters

  84. temitope ajibola says

    what a painful to me, i dont want u to go. anyway, i cant do anything about it. i will miss u in chelsea squad. a professional player with accurate pass. wish u more sucess. i luv u JUAN MATA.

  85. nurudeen says

    l wishing u good luck all the best ………

  86. BRUNO says

    best of life JUAN MATA

  87. idowu emmanuel says

    well am a fan who love Chelsea more than any individual but I hate sentiments. let me start by saying mourinho is a fool. this mata saga of not fitting in2 mourinho’s style of play is sinistic. it is a brain child of d statement mata made while mourinho was still messing up in Madrid which goes thus:- mata ” spanish players in Madrid n barca should not allow any individual to cause disaffection amongst them” the Genesis. why don’t mourinho play hazard mata n William than mostly play William n Oscar bcos williañ aid their style of attacking porosity NCOs he’s a battler. tell me if messis job is to mack or ozil but dey still play regular football n their sensible coaches found a way of mending defensive frailties. mata is a world clàss player n William n Oscar r not in his class yet. I await d future of Chelsea wit dis mourinho. mata I love u n u’r great

    1. Mason Cole says

      ‘mourinho is a fool’ I love Juan as well, but surely Mou has been proved right on this one? We’ve continued winning and performing effiently, where Juan has hardly taken the BPL by storm with United?

  88. Enock Saruni says

    indeed i love u so Much but have nothing to do,i wish u well and i never be happy see u on the bench and love that Moyes will give your time to show how talented you are and wish to see you playing in world cup2 all dat best MAT|A,CHELSEA WILL MISS U

  89. Dan Odhiambo says

    MATA,i say.u r great.i lukd u frm de bench, n alwys bcm shy to c yu thea.u r classic,best v respect..cant swallow this.

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