Just A Scenario #1

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Just A Scenario #1


In the wake of 2018, Jose Mourinho decides to finally part ways from Chelsea. Roman Abramovich wants to hire someone who has legendary status at Chelsea this time. He has three choices for Jose’s replacement from among the CFC family members. Didier Drogba who worked as assistant under Carlo Ancelotti at Real Madrid, Frank Lampard, who worked as assistant under Pep Guardiola at Bayern Munich and John Terry who worked under Antonio Conte at Juventus.
If you were Roman Abramovich, whom would you choose and why?

  1. I am Roman says

    Terry, cause he is a born leader and can very well lead the team to success!

  2. brynknight says

    Frank Lampard, because he’ll have been learning Guardiola’s brand of tiki-taka football. The Italians have a much more defense-orientated style than Pep. I love tiki-taka football, so Frank Lampard every day.

  3. Aderibigbe Sulaiman Adefemi says

    Terry all the way….he’s shown us he has the tedency of becoming a great coach during Di Matteo Champions League winning era.

  4. ben_pillz says

    Without losing any sleep,i’ll choose John Terry. We all knw how much we missed him after Mr Luis Vampire Suarez broke his leg at d bridge and how we suffered without his leadership on d pitch. He is a man-manager $ has shown signs that he’ll one day take chelsea to the zenith…Also,he has spent all his soccer life at d bridge,pls tell me someone who knows the bridge boys better than CAPTAIN JOHN TERRY.

  5. Olatunji says

    I’m ready to be the only fan to vote 4 Didier Drogba……..coz he is always a winner

  6. TIGER says

    LAMPARD is my choice but would prefer for the other three to have places in the club such as sporting director,…

  7. Anonymous says

    Captain,Legend,Leader and now the Manager!!

  8. Anonymous says

    it would be between lampard and terry… both of them will do good.

  9. vaakmeisster says

    too easy. Terry. Lamps in director of football, Snoop drog as assistant manager

  10. Vaibhav Kumble says

    Since its only abt choosing one.. There is no doubt it would be John Terry. A true legend and leader and his game is full of passion just like Mourinho… So he would be my choice with no doubts whatsoever.

  11. Sammy chelsea mwaura says

    JOHN TERRY would be my choice..
    Hes a legend and a leader for long and has shown skills in him

  12. Monis says

    Lamps… he is GREAT at everything!!!

  13. Legunsen Saint-Femmy says

    I fink am gonna go wit Frank Lampard.considerin his understandin of d game nd d knowledge he is gonna get under Guardiola will b too much to ignore.

    1. Khubsurat says

      Honestly, I can not believe how big mearkts dont get good fancy DPs like galaxy and red bull. Its so easy and their fans will love it. For example fc dallas would be a fun city for a fancy DP. Seattle is missing out, just like chicago and other strong mearkts. In another hand, what is ronaldinho thinking because he never wants to come to mls.torres would fit in seattle perfectly, drogba in philly, sneijder in chicago, ronaldinho in LA, kaka rb,lampard vancouver. If dallas and houston can’t get none, well attack a high profile mexican or south american. Small mearkts well they need to do something to like skc, make a gorgeous sss.

  14. Anonymous says

    John of course #CFC #legend #leader #captain

  15. Neri says

    The basis of a great team starts from a strong defensive base. JT, Captain, Leader and Legend would be my first choice. We also know he has been getting his coaching badges ready for such a time as this.
    His example of leaving all on the field of play would quickly rub on his players. JT is my choice. Lampard and Drogba has Assistant managers.

    1. Patchara says

      I only recently stertad planning ahead because I have so many ebooks that need to be reviewed pretty close to each other. Since I don’t have an e-reader though, I can read whatever I want while I’m on the bus or at school and don’t plan ahead on reading from actual physical books.

  16. Chelsea says

    I wud pick Terry – Captain, leader, legend 🙂

    But cuz this scenario is abt abramovich i wud get all 3 as managers and hope for the best 🙂

  17. Khalid says

    Love the black man most

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