Just A Scenario #2

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Just A Scenario #2


It is the start of the 2013-14 season, and Jose Mourinho has joined Chelsea FC as the manager. A week after his appointment, Barcelona approaches Jose Mourinho with an offer that goes as below,

“Barcelona are willing to let Chelsea FC have Lionel Messi on Loan for a season, if Chelsea are willing to let Oscar Dos Santos and Gary Cahill join Barcelona for a season’s loan in return.”

They say that they want Messi to further improve himself by joining the Premier League and develop himself, and has also approached Manchester City, who will loan them Carlos Tevez and Nastasic under similar conditions, in case Chelsea deny to the deal.

If you were Jose Mourinho, would you agree to the deal that asks for the loaning out of two excellent players for an entire season, while getting ‘One of the Best Players’ in return?

Whatever be your decision, you have to report back to Roman Abramovich with your reasoning, as he has personally asked for Jose about his decision.

  1. Dave says

    I’d turn down the offer because he isn’t a proven pl league player and in response i can’t give away cahill especially.

  2. Pejuseyi says

    I’d turn down the offer in a heartbeat cos I don’t think Messi’s worth both players besides I do have this gut feeling that Messi is gonna flop in the epl. Did you say Oscar? Not on your life. City, be my guest.

  3. Firda Aini Solikah says

    I don’t agree.

  4. oriabure says

    i would turn down the offer becouse oscar has a bright future

  5. Chief sorgia says

    I think is bad for chelsea to accept it, we need oscar nd cahill 2 stay in chelsea, i am against that decision.

  6. Zane says

    I would agree.

    It’s kind of a win-win situation for both clubs. Messi getting EPL experince,both Cahill and especially Oscar will train with the passing wizards. Our players will learn first hand how to perfect the art of pin point accurate passing and close control.

    Messi then can also give the Chelsea squad some pointers on both the above. Oscar goes there and will play amongst the likes if Iniesta,Xavi and Pedro. He will then also have 50% chance of winning the La Liga which would be a huge boost for him,combined with what he has learnt from some of the best.

    We have Terry,Luiz and Ivanovic to play at centre back. This is an opportunity give one of our current on-loan youngsters,Kalas or Bruma a chance to make a mark in the first team setup. Yes,the defense might leak goals but with an attack force who has a year of experience together and a coach like myself (Mourinho) with a winning mentality,we’ll score lots of goals. Messi and the possible signings of Schurrle,Falcao or Lewandowski will only add more goals. Terry might leave soon so it will be positive for Kalas or Bruma to have this chance to replace a legend.

  7. Rodney Entsie dodoo says

    I think it is good for the both parties bcus having world most HYBRED player in our team is a good idea and sending oscar and cahill to other side is also good,just to learn new style of play

  8. Adu says

    it would be a very good idea i would even add Lucas Piazon to it so that they call learn the passing style.

  9. Anonymous says

    Yes it would give oscar an hand on exp in tiki taka and we have back for cahill in on loan players like bruma, kalas even ake. Plus with messi in squad it will reduce media pressure from the striker we sign whomever it may be.

  10. Vaibhav Kumble says

    I would say a BIG NO to it.. especially cause Cahill is added to the loan transfer. We have more than enough in the attack and Cahill is vital to us. If they go and knowing that Terry is getting old and doesnt start many games, if Either Ivanovic or Luiz gets injured, we are finished. I will only agree to a straight swap with Oscar or maybe give Piazon and Oscar in exchange for Messi. (Loan only)

  11. freaky.timo says

    I wld readily agree for the same, because
    # oscar will get the much needed experience in da passing game we r tryin
    # we will hav one of the best player in the world in chelsea something we strive each year
    # playing ina different league is always experience and will cme handy fr cahill

    # nw sending those players wll benefit team as we can call on kevin de b to play fr chelsea and see wat he cn offer to us and see hw he cn adjust in epl and evn in absense we cn hav a young player who cn get the chance he deserved and to be honest we hav managed wth out cahill and terry and cn do it well

  12. Olise Christian says

    Infact barca are mad by asking such request from chelsea. You know am chelsea for life and we are confortable with our players so they should hold their’s because we dont need messi in chelsea

  13. Sammy chelsea mwaura says

    I would tuen down the offer coz 1.messi iz not worth oscar n cahill.
    2.chelsea do not get players from loan but buys them on full cash

  14. Anonymous says

    Oscar will be better than messi in time coming

  15. Faya says

    I wouldn’t loan out the two players..even though I’d probably have pressure from the Chelsea fans to do it.. I think Messi wouldn’t do as good in the Premier League ,nevertheless in Chelsea.. But if they really insisted I’d give it a chance,he is the best soccer player in the world after all. He’d still do damage..a lot of it just not as much as he does in Barca..

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