Just A Scenario #4 (Striker Dilemma)


It is the 25th of June, Jose Mourinho has joined up with Chelsea, but the club are yet to agree on a striker to sign. Jose has Rooney, Falcao and Cavani on his sights, as Lewandowski has joined up with Bayern Munich. Wayne Rooney for 35m, Falcao for 52m and Cavani too for 52m. Jose had finally made up his mind to choose between Cavani and Falcao, since he doesn’t want another ‘Torres-like’ case at Chelsea, but then he gets a text message from an unknown number.

“Hi Jose, its Rooney here. I’v heard that you have planned to choose between Cavani and Falcao. Whatever maybe the reason, I just want to put my case before you that even though I might be a Manchester United player, I would love join up with you at Chelsea. The main reason is that I want to stay within the league and I see no better option than Chelsea. Moreover, I also want to make a case to everyone at Manchester about how much I can contribute to a team, rather than playing second fiddle to others. I can not assure you with anything other than that I will give my best for you in the team, and that you can rely on me to lead the attack line of your team.

Do consider this message before you make up your mind.”

You are Jose Mourinho, now what will you go for? A man who has been a long term rival for Chelsea, like Torres was with Liverpool, or someone from the other league such as Cavani or Falcao. Provide a reasoning to your decision. Also remember, you have to think the best for your team.

The Idea of ‘Just A Scenario(JAS)’ is that you will be presented with a hypothetical situation or a role that you could picture yourself in, and we would love to hear what you would do so as to get through the situation in the best possible way.

Your opinions and ideas are valuable to us, and we’ll love to see this section grow as much as it can.



  1. Dave says

    I’d say no,because he will play to shame man u rather than helping the team and he might get frustrated.

  2. frodo says

    i we like to see the three of them playing for chelseafc………………..i mean falcao rooney and cavani…………………,@frodo

  3. nicodemus bura says

    mmmh! Lets wait.

  4. dozie says

    honestly speaking, even if Cavani and Falcao cost £40m I can’t buy them, 1. EPL has tough and wicked defenders, 2. Falcao is playing in a league where women are defenders. 3. Considering their age, they are getting to menopause. 4. Keep them on the flat level and do a critical analysis, both can’t match the skills and power of Eden Hazard who is younger and never cost us that amount. Both can’t get up to 25 goals a season in Epl. Let’s look for a young striker that can cost £20m-£27m. Enough of over pricing strikers in a League where Balloteli is scoring in every match and a league where Messi and Cr7 are scoring hatrick every match they play

    1. Dan says

      Informacif3n Bitacoras.com Valora en Bitacoras.com: Cristiano Ronaldo has said that Real Madrid is the best team in the world and that they have to start strong. The Real Madrid srktier was speaking to Realmadrid.com and Real Madrid TV about the Copa del Rey final against Atle ..

  5. Joseph says

    none we have lukaku

  6. Anonymous says

    no one… all are expensive….

  7. xtian says

    Well, you probably won’t find it exciting for Falcao, Cavani or Rooney to hit 25 – 30 goals a season, but it would be a joy to behold if Lukaku did. Considering the fact that it might take a year to settle into a new team, their ages seems scary unless they do a Van Persie. Who I would take, anyone.

  8. anon says


    1. Nikolay says

      Are you serious?! Mata’s goals and asstiss are the reason why Chelsea qualified for Champions League, reached semi final of FA and League Cups and won the Europa League. Hazard, Oscar and himself are our best players and Chelsea cannot afford for any of these to leave within the next 2-3 seasons. As for the others you said they can leave, although we do need to minimise our loss in terms of money on Torres. Cavani would be a nice signing but what if he is a a350 m+ flop like Torres. Why not sign Lewandowski for around half that money. We also need a centre-back (Luiz is too unreliable) and possibly a decent CDM.

    2. www.uiucpsychology.org says

      I could watch Schindler’s List and still be happy after reading this.

  9. Talib Sayyed says

    I would rather consider him coz 1stly he is cheap and 2dly he has played in Bpl and 3rdly 2 years ago he was worth 70million

    1. Vishal says

      Thanks. Glad you found the piece interesting and tanhks for the sampling error suggestion. I tried to not include too much statistical jargon, so I went for terms that readers are more likely to be familiar with or are at least relatively easy to understand. Hopefully the standard deviation gives a reasonable flavour for the differences in the different data.

  10. Adeola says

    Let them go to hell! Ba, torres and lukaku ar da best

  11. Saint Femmy says

    Dey re all gd buh thre price tags re outrageous,I wuld rather find a Cheaper striker buh if I MUST choose among dem,I wuld go fr Cavani bcos he has bpl stature

  12. Nisarg says

    Edinson CAVANI is the best option for CHELSEA…….

  13. Sammy chelsea mwaura says

    I wunt take any due to prices.. And if I av no atha option then falcao..
    But am sure andre schurrle-bayern laverkusen or winfry boni are the best

  14. Abbey says

    Rooney wld be d best option he is already used to the English game. He is a powerful option goin forward b4 d coming of RVP, Rooney was the only option 4 them, banging in goal 27 in 2010 EPL. The position he is now relegated to play wld only spoil his potential. He wld deliver if he comes 2 chelsea but unlike arsenal I don’t see Man U selling him 2 a title rival

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