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  1. Great if the price is not much

  2. Anonymous says


  3. prasanna says

    waste…piazon is improving…so as c.atsu….already theres no chance for KDB..what if drraxler comes and warms bench for 25 million +KDB….better give chance to kdb

  4. Chris says

    Dis is going to be a waste of money bcos d number 10 role is already perfect.For me kdb is beta dan draxler

  5. Anonymous says


  6. Anonymous says

    There will no chance for Draxler in his preferred no.10 role, so i think it will be a waste of time and resources trying 2 bring him in. Secondly, swapping him for KDB, is absolutely ridiculous

  7. Shiloh says

    We don’t need another NO.10 in our team, we have too many midfielders waiting for their chance(s) to show us what they’ve got.

  8. saveen.sp says

    no need to waist money on m.d.. do buy shaw and porta . france c.defender,
    sell m.essein , b.retard , f.torees , d.baa ,

  9. GABBY says

    Read This Careful Then Comment You’re Thoughts

    Carlo Ancelotti:

    Chelsea’s style of play is essentially false 9. You never see them
    whipping in crosses, or putting
    through balls for the striker. Neither
    do their three attacking midfielders
    play around the striker. They play
    among themselves. Their only problem is that instead of deploying
    a player to protect the defense and
    playing outright false 9, they use
    that player as a striker who is
    essentially useless. They could put
    Falcao, Cavani, Lewandowski, Messi,
    Rooney, Van Persie, absolutely
    anyone as a no.9, their striker will
    never score 30 odd goals a season or
    bang hattricks with this system. And
    also they will keep losing games
    because while playing false 9, one
    player is required to protect the
    defense. Instead that one player
    (striker)is doing nothing on the

  10. GABBY says

    i go wid u @criss KDB farrrr beta dan So called Draxler.

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