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  1. Buy Ativan Lorazepam says

    Reblogged this on Cheap Ambien.

  2. Shingie Samu says

    He must go on loan and continue with his development. KDB is a good player but their are better players at CHELSEA than him. A loan move is good for him.

    Samu Shingirai———- Sent via Nokia Email

  3. henderson says

    he should stay and be drafted into the pivot Lampard should go see what he did during preseason

  4. Shiloh says

    I think he should leave, this is a lad who showed promise in pre-season just like Lukaku but isn’t given a chance here. He’s rated above Willian by most pundits and the stats are also there, if he doesn’t leave am a fraid his career would stall.

  5. Anonymous says

    We underate players too much, he has the potentials to be a blue but we dont give young talents time to prove themselves, why boss?

  6. GrahamMcGray says

    Loan him to Dortmund hl gain loadz of expirience n hl cme a change lad cme nxt season

  7. Anonymous says

    Another Studrridge and Lukaku!!!!! 🙁

  8. Buy Legit Valium Online says

    I Like De Bruyne.

  9. devu says

    buying willian was a blunder… we didn’t needed him… we wasted 30 million on what we didn’t neede … that money could have been spent on central midfielder or a striker…. i feel sorry for de bruyne…

    1. Buy Ativan Lorazepam says

      Good point buddy. A striker would have been a better option.

  10. the best option 2 both parties is 2 sell him with a buy back clause say in 2 -4yrs time,just like what barca did with fabrigace.

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