Kings of Instability

instabilityI’m going to start this out by giving you a background on my time as a Chelsea FC fan. I’ve been a fan for 15 years (since the age of 2) and have seen a majority of the matches seen I was a fan. Since 2008-09, I haven’t missed a single game (including preseason) and I’m not saying this to call myself a “proper fan” or a “real fan”. That’s not the point of this background, it’s an important introduction to what I’m about to get at. I’m going to tell you the story with honesty and no bias.

Since Roman Abrahmovich has taken over, Chelsea have been successful, powerful, whatever, but we’ve also been unstable. The lack of stability on and off the pitch has severely held back our potential to be England’s best club. We’ve sacked Managers left and right, we’ve done silly transfers and most importantly, we’ve allowed players to hold more power than some managers. I love Chelsea FC, don’t get me wrong, but you have to look past everything we’ve done and realise that we’ve got problems. The Board is absolutely useless at times, making idiotic decisions every season while Roman is quick to spend money without thinking everything through. The Managers often times are directed by the Board on what to do and how to do it – ex. Pre-selecting the XI. Is that what you want at a club as a manager? Do you want someone to tell YOU how to play YOUR squad? I certainly wouldn’t because it’s like an insult to your intelligence. Then you have players with massive amounts of power – Terry, Torres, Lampard, etc. When you have players that can make the Board/Roman make certain decisions, the club is corrupt. Take Torres for example, said to be very influential in the sacking of 1) Ancelotti 2) Andre Villas-Boas 3) Roberto Di Matteo. Now, Torres wasn’t the only reason, but he was a key figure in it. And many would argue that the appointment of Rafael Benitez was tailored towards Torres and the evidence to support that is great – Rafa even hired a few people that have known Torres since his Atletico Madrid days.managers

It’s infuriating to see my favorite club in the world having these problems. The solutions aren’t simple either, I don’t think the rumoured return of Jose Mourinho would fix this problem nor would the reported summer clear out. Chelsea needs to rebuild from within, because it would be a step forward. The players with power must go and the idiots in the Board must go with them. How else can I explain the situation? The same idiots are making the same decisions that have sent this club into chaos. I’ve had enough of this bullshit that’s plagued our club. We have to work on the problems that are within the club, and until we don’t do that – the exit to this problem is closed. Fans are quick to point fingers at individuals instead of a group. What we’re becoming is frightening, because the plan Roman Abrahmovich had at first has been blown out of proportion and teams all across Europe and England are laughing at us. The first club to win the UCL then fall out in the group stages – Chelsea. A chance to win 7 trophies this season and only 2 of them are left, but only 1 is possible (FA Cup). Everything is going to hell – the results, the trophies, the Board, the players, the fans, everything. The fans spent a majority of their lives criticising Rafael Benitez, the Board makes decisions that anyone with a brain would never make. Roman throws money away like it’s nothing.

You might look at this criticism that I’ve put into this article and you can criticise me all you want and call me whatever you like, but if you don’t see what Chelsea’s becoming – you’re an idiot. We’re the Kings of Instability and that’s a fact. We’ve made idiotic decisions, we’ve let managers that could of been long-term solutions go multiple times. Chelsea Football Club is in a crisis.

  1. One who bleeds blue says

    this here is something which is very true.
    The problem however is that we are unable to voice our opinion in front of abramovich or anyone who could make a difference on this matter. the board advices a non football person to buy a player for £50 million. he has seen the guy play against him. he says go ahead. no one fails to mention that he is nowhere near drogba when it comes to strength and is known to thrive on though balls. only mata and lampard are players with world class vision to do that. even mata came here after 6months. how does a club expect to make it successful. i do believe that loyal players like paulo ferriera and lampard should be given a chance to retire here. when his wages were cut short, he did not mind.
    i say so because in a few years time, gary cahill and ivanovich will be in the same situation, then what? no player would be devoted to chelsea because we dont let them. malouda case is different. ashley cole should be given a chance to retire here. i feel that comin in 2014 with lampard and gerrard. liverpool will keep gerrard till the end of his career. barca will keep puyol. buffon for juve. totti for roma. zanetti for inter. scholes and giigs for man u. arsenal want to keep players till their retirement but they leave. this doesnt show that these players still have the skills and pace they had in their prime . this means that the club and its fans respect them and consider their contributions invaluable. it doesnt mean that they have to start every match or the club is overdependant on them (except liverpool and gerrard case) this only means respect, a word that a chelsea fan, A TRUE CHELSEA FAN like you would understand and think that players like essein, lampard, terry, ferreira, drogba and ashley cole deserve it. if we treat them in the same way we treat BOSINGWA, then my respect for chelsea will be lost. they are legends and not shit players like bosingwa. THEY DESERVE BETTER. wage cut would also imply that they know their place in this club. if they dont accept it, than its their choice.

  2. xtian says

    Yeah, agree that we are unstable with managers, but not with success. The good thing is that top players would not be afraid of joining since they must be played. I agree it was a mistake to appoint Benitez, but don’t you thank your stars that the club do change managers quickly. In football, there are different strategies and this spending and sacking has worked over some time so I don’t want to sound like an hypocrite. We all know that AVB was about going for a trophy less season, Wenger has been stable with the inability to compete for trophies and some fans were not convinced that Torres had problems putting the ball on target. For all its worth, we must appreciate our owner for turning a small club into a major force in Europe. We must be patient with their decision making as it seems to be better than that of Arsenal with a consistent manager at the moment. You won’t have to wait long to lift something meaningful. All we need now is a star player that can make the difference. Suarez or Falcao and we are good.

  3. king elijah says

    if I have to choose from my own point of view, it will by my compatriot, michael emenalo. I think he’s closer to abramovic than anyone else. I think chelsea need to rethink in terms of decision making and player signings. This will help us and it will go along way in how we perform off the field and on the field.

  4. Anonymous says

    tru dat

  5. Thomas Mudhuva says

    you are very correct,especially sacking of managers

  6. Obie tricce says

    I think all what you have said is the true and i would like to add up.Am very shock with those fans that continuously abuse rafa.i think we as fans should support any manager that is brought in and create an enabling environment for them to work.All we need is a competent manager that will help us to achieve more success and it doesn’t matter if he is an enemy of the club.

  7. Obie tricce says

    I think all what you have said is the true and i would like to add up.Am very shock with those fans that continuously abuse rafa.i think we as fans should support any manager that is brought in and create an enabling environment for them to work.All we need is a competent manager that will help us to achieve more success and it doesn’t matter if he is an enemy of the club

  8. EJT.....Tanzania says

    Well said son……..Torres and Co is the hell 4 Chelsea

  9. jerry says

    all idiotic in CFC must go

  10. Michael58 says

    Great article and i really think a lot of our problems are down to Gourlay and Emenalo ,not replacing Drogba and Raul ,sending 24 players out on loan leaving us with a small squad in the busiest season in our history ,still that is just this season ,allegedly Avram Grant is advising Roman and Grant bought in Emenalo .

    This is how inept we are Cech is undergoing surgery in the summer and will be out for a few months and now we are letting Courtois stay at Athletico for another season that is beyond idiotic ,I really miss Peter Kenyon ,never thought i would say this but the day he left and also the day Grant joined is when it has all gone pear shaped .

    The sacking of Managers is preventing youth from moving into the first team .

    Lets go back a year ago Samsung were going to drop us ,they were fed up with our lack of form than we win the Champions League and Gourlay renews the shirt deal at the same rate ,Sunderland got a better shirt deal than us and we were European Champions .

    Can anyone seriously see Mourinho returning to this mess ? , Plus he allegedly already said he will not work with Emenalo .

    We need to clean house and get some football men running this club ,yes we are a joke our director of football had only previously coached a girls team in Nigeria but he is not the only one Gourlay and Grant need to go as well .

  11. Kareem ademola says

    I tink u re very correct

  12. Bitto raphael says

    Let there be a capital punishment for those who do wrong in CFC especially the old guards

  13. Adeola says

    U are right, just wondering how we can get Jose since he will never work with Emenaloshit!

  14. archie says

    true indeed. Well said….

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