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  1. king elijah says

    all the players you listed are great players, but as for me I will suggest that chelsea back the likes of mceachran on loan. I believe the guy will play very well if given the chance.

  2. xtian says

    As for Mikel lacking killer passes and vision, I think its either he can’t do it for Chelsea or he has been restricted. I’ve been pretty impressed with the Mikel playing in the Africa cup of Nations.

    1. Buy Legit Valium Online says

      AFRICA cup of nations is hardly at the standard of the premier lge.mikel for me has had his chance for chelsea and come up short

  3. Maya says

    i think we need yo use our youth more often. we spent a lot on our academy. ancceloti was the only manager we had who used our youth. and roman’s worst decision was kicking him out. he could’ve earned us the CL and not just won it. anyway, players like feruz,josh,kakuta are great prospects and are as good if not better than pjanic,fellani…etc. luke shaw is great though. we have a brilliant young squad and brilliant youth products. freaking out and buying randomly is not smart at all. we only need a DM to pair up with rami and i think benat and banega are the best for us

  4. Anonymous says

    Good article, and I think all of them except Fellaini are god choices. Fellaini doesn’t seem like the the deep lying playmaker type of midfielder. Not only does he have to be a strong defensive player, but also have great long and short passing in his arsenal. I’m sure Fellaini is a solid defender but I don’t think his passing well be good enough. We would need a xabi Alonso, Sergio busquets, or Alex Song type of player. I personally believe davi Luiz is the Anwser to our problems in that position, he’s great on defense and is one of the top passers in your team. Whenever he plays there next to rami they loom like another team. I think rafa should keep Luiz in the midfield. We have Cahill, ivanovic, and terry for center backs so we’ll be fine there.

    1. Anonymous says

      That’s an interesting point about Luiz but do you think he is disciplined enough to stay put and defend when need be?

  5. Vaibhav Kumble says

    Fellaini. Absolutely not. Lamps is way better than him. We hav josh. De bruyne. Lukaku to come back. Courtois will take care of GK position. So all we need is a striker and maybe a CM. Isco is my choice. He absolutely took on Barca single handedly. If Torres does leave then we need a good striker. Else we can manage. We also have Piazon.

    1. Anonymous says

      I agree Isco would be a great buy, though is he able to defend as well as attack, midfielders in England need to be able to intercept play and defend

  6. You said Fellaini’s passing is slick. Mate you have no idea. That guy’s passing is like that of Ramires,their long passes are 50/50. Why do we need two box to box midfielders? We need a proper regista.

    The rest of those players named are also crap but maybe Pjanic-only problem is we already have Mata and Oscar. Do your homework mate.

  7. Blue blood says

    for dm we have david Luiz hi is far better in that position and we can buy vermaelen for replace him in the defence and for replace lampard we have josh and kevin. But in the strikers we need a world class one for me is higuain now, sell torres and with lukaku back in summer we will have Higuain, Ba and Lukaku good enough

  8. brynknight says

    I haven’t really seen enough of Pjanic, but all the reports I’ve heard have said he is a very good, young and versatile midfielder who could possibly solve our midfield conundrum. From what I know, he is similar in style to a young Frank Lampard, as you said, so why not? I don’t think he is much like Jack Wilshere, which is a shame because Wilshere would be absolutely perfect for Chelsea, and getting Wilshere himself would be almost impossible…but so what? We have McEachran!

    Fellaini is a bit unique in that he could play anywhere in the spine of a team and do a good job, because he is so good at the basics; tackling, shooting, heading, ball retention. His dribbling skills are also very underrated. Marouane Fellaini would be a utility man at Chelsea, which is no bad thing because we certainly don’t have enough squad depth right now. Could be a good signing. But his weaknesses (passing and discipline) could be fatal to Chelsea, so getting the best use out of him would be difficult.

    Shaw is a great young left-back, and for all the reasons you mentioned I would be very pleased to have him at Chelsea. But Cole, Bertrand, van Aanholt and Shaw in the same squad is excessive; we would have to loan two of Bertrand, PvA and Shaw. In all likelihood that would be PvA and probably Shaw, although all of them are ready for the Premier League. Again, complicated.

    Damiao just isn’t the type of striker we want; he had a great partnership with Oscar, one that could be very effective if it were rekindled. But the sort of striker Chelsea needs is a pacy, skilful, dribbler that can latch onto through balls. One that makes defenders quake in their boots.
    In other words, Neymar.

    I maintain that Neymar is the ONLY player Chelsea NEED, although a central midfielder like Pjanic or Fellaini could come in handy, certainly if Luiz’s injury is more serious than first thought.

    1. Anonymous says

      Fellaini could be Chelsea’s stop gap man and every club needs one.. Neymar would be an amazing purchase and so would falcao, but when I wrote the article I didn’t want to put major farfetched coups I wanted to leave it to transfers that would cost 25m

  9. Tom Gardner says

    Fallaini’s height, physicality and touch to protect the back four is his greatest value. With Frank probably leaving (dammit), he would provide some scoring from midfield. Just the quality depth he provides at multiple positions makes him valuable. I think he would be an excellent pickup, if the money is not stupid.

  10. Slim says

    I love dis 1. Fist of all u said em.. Fellaini, wel he is strong ad tall bt wat i like abt him is wat chelsea have been lacking all dis years sinne ballack left(ohhh my derlin BALLACK, he would always remain in my heart)ad dat is d riding(bully) of us in d midfield. Most club always ride us in midfield bcos we re not all dat strong so there fellaini comes in he can ride midfielders furstraight dem ad dat wat we need.

    Pjanic i haven’t seen him play bt any player 4rm seria A dat ppl say is good is good bt y sign him wen players like de bruyne, josh mcechran ad chalobah is Der bullshi* we don’t need him, it will be a insult 2 our youngstar(de will be saying 2 Der self re we not good enough or wat ad de wil jealous ad will want 2 move 2 anode team ad say i will show u. D like of Sinclair,stoch,di santo ad borini has showed us dat imagine our stoch collected d world best goal in anoda club f**k,di santo making d starting line up 4 wigan ad being Der keyman up front,sinclair even scored against us ad was bought bt city ad even borini being Roma boy ad was bought by Liverpool. Dats d sign of i will show u) so respect our team

    shaw is absolutely stupid idea watt!!!!! How can u sign a 17 yr old wat u tink van aaniholt,gordon, Nathan ake ad bertrand(do he is d none better among dem) menn!!! Dats wat i mean ad mean while aaniholt, Gordon,ake ad bertrand re even more experience den him so y sign him(useless).

    Damiao. Hmmmmmmmmmmm wat can i say he is a samba boy ad wat u always see in a samba boy bt attack adgood quality yeah he may be good bt not needed bt if he will come cheap y not bt any player 4rm international(brazil) not cheap ad i read abt dis guy he actually stop playing cos de said he was nt good mean he wanted 2 try if he can play soccer nt bcos he can ad cos of wat furstaightion mean if comes ad don’t perform well he will get furstaighted he will lose his head ad i say Torres is better Dan him ad menn we have lukaku,piazon,davilla,feruz(do he is nt matured yet bt time) if we really need a samba i say we go 4 a young 1 my pick will be henrique(he has physical presence ad i compare him with aguero. Mate Google him ad find out urself watch is video) ad my summary wil be only fellaini ad wat is lukaku doin in west brom wen he is suppose 2 here playing 4 us come we bought him 4 18 million pounds ad i say dats much 4 a teenager ad imagine he cost d same amount with ramires ad de didnt lone him oo ad look at dis now he is among d top scorer 4 wba wow hehehehe dats my boy

    so sign fellaini ad henrique ad he young also

  11. I love reading your posts. There is so much to read about, and I love it when you mix your life with those tips! Super!

  12. Cheap Xanax says

    Interesting article, keep it up!

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