LEAKED: Kit Designs For Next Season

It’s that time of the year where we start to make preparations for next season, and for most of us, next season couldn’t arrive sooner! We’ve always had a major interest in our kits, but let’s face it, we’ve not been blessed with the best of designs! To be fair, neither has any club.

Post-Roman, we’ve had a few very decent strips, which is more than what we can say for the previous decade that consisted of the Umbro Autoglass and Coors kits. The grey, black and orange Coors away strip was by far our worst ever kit, I’m sure few would disagree!

164563 Dennis Wise

The kit that stands out among our best is definitely our 2005 commemorative ‘100 years’ home kit. After that, the 2006-2008 home kit was another beauty. There was a mixed opinion on the collared 2008/09 kit, however I was a fan – along with the black away kit and yellow third kit, and a few Chelsea fans had a moan about the top half of the 09/10 oddly designed  home kit. Our 2010/11 kit had a visible red strip on the neck of the shirt, which also raised a few eyebrows. Our 2011/12, Champions League and FA Cup winning kit did not impress enough people, but I felt it was one of the best in the league. The current kit takes gold among the kits we’ve had after 2005/06.

Not often are Chelsea fans made to wear the same £50 shirt for 2 seasons, and it will be no different next season either. Chelsea and Adidas are close to revealing their next design. After all, we are getting everything new next season – A new manager, a new centre-forward and overall, a new start.

However, I feel we should’ve stuck with the current kit, mainly because they don’t get much better. It represents an era we, as fans, are going through.

Anyway, here are some of the shirts we’re apparently interested in:

Chelsea 13 14 Home Kit

This is the latest strip doing the rounds, and I must say, I can’t bring myself to love it at first sight! While I do love the fact that it has a traditional touch of yellow on it, a yellow ring around the badge isn’t needed. I also like the Adidas stripes just on the shoulders, like we had on the 09/10 kit. The neck is a major put-off and the main design on the front was used only last season. It would probably look better if/when we wear it ourselves, but the picture just has a flimsy, confused and used looking kit. So for me, it’s a miss.

It may seem like I’m having a moan, but I’m sure people would agree with me when I say new kits always have to be an upgrade on the previous design, and I just don’t see the above kit edging out this season’s home kit.


Another home kit rumoured to be the official design is a lot easier on the eye, but still doesn’t outdo this season’s home kit. Have a look:


I’m sure a lot of fans will agree with me when I say I prefer the above design to the design, previous to the picture above the last one. It’s a lot more subtle while maintaining a sporty element with the white collar and white Adidas stripes, as well as having a new look, different to what we’ve had recently.

I’m a major fan of the rumoured away kit for next season. It does have red on it, and normally I can level with people who are against it, but visually, it looks a very classy kit. I’ll be more than happy if we’re sold this kit next season.


So there you have it, my opinions on our recent kits, and my opinion on future kits.

Let me know which kits you think have been our best and worst and also what you feel are major factors that should be involved in the thought process to maintain the ‘100% Chelsea’ look and feel to our kits, below.

  1. Kobbyhans says

    Our next season kits is not nice at all. This seasons kits is the most stylish and quality ive ever seen.

    1. matt says


  2. Vaibhav Kumble says

    Our champs league kit and the one below are the ones I like… the white one looks like a t-shirt.. strict no to that one..

  3. Kamel El-Sammak says

    i believe that the 09/10 body armor style home kit was the wierdest yet best (due to the memories) .. and i support your thought on staying with this year’s home kit with the golden touch since it was designed to predict a season with LOADS of trophies to win but ironically we might end up with 2 max. what i mean is, the new era, the new coach, the new STRIKER .. and all .. we should stick with it as a hope of being crowned while wearing them on

  4. elias bhasopo says

    l want the only oen to chelsea jose morinho is the best coach in the world.

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