Let's Talk Forwards

Lionel Messi. Cristiano Ronaldo. Neither of them are available? Fine, let’s take a look at the next best options.

We’ve finally hit a purple patch, and have found a gear in which we play very comfortably. We’re watching a different Chelsea to what we’re used to seeing. And it’s working. What we are missing though, is a big name centre-forward. Someone who can finish off our beautiful midfield moves. Someone who pushes us onto a level playing field with Manchester United, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Barcelona e.t.c. It seems the issue will be resolved with chief-executive, Ron Gourlay, confirming that we’ll be bringing in 2-3 new players in the summer. So let’s take a look at the kind of players our new striker will be around.

Eden Hazard has found exceptional form since “kicking” the Ball-‘Man’. He’s very effective cutting in from that left side, and I’ve personally likened his play to Cristiano Ronaldo’s, when he played for Manchester United. He’s going from strength to strength, and he’s a centre-forward’s dream to play with.

Then we have Juan Mata. Let alone Chelsea fans, I’m sure most football fans would have endless amount of praise for the little man. He’s so comfortable interchanging with Hazard and either Oscar or Moses on the right, and it’s best we keep it that way. His vision is exquisite, however I do think he could work on releasing the ball quicker.

Super Victor Moses. He has it all – Pace, change of pace, skill, great delivery, great shot – And overall, he provides a rawness which doesn’t exist amongst our technically gifted players, who prefer playing the perfect way.

Marko Marin is a player I believe will need till next season to prove his worth, and it’s no coincidence that he was scouted by several top clubs over of the past two years. His best position is on the left-wing, however, he’d work best in a 4-3-3 formation, as he likes to glide between the right-back and centre-back, with the ball.

I don’t want to get into what Oscar provides us in the front 3, as I strongly believe he’s built for the midfield role. His quick feet, change of pace and the way he dictates a game is most effective when he’s in the central/attacking midfield role. We’ve seen this regularly when he plays for Brazil. He also makes the odd contribution in the front 3.

One thing in common among these guys is that they love providing, and working for the team. They’re a centre-forward’s dream to work with, and bringing in a top centre-forward will only enhance the high-level of football players like Hazard and Mata are currently displaying.

Before I go through them, I’d like to say my preferred centre-forward team for next season would be Radamel Falcao, Demba Ba and possibly Romelu Lukaku. Reasons listed below.

Centre forwards, let’s go through them:

Radamel Falcao


I can confirm he’s the one the board want. All £38m of him. Many see him as the perfect centre-forward. What he lacks in height he makes up for with a spectacular jump, he can be raw, he can be technical, he’s quick, sniffs out defensive frailties, and to me, he is the perfect centre-forward. Without a shadow of a doubt, he will fill the hole Drogba left when he made his Stamford Bridge exit. He has ‘class’ stamped all over him, is a liked person off the field, and he’s a nightmare for oppositions on the field. I can see him working very well with our attacking midfielders, and expect him to be a Chelsea player come Summer.

Edinson Cavani


He’s always been the type of centre-forward you don’t want your team’s defence to face. Cavani’s an absolute nuisance and extremely difficult to deal with. My only problem with Cavani is that against top defences, he does tend to look a bit ordinary, which was the case at the Olympics, and on a few occasions last year. He also can be a pretty frustrating player at times, he’s not the best at passing around, and tends to switch off. That aside, he is a great centre-forward, one of the best on his day, but knowing how we play, I’d rather we went for Falcao, in all honesty, who would give us that bit of inspiration knowing he can create something from nothing. I also believe he’s Real Madrid or Manchester City bound, as both clubs are lacking a number in the centre-forward department, and given that every rumour circulating about Falcao is pointing in Chelsea’s direction, I’d definitely have my money on Cavani being a Real or City player in the Summer.



He’s interesting, Neymar. We know what he’s capable of as a winger, but he has played as a centre-forward a few times for Santos and for Brazil, and I can tell you, he’s brilliant. He’s not the strongest but he makes up for that with excellent vision, pace and extraordinary skill. I feel out of the 3, Neymar would suit our attacking players, like Hazard and Mata, the most. We’ve become a passing team, and this is something Neymar would absolutely love being a part of, being the centre of all our midfield moves. The problem with Neymar, though, is that he has some sort of agreement with Sandro Rossell, Barcelona official. However, should a move fall through, Chelsea directors should pounce at the opportunity of bringing in a player like Neymar. It’s hard to accept how much of a difference he’d be to us now, but from what I’ve seen of him, he’d be the perfect ‘nueve falso’ or ‘false 9’ in that formation.

What We Have:

Romelu Lukaku

Yes, every Chelsea fan has seen what he’s capable of. He’s got great feet, pace and a great eye for goal. He’s a player that has a lot in his locker, and it just so happens that his mother fed him the right stuff, because his physique for a 19 year old is scary. Built like a tank, he came to Chelsea a bulky, good bulky, teen hungry for opportunities to play for the club he supported as a kid. Ever since he was at Anderlecht, he’s been compared to the great Didier Drogba. However, the only similarity between them is strength. Immaculate strength. Other than that, he’s hardly like Drogba. He’s a pure centre-forward, while Drogba is a pure, raw opportunist. Drogba would hit it at first sight, while Lukaku likes holding the ball at his feet and passing it around before powering his way through a defence.

At 19, he still has a lot to learn, and it’s a tough call whether to bring him in next season or the season after. Personal opinion, I feel a kid with the amount of talent he possesses needs regular football, and bringing in another CF in the summer will simply not give him that. It looks as though the board want to bring him back, based on what Steve Clarke said last weekend. Either way, we have a fantastic striker signed to Chelsea, and he definitely has a bright future ahead of him.

Fernando Torres

His career at Chelsea can be summed up in one word – Hope. We’ve hoped to see the Torres that we were used to seeing before he signed for Chelsea, we hoped he’d score more goals, we hoped he’d enjoy a great time at Chelsea, and the exact same goes for him. It just simply hasn’t worked out. Rumoured to be on £170,000 a week, I feel Torres has run out of fuel, and needs to be re-fuelled back in Spain. Whether a loan deal to Atletico would be enough to convince them to lower Falcao’s price, who knows. Maybe a permanent deal will be the best for all concerned, but one thing’s for sure, Torres can’t go on like this. Like Shevchenko, it was only by chance, and the fact that he had Drogba to battle against, that things haven’t worked out. It’s always nice to see him score, when he does, and it’s obviously because we put so much hope and faith in him that we get repaid very slowly but in large amounts. He’s one of the best centre-forwards this league has seen, and while it is a shame things haven’t gone to plan, he can hold his head high and boast proudly about his achievements in English, European and International football.

Demba Ba

Essential. We desperately needed a centre-forward like Ba, one that is effective, not quite world-class, but good enough to handle most defences in the league. I’ll make this short and sweet, the guy is an integral part of our squad, and he’s the sort of player you would want either starting or coming off the bench as an impact sub or as a player that will hold the ball to hold on to a lead.

Islam Feruz

Wonderful player, still young and he does need a few seasons out on loan. He needs to play higher quality football for regular amounts of time, and in the end, I think he’ll come through shining from nowhere. I personally have big hopes for this kid and I believe he’ll be good enough to break into Chelsea’s first team someday, very soon.

So I’ve listed what centre-forward team I’d like at Chelsea, and there are several other young prospects I’ve left to talk about in another article, but I want to know if you think there are better options in that position, and more importantly, why you think they’d suit us better.

Leave your comments below or @DrogBOSS

~ Brian Clough – “I wouldn’t say I’m the best manager, but I’m in the top one.” ~

  1. Green Rose says

    don’t forget our youngster, Islam Feruz and Romelu Lukaku :’) they deserve to prove themselves..trust them!!

    1. SahilSW6 says

      Haha, added them both towards the end!

  2. Jimmy Dawg says

    What about El Shaarawy? I know it’d be a near-impossible move for either club, given that Milan loves him, but in the future (maybe in his mid 20s?) I could see the move happening.

  3. mickeychaw12 says

    on a personal point of view i dnt thnk we need to splash more than 30 million pounds for a striker because we already have 2 good CF’s in our books (lukaku and Ba) who hv 28 goals between them in the EPL this season. What i thnk we need now is a CF’s who can give us 20 goals a season . lets forget Falcao , Cavanni n Neymar and look at Jackson martinez, Yilmaz burak and Leandro Damiao

  4. Vaibhav Kumble says

    I dont want us to spend another £50mill on a striker.. get back Lukaku… thats all.. Lukaku, Ba and Torres. . Good enuf…

    1. Abishaek says

      Vaibhav ur right.Torres has been pretty good this season with 17 goals and 6 assists to his name.All we need is Lukaku back from West brom…….

  5. Adigun osajin apete.. Ibadan

  6. Bitto raphael says

    It u can buy both cavani and facao/NEYMAR it will be no problem to me with even 5strikers i dont care all we want is to keep winning without mercies, but i want MARIN to play bcoz he is more versatile than Moses

    1. thespecial1 says

      that is completely unrealistic. This is not FIFA.

  7. thespecial1 says

    None of those options make sense financially. Romelu Lukaku is all we need. Him and Demba Ba will take us where we need to be. There is no need for us to splash an insane amount of money on a big name striker whose value will only decrease after joining us. In Lukaku, we HAVE the NEXT Falcao, Drogba, etc. It makes no sense, especially with FFP, to go out and splash Fernando Torress money on a striker when we have one waiting in the wings, already on our books, that will be the next best striker in the world. Bring Lukaku back from loan, Demba Ba and buy a relatively cheap hybrid winger/striker such as Heung Min-Son from Hamburg. That is all we need to do. The 2-3 players we bring in next season should be midfielders, back up goalkeeper, and defensive cover.

  8. Vaakmeisster says

    Nice article. I still feel we dont need a big name striker though. Our depth in attack is good enough, IMO. We probably just need one more impact sub striker to increase squad depth, but with Torres, Ba, Lukaku and Feruz (yes, Feruz should be registered next season) we should do well. Whether we like to admit it or not, our problem in Chelsea is in the midfield; not attacking midfield but deep midfield. That’s where we need to sign a playmaker (a la Xavi) who can play long passes from deep so that our strikers can quickly attack with alot of space ahead of them to run into. Mata our advanced playmaker prefers short killer passes, rather than long ones. We need a deep playmaker who can complement him with long killer passes!

    1. Jimmy Dawg says

      I completely agree with most of what you said. Firstly, the striker situation is indeed poor, and must be addressed. Torres has to go, as he has proved time and time again incompatible with the team. Ba needs some time on the pitch to mature, and Lukaku should definitely be in a blue shirt next season. As for the midfielder thing, you’re absolutely right. Our midfield is a little haphazard, and Mikel is the only one who truly provides structure. But with structure we must also have a way of providing the pass. What we need is a sort of young Paul Scholes or Michael Carrick sort of player (because we certainly can’t have Xavi, nor would that be practical). In my opinion, we might find such players in either Serie A or the Bundesliga.

  9. Anonymous says

    Yes, i agreed with that. We got three great young stars in our fold in the person of Lukaku, Ba and Feruz,maybe we should get just one more big goal king for bigger matches.

  10. YinXun Tan says

    No need Falcao. We’ve been spending too unnecessarily. Should stick to Ba, Lukaku and Feruz as our 3 strikers !

  11. dragunar says

    I do not see any reason that it leads to more expensive signings such as a striker who cost much more than that, plus that’s why they came to our club looking for an astronomical high pay, in the first season in the league? And then all this if something is not in favor of the game or any matter related around the club, teammates, coaches and the like. that player can not give what is asked of him and the club would again find the problem and it was big. Of course all of us would like to see such a great and big names like new signings and Falco Edison Cavani but give that money back into the club, but there are players whose time will come, and we should bear in mind that the less money can result in very good striker the club has to be taken into account and must be more to play with such things! Check our club is not a luxury for anyone, it’s prestige as our club is great and the largest in London and one of the largest in the world for more than 10 years. If a player is not enough then let him go where he’s better.
    Dragunar Serbia ! KTBFFH !

  12. Kobbyhans says

    We need a finished product not a raw material so lets go for Falcao in the summer.

  13. Slim says

    Wat my business if they sign Falcao or naymar, ppl i wanna see is the both of dem ad isco with maybe pjanic ad yeah also it would be fantastic if we land Gotze ad el shaarawy menn we will bw unstopable so get dem all board cos no Mata wats happens de will do all wat we re saying here

  14. John markson says

    I hope the best for the blues

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