Lukaku- "I want to score more goals than the strikers of Chelsea."

Lukaku has scored 2 goals and assisted one.

Romelu Lukaku has so far notched 4 goals in the premier league for his temporary home Everton since going out on-loan at deadline of the summer transfer window. The Belgian is looking to impress his boss Jose Mourinho during his time and claimed to a Belgian TV this week in an interview that he should have kept him at Chelsea.

Lukaku said he asked to go out temporarily to get more opportunities to play than he would had he stayed at Chelsea. And the main message of the interview is that he wants to outscore the strikers at Chelsea and prove that Mourinho made the wrong decision in letting him go out on-loan.

The 20-year-old told Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad: “The coach decides and as a player you have to respect that. I chose to leave and it’s up to me to prove the coach wrong. The only thing I can do is play well and score a lot. And then I think people will say that I’m a good player. I want to score more goals than the strikers of Chelsea. We will see at the end of the season who made the best choice.”

Chelsea’s three strikers have just TWO goals between them since the start of this season, both goals coming from Fernando Torres. Demba Ba and Samuel Eto’o are yet to find the back of the net this season. But, Mourinho defended his decision to let Lukaku leave by saying it’s much different playing for Chelsea then playing for Everton.

It will be seen how our strikers currently at the club will fare through out the season but, upfront is currently where our problems are in the starting 11. Our strikers are failing to find the back of the net in many occasions and Jose will try to figure if there should be a system change or it’s just a poor displays by the strikers.

But, every one at the club and the fans feel Romelu Lukaku is the future of Chelsea and the true heir to Didier Drogba’s explosive goals at Stamford Bridge. Let’s just hope he does well at Everton better than last season’s stats at West Brom and prove to be a real success. Let us know what you think of Lukaku’s quotes and your opinion about the striker issues at the club. twitter- (@FahmiCFC) #KTBFFH

  1. fahmicfc360 says

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  2. kayanja Angel says

    i think mourinho was wrong dat he loaned out Lukaku. It all came when he missed a penalty at the super cup final against Bayern Fc and to Mourinho he terms him a young player…forgeting that he scored five goals in 7 pre-season games. Mourinho would hv given Lukaku a chance because he was pre-mature for such big competitions like the super cup but not the BPL

  3. Emile 10 says

    I’m confused! Last interview Lukaku said that Mou didn’t force him out. That it was his decision because he need more playing time. And then is saying that Mou made a mistake to let him go? What I think is that Lukaku isn’t better than Torres, Ba and Eto’o..I still think there is a problem in Chelsea even Falcao or Cavani can struggle to find the net at Chelsea. For example look at sturridge he was a flop at Chelsea but now I can say without a doubt that is one of the best striker in the league. Chelsea should play the Barca style I mean without a striker just someone to play Messi’s role which I think Hazard can do…even Fabregas do it for his nation team. Otherwise we will end up playing 10men team because strikers now are useless. Guys form is temporally but class is permanent.Years Team Apps† (Gls)†
    1997–2000 Real Madrid 3 (0)
    1997–1998 → Leganés (loan) 30 (4)
    1999 → Espanyol (loan) 0 (0)
    2000 → Mallorca (loan) 19 (6)
    2000–2004 Mallorca 120 (48)
    2004–2009 Barcelona 145 (108)
    2009–2011 Internazionale 67 (33)
    2011–2013 Anzhi Makhachkala 53 (25)
    2013– Chelsea 3 (0)
    National team‡
    2000 Cameroon U23 6 (1)
    1997–2013 Cameroon 112 (55)
    Samuel Eto’o career. Is a top striker but I’m not sure if he will be successful at Chelsea

    1. alexcfc8 says

      Sturridge was read the riot act about playing as a team by Brendan Rodgers when Sturridge joined liverpool only reason why he is playing differently now from when he was with us no one told him to play for the team and he will score more goals.

  4. afolabi says

    Mourinho gave lukaku two option either playing with reserve team or go on loan because of penalty missed and he choose go no loan and I believe that if lukaku play more game at everton he will surely score more goals than three of chelsea strikers.

  5. Anonymous says

    Lukaku is naive, 4rm his comments u cud smel dt, i tink he nids to mature first, wish him gudluk wit his aspirations.

  6. Ken says

    When our wingers n midfielcers are always selfish especially oscar n lampard, how do expect our strikers to score goals?

  7. Victor atiye, Nigeria says

    Lukaku cant b d man 2 replace clubs r difrent fr chelsea ok.

  8. Ola says

    What we need is 2 pray 4 our striker because something is wrong some were we dont know pleas people let joini our hand nd pray 4 them chelsea 4 life

  9. JAYDE says

    It’s a funny situation actually. I would rather say; “Lukaku, the future of Chelsea fc” is a fantasy yet to be and half way near reality. Obviously Everton and/or Westbromich isn’t Chelsea, mark my words. You don’t just walk the isles to become a ‘Drogba’ overnight, so he needs to mature both in his mind and on the pitch. Torres, Ba and Etoó are not 20 yrs Olds. These are strikers who where spectacular when his age… so no need for this arrogant competition.
    Lukaku as our future Chelsea striker, whether he lacked due confidence to take a penalty or not…(doesn’t matter for what & how the loan came) the only thing he needs to build is confidence in a blue shirt instead of regrets, and to come back and score goals in CFC and prove himself good and not for Jose Mourinho. (then we can liken him to Didi)

    CFC has weaknesses in our attacking midfield not being able to elevate team work & that rapport with the strikers. I guess the evolution is slowly getting to that phase of the project. kudos to Torres who seemingly has tried to overcome that. The forwards need the kinda passes to make them smile in a blue shirt, otherwise we forget about any kind of striker role.

  10. zyte says

    prayers is good,but until our midfielders play to the pattern of the strikers,they wont score.
    during drogbas time we played the way that suits him,so the coaches must trust lukaku when he comes back and play to his strength,then the goals will flow

  11. David Okunwobi says

    Going by this article..Lukaku said he asked to leave..if that so and of cos it is why will he be screaming that Mourinho let him go.. He got what he wantedand yet he is unsatisfied. Going by his further comments on everton finishing ahead of chelsea and so on..Chelsea should do well to release him..out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. CHELSEA FC SHOULD SELL HIM.

  12. Nathaniel chinedu says

    I dont think jose made a mistake by sending lukaku out.

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