Lukasz Piszczek is Chelsea's Priority?

Di Matteo’s priority for right back

It seems that another turn of events has occurred, as a new target has emerged to be Chelsea’s priority for the much-anticipated new right back. The name is Lukasz Piszczek. For readers who are still in the blue with the player, here’s a short recap.

Lukasz Piszczek is currently a star player for Borussia Dortmund. He joined Dortmund in 2010 and has made 63 appearances since, scoring 4 goals in Bundesliga and helped Dortmund win the league and cup double. He is 27 years old, and is a natural right back, but he can also be played in the right hand-side in midfield. Piszczek is also one of Polish national team main star, alongside Dortmund teammate, Lewandowski. His performance in the Euros was great hence the interest from Real Madrid and Di Matteo. Now, Piszczek’s style of play is similar to Azpilicueta’s, as the both have great technical abilities and passing. Piszczek is also great at building link up plays. As was shown last season, Piszczek’s link up play down the right flank with newly signed United midfielder, Shinji Kagawa, led to a significant amount of Dortmund’s goal, as both Kagawa and Piszczek delivered pinpoint crosses and passes. Piszczek has great pace, hence he can swiftly help counter attacks or join in link up plays, but he also can swiftly revert to his defensive duties should the attack break down. He possesses great tackling and strength, so he’d fit perfectly in our right back position. Now I still stand firm that I’d love Chelsea to sign Azpilicueta or Walker than Debuchy, but I’d also settle for Piszczek, for the sole reason that I love his fascinating style of play.
Reports are suggesting that Piszczek would cost Chelsea around £15million. Di Matteo is reported to be keen on rounding up the deal by the end of next week. You can read the reports here and here. Reports are also stating that Debuchy and Van Der Wiel are still considered back-up options for Di Matteo. Plus one more name, Rafael Da Silva. Although the latter would only be plain rumor as I don’t see United to keen on selling a young talent to rivals.
What do you think? Should we sign Piszczek?

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  1. Nallobo says

    I saw Lukasz Piszczek in the Euros ..!

    hE CAN BE GREAT BUT VAN DER WEIL WOULD BE THE BEST but he sucked in the Euros

  2. Anonymous says

    Lukasz Piszczek vs. Van Der Wiel

    Both are great, lets sit back and enjoy

  3. Anonymous says

    Nicely wrapped up 🙂

    Lukasz Piszczek can be an amazing Bargain signing for us

  4. Donna says

    Van Der Wiel is probably the best option!

  5. Furtana says

    I would have appreciated some more some more info on Lukasz Piszczek but still got enough.

    Missed you lads 🙂

  6. Anonymous says

    I watched piszczek and thought he was great too! Thanks for the update! Nice wrap up!

  7. Anonymous says

    Piszczek is classy! So is azpilicueta! Get one them and we have a great right back in our hands

  8. Anonymous says

    What about debuchy? I thought he was favorite to come?

  9. Anonymous says

    Some good coaches don't make good signings but RDM doesn't fall into that category. He has proved it in WestBrom so he can do it again. Piszchek is the Choice.

  10. Anonymous says

    yes i love the guy and pls dont dont forget our hitman hulk we need him pls

  11. Anonymous says

    thanks up blues pls our coach should fight for hulk for us bcs we fans needs hulk pls help us dmt

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