Maicon to Chelsea: An Ideal Right Back or A Threat to Ivanovic?

Maicon to Chelsea: An Ideal Right Back or A Threat to Ivanovic?

As the news of the release of our Portuguese right back Jose Bosingwa was confirmed on the club website, the search for a replacement has become more and more intense with a host of players being linked with a move to Chelsea (as usual). Some of these players being linked to the club have been mere media speculations. The Euros gave most Chelsea fans the opportunity to have a look at these players including the likes of Gregory Van Der Wiel who was hopelessly exposed thanks to the swift feet of Christiano Ronaldo. Although it would be unfair to judge a player based on one tournament or on the performance he puts up against one of the best players on earth at the moment, it has given us the opportunity to see their weaknesses as they come up against the best and don’t forget, Chelsea is the best and we deserve no mediocre of a player who turns off during big games. I am not talking about only Van Der Wiel but all the right backs we have been linked with and participated in the Euros including Debuchy.

Well, the news that Maicon  is set to sign for Chelsea is gaining momentum especially in the Italian media who assert that Chelsea is in a pole position to secure the signing of the Brazilian ahead of Madrid. The Daily mail report that a fee of around £6M is set to be agreed. Although, I will not believe this until it is confirmed by the either of the official club’s website.

However should a player like Maicon sign for Chelsea, (one of the best wing backs in football for the last 5 years and a strong character in the Brazilian national team although he is 30, I still rate him above all the right backs linked to the club) many believe the position of our solid right back Branislav Ivanovic would be under threat. would it? My answer would be NO.

This is because Maicon approaching 31 needs to rest in order to gain full strength and if he agrees to sign for Chelsea, his role will be clearly explained to him. Secondly, Brana can be deployed to the centre which is his favored position and we should not forget that all the three centre backs of Chelsea have problem with harm string injury. During our match against Barcelona at the Camp Nou, Bosingwa and Ivanovic had to makeshift for the central role because of injury and Terry’s red card. We should also not forget that Terry has a case in court and depending on the outcome anything can happen, I mean long term suspension. We hope it turns out to be positive and even if it does. Terry is also aging and becoming susceptible to injury. The capture of an experienced right back like Maicon would afford the club the opportunity to have more solid options at the back.

Moreover, Maicon will be the type of signing who will not impede the growth of our youth like Todd Kane who was on loan at Vitesse. He is a great prospect for the club and in 2 years time we hope to blood him into the Chelsea first team just like Bertrand. On the lighter side, Maicon will increase the Brazilian contingent and make the club more attractive destination to other Brazilian talents to Challenge our Belgian Contingent.

So to me, Douglas Maicon who has seen it all and even bench Alves when he is fits in the Brazilian N.T. is a perfect fit for our club should we agree to sign him and especially the fee being mentioned. His crosses and free kicks are spot on and I believe he has not lost much of his pace coupled with his creativity and good composure. We can at least get 3 years of quality football form him.We should also note that Madrid are also after him and did everything to get him 2 years ago and I don’t think he has lost form dramatically within a space of two years.

I hope we sign him and not say “had I known” when he is signed by a different club and turns out to replicate a certain ‘Pirlo’. Maicon is tried and tested unlike other target like Debuchy who is also young and would want more playing time and also impede the promotion of our youth.

What do you think fellow blues? Keep your views coming in.


#Seth Adusei
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  1. Anonymous says

    What a nice and incisive article. Thanks for the insight. My thought was exactly like yours and l keep my fingers crossed. By the way, their is a significant mistake in the article (Kalas went to Vitesse not Todd Kane) Thanks

  2. Anonymous says

    If this does happen, Chelsea will have Maicon, Ivanovic, Ferreira, Hutchinson, Kalas, Kane and Clifford as RB cover. More than we need? I think so. However I do agree that Maicon is the one to get because as you say, he is 1 of the top 5 RBs in the world when playing well and Hutchinson/Kalas/Kane/Clifford can come in to the RB slot in 2/3 years time.

  3. Anonymous says

    WOW! what a great analysis. MAICON would definitely be a good signing for CHELSEA FC. What a good article

  4. Anonymous says

    i think the article is right Maicon is a great player and chelsea is great team. CHELSEA shld give it a good thought.

  5. Seth Adusei says

    Thanks for the compliment and the correction. KTBFFH

  6. Seth Adusei says

    Thanks and stay glued to this website for more

  7. timo says

    Its a great insight on a possible signing criticised by some coz of maicon's age bt dis cn explain & justify it

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