Manchester City move was not a plan, assures Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard has yet to feature for the Manchester club after his loan move from MLS based New York City FC
Frank Lampard has yet to feature for the Manchester club after his loan move from MLS based New York City FC

Many Chelsea fans might have felt betrayed by Frank Lampard when his move to Manchester City was confirmed to be a reality, rather than what most of us brushed aside as ‘baseless rumours’. However, it is also true that we all decided to look over it for this, for he is a legend for us, and will continue to be regardless of what colour jersey he will be playing for in the coming seasons.

However, the record breaking midfielder assured the Chelsea fans that this move was not in his plans and he moved to the MLS only because he wanted to keep his promise of not playing for any of Chelsea’s Premier League rivals. What’s done is done. Frank Lampard is still confident that the fans hold him in high regards and will thus get a proper reception if he makes it to the team sheet when Man City faces Chelsea. Here is what he had to say on the Chelsea fans and also this unplanned move to City:

“I don’t see it as a slight on anyone if I take part. The way I feel about Chelsea fans, it wouldn’t be a problem to play in front of them again. I have nothing but good feelings for them and know I’d get a good reception.

I know I said I’d never play for another Premier League club and I never thought I would. I left Chelsea and my feeling was to go to play abroad. So I signed for New York – which is a great chance for me – entirely in good faith.

I know people say it was a set-up situation for me then to go to City. It wasn’t. The only thing I hadn’t worked out was how to stay fit before starting in the States. But then City approached me to train, play and be part of the squad. The champions of England, a fantastic club, with a squad brimming with talent. It just made complete sense.”

Frank Lampard also assured Manchester City that he will be a complete professional and will keep aside his feelings for Chelsea FC.

“If I’d had five months off at 36, I don’t know what state I would have been in to play. But now I’m fit enough to be involved and knocking on the door and I don’t want to be here just to make up the numbers. I haven’t broached it with the manager yet but I’m sure we will speak about it. I don’t think it would be right for me to declare now that I didn’t want to play because what happens if City get two or three injuries in midfield?

Am I going to allow them to play a kid there when they are paying my wages? On a professional note, I have to get my head round that one. As a Chelsea player I would never have acted like that and I don’t want to start now. Whatever I do, it will be with completely the right intentions on all fronts.”

Yes, it came as a surprise to us too Frank, but nevertheless, we now have the chance of witnessing one of the best midfielders ever grace the Premier League pitch once again. You are not only a ‘Chelsea legend’ but also a ‘Football legend’. So we can’t and won’t be selfish to deny the pleasure of the league in witnessing a few more classic ‘Frank Lampard’ moments.

Welcome back Super Frank! We are ready to unfurl our ‘Frank Lampard’ flags and banners once again!

What do you think about Frank’s move to Manchester City? Will it sting to see him play for another crest in England? Or are you just thrilled to witness the midfield maestro in action again? Leave your thoughts and views in the comments section below.

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