The new Lampard?
Chelsea target and Toffees  midfielder Marouane Fellaini spoke in an interview with a local radio station that he is not ruling out a move to an ambitious club and wants to play in Europe.

The influential midfielder has reportedly attracted interest from many top clubs most importantly Chelsea and Real Madrid.Many are tipping the 24 year old Belgian to be the perfect replacement for our legendary midfielder Frank Lampard.

The report read as follows:

Midfielder Marouane Fellaini admits his desire for European football means he has not ruled out a move to an “ambitious club”. The Belgium midfielder, who signed a new long-term contract in November, has already been linked with Chelsea this summer but insists he is happy at Goodison Park. However, the lure of continental competition, which Everton missed out on again this season, is a big draw for him.

He told Belgian radio station RTBF: “If I have got to go, I will go, if not, I repeat, I am at Everton.

“I am ambitious; I want to play in the Champions League or in the Europa League. Last season we finished seventh with Everton, and we were not able to qualify for Europe, which was a shame.

“If an ambitious club comes in for me? Why not, just to gain experience but I’m on vacation right now, I do not give [speculation] too much attention.

“Every year they say I’ll be transferred to the left or right. But I’m still at Everton!
“If it comes, I take, if it does not come, I stay at Everton, where I am happy, and where I still have a four-year contract.

“Everything goes fast in football. You can be transferred tomorrow, as you can be in one or two years.
“For now, I’m on vacation, I try to arrive fresh at the start of next season. If there are any concrete offers yet? If this is the case, I am not aware.”
Chelsea are currently hotly tipped to swoop for the midfielder and Fellaini admitted it would be hard to turn down a move because of the strong Belgian contingent at the club.
They talked about me in Chelsea?” he continued. “If I had to go there, I would have several friends – Hazard, Lukaku, De Bruyne, Courtois … There are many Belgians! It’s good for the national team.

Fellaini could be a  good buy for Chelsea and would easily settle in if he comes. He’s being rated between £16m- £20m. With his fellow Belgian mates he will quickly feel at home, the lad is young talented and hungry.These qualities make him an up to snuff player.The unmistakable Fellaini excels in his midfield role. He is very tall at 6’4” (not counting his hair) and wins nearly every ball in the air. He is also a corporeal and sensible player who never abstains away from a tackle.

According to statistics on Fellaini has 2.9 tackles every single match he has played this season and more than any Toffees player.
Although his hairdo would suggest that he likes to draw attention to himself, his style of play shows that he is an unselfish footballer. He is always willing to sacrifice glory in order to chip in and do the little things.
A player like Fellaini, who focuses on winning balls in the midfield and maintaining the team’s shape, is exactly what
Chelsea needs to sharpen their midfield and make it more sophisticated.

 As always and we will keep you update with the latest transfer news…
Till then KTBFFH!

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  1. Sarah says

    Fellani can be great but I really want someone like Josh to replace Lampard

  2. Quyen says

    Thanks for the news CFC360 !! ^^

  3. Josh says

    Nice writing by whoever the author is.

    Fellani is great and yet another BELGIAN!! :p

  4. Keith says


    Yet another Belgian!!

    No doubt Fellani, Hazard, Kevin, Lukaku and those 2 young brothers are great players but the prospect of so many Belgians make me laugh.


  5. CFC AMERICA says


    Sell Meireles 😛

  6. Abraham says

    Would be great but we would use Josh, Piazon and Kevin could be deployed here if we look at the future of CFC.


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