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  1. Buy Zithromax Thailand says


    • Cech keeper
    • Terry and Cahill centre backs (Luiz is injured)
    • Cole and Azpi fullbacks (Iva and Bertrand are injured)
    • Since lamps is injured and David Luis is suspended, mikes and Rami plays in pivot
    • Hazard on the left, Willian on the right, Mata replaces oscar in centre Attacking mide, and Ba replaces eto upfront (Ba loves scoring against Southampton)

    1. Robben16 says

      I think AM and ST we cannot predict who will be Chelsea starting 11.

  2. Anonymous says

    Guys! our season is almost over. Mou said that Chelsea will not buy any striker this January.
    here his quote:

    Mourinho: “There will be no new strikers in January because we trust these guys(Torres, Eto’o and Ba) and we will go with them.”

    And we can’t afford either according to the fair play rules .

    1. Cfc_obsessed says

      Hmmm. I understand our condition regarding ffp. But cfc can still buy player. That what we call buisness, will sell or loan to get more money and to reduce big wage. Honestly am not scared. Hazard is on form, is just like my own cr7. He may not score so many, but everybody can score in cfc. Btw, our strikers re not ‘dat bad’ lets hop they score more

      1. adam says

        You must know that since Torres came in, we lose 4 strikers: alnelka, drogba, kalou and sturridge. Abramovich guy is torres and since then Chelsea finish always the league behind the leader with at least 14 points. shame

  3. Anonymous says

    This Adam guy, you like whining over ridiculous history. What about Eto’o and BA.. will he make them leave too?

    Relax, our style of play is not for strikers to shine. I’ve learn how to accept that and believe in our strikers. even when they don’t score they work extra hard for the team. You can bring in Suarez and let’s see how much he can perform for a different team like Chelsea, then I’ll draw my conclusions that our strikers completely useless.

    1. Emile 10 says

      Suarez doesn’t need thro balls to score mate. The guy can even score from 40m. Freekicks, header, left foot, right foot, hands…Suarez is a fighter. He can play in any team in the world

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