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    Match Report

  2. Harry says

    0-0 draw is a bad result. Chelsea will miss the final should the return match ends up with any score draw. Remember 1-1 draw at Stamford Bridge against Barcelona?! Chelsea has no alternative but to win. Considering depleted team due to suspensions and injuries, it will be a mighty task for the blues. Let us hope despite all the odds JM can muster a win.

    1. Buy Soma Online Uk says

      Yes I’m even think the same Let’s hope we don’t mess up 🙂

      1. Buy Soma Online Uk says

        I’m even thinking* the same

  3. dr flow says

    Atleti are in the best form of there life. Top of of La liga, dumped barca out of the CL, yet to loose a CL game and for the first time failed to find the net against a makeshift chelsea 11. Mou has shown times without numbers that in football, there is a difference between tactics and strategies. He’s a multidimentional coach and he proved that at the Vicente Calderon stadium yesterday. The sole aim with the available players is DO NOT CONCEDE. Terry and Cech were forced changes and were never parts of the plan ab initio, so it was a good result for us rather than conceeding 2 or 3 goals and have nothing to play for at the bridge. With thr 2nd leg next wednesday, its just a game to the final and its winners takes all. At least, with the likes of Eto’o, Hazard likely to play, we have attacking options and with Ramires, Willian and Luiz covering the midfield and Ivanovic back to right back and Azpi going back to the left back and playing in front of our supporters with believe, zeal and determination, we shall get the ticket to Lisbon.

  4. Buy Diazepam 20 Mg says

    very disappointed the way chelsea played yesterday…didnt expect them to just defend

  5. Neri Abayomi says

    A dull game no doubt.
    Sometimes parking the bus is an end to a means.
    Just hoping Jose can sort out Chelsea’s attack problems- That’s why we pay him- He loves Chelsea but the Fans loves Chelsea more (Because He (Jose) gets paid to be @ the bridge while we the fans world wide pay to watch Chelsea on Tv or @ the bridge)
    Ba, Torres and Eto’o were on the footballing scene far longer than the Costa we are trying to get.
    I still believe that Chelsea’s problem is playing too slow and we can’t break down defences-
    In our glory days- the likes of Duff, Robben, Joe Cole, Shaun Wright, Anelka, Kalou, Malouda etc had raw pace to burn and enough trickery to break down any defence- Salah, Willian, Oscar, Schurrle, all need to step up to Hazard’s level.

  6. Buy Ativan Lorazepam says

    2nd leg is worryong given the abaences

  7. Matt says

    Good defensive performance. That’s it.

  8. Cheap Ambien says

    0-0 beta dan losin but sincerely Chelsea is playin 19centuary futball.wt all d milions spent in buyin quality players we stil cant make 3 to 4 passes 2geda.so shameful 4a big club.

  9. Buy Legit Valium Online says

    You all have problem…….. Do we have thy type of players to do the attacks as ATM? All their players can do that with ease… If we try that yesterday we will score and concede heavily….. Our defence will break up even the team Cfc might have a fight between themselves……. All of you people don’t know what football is all about, you just watch and make comment without thinking……. It’s EASY to be a coach, that’s why you all turn commenters……… We don’t have the qualities to play them for now…… I don’t know of next season….. I pray we beat them come next week……… Anyhow winning……

  10. What wil jose do 4 some fans 2 apreciate him.this is a tactical match & not an exhibition match.oscar wouldnt hav fared better against such a dirty playn,tactically disciplind & technical giftd team like atletico.dis team pres like hel & we dont need players who over carry the bal.2 me the team yesterday was perfect against atletico.they were bullies,dirty,tough & strong,so we served them the best physical players availabl.kudos 2 jt,cahil,cole,luiz,mikel & lamp.am proud of u guys.atletico were palm kernel,but cfc were stone built.ktbffh.

  11. Yeah as usual Jose Mourinho parked a bus in front of his goal post. Oh how much I dislike his style of football.

    And Mikel Obi and his haircut. Now, what’s that all about? He looks so gay in it.

  12. Buy Legit Valium Online says

    You’re really a metal…. You have nothing in your brain than iron…… You dey chop Irin ni? Ba lakaye……..,.

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