Match Report: Chelsea 2-0 Fulham

Mikel goal celebration!

A lively second half to the games saw both Oscar and John Obi Mikel, yes John Obi Mikel score to ensure a much-needed three points for the blues.

Much to the disappointment of the Chelsea fans Juan Mata couldn’t even make the bench for the much anticipated London derby! He had to watch his team from the stands alongside David Luiz and Marco Van Ginkel.

Chelsea had a brilliant opportunity just six minutes into the game. Ivanovic flashed an early cross towards the near post, however Eto’o couldn’t manage to get enough on the ball to divert it passed Stockdale in the Fulham goal.

Seven minutes later Bent nearly gave Fulham a suprising lead. Summer signing Darren Bent was sent clean through at goal, none of the rushing Chelsea defenders could really trouble him. Despite having time on his side he could only manage to hit the legs of Petr Cech with his disappointing effort.

Within less than a minute of Bent’s glorious chance Chelsea fans were appealing for a penalty. The ball was floated in from the right, the ball eventually fell to Hazard who had appeared to been pushed by Fulham defender Sascha Riether, the referee waved away the protest.

After an eventful quarter of an hour to the game, the tempo slowed down significantly with neither team managing to create any clear cut opportunities. In fact the next chance of the game came only moments before half time.

The ball was played wide right to Branislav Ivanovic, the Serbian pulled the trigger but he saw his shot deflect wide for a corner which was wasted. 0-0 HT

Seven minutes after the interval Chelsea managed to break the deadlock. Schurrle’s skill enabled him to evade Riether and played the ball into the box, which was met by Eto’o who was trying to scramble the ball goal words. David Stockdale saw the ball late and could only manage to push the ball out to Oscar who was on hand to give Chelsea the lead. 1-0

Former Chelsea player Steve Sidwell nearly cursed his former employees on the 54th minute. Fulham won a free-kick in a dangerous position which was whipped in by Kasami. The ball beats everyone and Sidwell could only manage to head wide having saw the ball arrive late.

Shortly after the game reached the hour mark Samuel Eto’o was replaced by Spain international and Chelsea’s number nine Fernando Torres.

Fulham couldn’t manage to oppose any threat on the Chelsea goal and on the 71st minute they suffered a scare. Ramires cleverly back heeled the ball in order to make some space for a cross, however the Brazilian was brought down by Fulham newcomer Riether. Yet again the referee waved away the protest.

Moments before Chelsea’s second goal of the afternoon Fernando Torres saw his header expertly saved by Stockdale.

Without a doubt the following corner produced a moment that Chelsea fans won’t forget for a while, John Obi Mikel scoring for the first time in nearly six years. Lampard’s in-swinging corner was met by captain JT who nodded the ball back to Mikel. The Nigerian managed to raise his foot and hit the ball home to ensure a much needed three points.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and the game! Let me know your thoughts!


  1. Anonymous says

    The lads tried, I think Mourinho should start Torres as he have the full movement of the team play. If u closely watched when Torres entered the tempo of the game changed though Torres may not score but his runs and body movement will open up the game for other to score. But no matter anything Mata’s creativity is still lacking, Mourinho should swallows his pride and play Mata. Mata remains the best 10# for me in terms of free kicks, corner kicks, he know how to swangle it and the understand of Mata, Oscar & Hazard remains the best .

    1. Anonymous says

      are you kidding me with your mata ??? did you see what Oscar did today?? The back was so slow, in the first 45mn was miserable because jhon terry has not space at all. the back was so so so slow that we can not have any opportunity.

    2. Waseem Zeeshan says

      its not about pride with mata , murihno needs a leftfoot winger playing on the right wing , like robben, and oscar is better than mata at no 10.. murihno looks for players who cover everyposition and mata is not upto that .

  2. Samora says

    It’s a moment of joy let’s celebrate mikel

  3. Anonymous says

    The only thing we have to correct is the back. Too slow against team who are playing 9 players behind the ball. we need to be very very quick in the back. John terry has to be quick to not allow the opposition to get back. Very rubbish the back.

  4. Baired says

    Am hapy 4 Mikel. Torres changed the game much. I like him

  5. GABBY says

    Those fool who cnt suport a team wen dey loose shuld get themselves sacked u are plastic fans.You people irritate me somtyms.

  6. qwec-i says

    Are you happy with this Sunday school children soccer? If would be frank and tell the truth, there’s no cohesion and creativity in the team. If you claim to be a loyal fan, send a passionate plea to Jose to start using Mata.

    1. sammie says

      Why would he send such a mssg to select mata rather u should be the one to advise mata to play himself to the team unless u are sujesting mou should drop oscar who is far far better than mata in no 10 possition for now the earlier he works himself to the team the better for him u cnt just dwell on ur past glory

    2. Janisa says

      If I coieunmcatmd I could thank you enough for this, I’d be lying.

  7. Irokotola michael says

    the back are too slow and went on with a clean sheet. The one that is very fast played three matches and loose all. The back was composed and played with maturity and not the one that like to play every position on the field and forget his own position. Cahil and terry is the best for now. Up Mikel. Oscar really put in incredible performance today. He should up his game.

  8. Shiloh says

    I don’t really know what Jose wants to achieve with this team in terms of playing style, but i must say befor the goal we were unimpressive to say the least. Eto’o time as a starter should be on hold for now, he lacks sharpness in front of goal. I prefer Torres starting games, my happiness today was seeing John Obi Mikel score that beauty.

  9. king imitor says

    I’ve gone through everyone’s comment on this blogg, only few pple were able to celebrate Mikel’s first goal @ the BPL, haba, forget the issue of mata not playing and let’s focus on what the big Mou can offer the team.
    This team we have is a team in transition and we have a coach who have a long site to visualize what’s going right and wrong with the team.
    Let’s support mourinho for every decisions he make so as to have a very good and formidable team. Remember if not for mourinho and God were would this team would have been by now.
    Claudio Raneiry tried to bring success to chelsea bt it was all to no avail bt Mourinho came and set a premier league record and also put the team in a world class position.
    Please enough is enough let’s stop criticizing the man and get behind him.
    To my wonderful Mikel, m so happy for you on ur debut goal. More goals from you this season.
    Win or Loss chelsea forever.

  10. Jeff says

    I believe life is about change, Mata changing to suite Jm or JM to suite Mata but the last 2yrs was no fluke for Mata as he played very well…I watched him in Valencia and noticed he played as a winger on the left side and transformed 2 a good number 10 with chelsea…..
    Mata can be our 2nd number 10 cos Oscar won’t definitely play all games cos of fatigue wld be shocked if he does…
    JM wanting a left footed right winger might just be in the past.. I do not like RB but enjoyed his game with our boys which makes me beg the question if Benitez is better with developing players and Mourinho is not…RDM played well with the boys but fatigue spoilt their good run in our usual november slump..
    JM has said he dint like the way chelsea played under both managers, does that mean they are wrong??? or he is just being his Proud self??????

    1. qwec-i says

      Km is just too proud and arrogant to say the least#

    2. qwec-i says

      Jm is just too proud and arrogant to say the least#

  11. Akees says

    They played badly. Mou’ method is rubbish, dnt be decieved by this win. Congrate Mikel. Wink*

  12. JAYDE says

    Mikel has noticeably been handed a free roaming ticket finally by the same man who pushed him 2 steps behind. Just like for his country, he now enjoys going upfront with dominant passes. One of such evidences of Mourinho allowing Mikel enjoy his football was seen from the Fulham game. An acrobatic goal from a one time attacking minded player is not really surprising anyway. Congratulations JMO

    What is this Mata controversy. Fans, before Mata there was Abraham. A good player like Mata should know better and get his hands on deck early before its sour times. Now it seems Juan Mata controls majority of Stamford Bridge football fanatics who still sleep over his last 2 yrs achievements and who belong to a sch of thought that says ” Juan Mata or we hate you”.
    Let us face facts lads. Juan is having a hard time in being effective on the pitch, So what’s the fuss?
    The player should adapt as a professional just like the way Mikel adapted from his previous position for peace to reign. I believe in no sacred cow… When you’re selected to play, try to play well. Juan will be fine with time. But the team has to move on in that winning direction while finding a balance. No more lamentations for MOU pls.

    1. Jeff says

      please tell me again why we love Mourinho if you think fans are stuck in the past cos they love Mata’

  13. Sammy mwaura says

    Thanks mou 4 the win
    congrates mikel 4 the goal
    please Mata prove mou wrong against Swidon midweek.

  14. Muchemwa Sichivula says

    Congrats to mikel,as for chelsea the second half was our best perfomance so far we won the ball more oftenly,mata mata mata I won’t say much we will see on tuesday if he will speak his best on the pitch,as for oscar and mata we can’t compare the two they all have different traits,mata can play through ball to strikers and leave them clean through which I have never seen oscar do,oftenly when mata plays our strikers get so many opportunities,so I will wait for tuesday,to see if he’s willing to fight for his place..

  15. Miliky says

    Congrats mikel!!!!!!! Mou well done!!!! Mata i pray u get back to ur admirable form of last 2 yrs quickly…Oscar keep it up…. Fans accord JM d same respect MAN U accorded dia former manager Fergie..i believe u av to pay price for u to be a succesful person in life..dia is time for every thing.. If it is for JM he likes winning all d time regardless of d parttern but Abramovic wants both winning n entertainment achieve dat we av to be patients ….wake up fans

  16. GABBY says

    Som foolish fans tink De tea m belong to their fathers,so go play mata.

    1. Anonymous says

      lollllllllllllllllllllll yes

  17. Neri Abayomi says

    @Irokotola : Can one player win you the league? No.

    Just like Ozil, Mata is never going to be good in his defending duties. But he can offer loads of assists and goals, like he has done so far in Chelsea colours.

    Mata has never played from the right wing in his former club or under AvB, Di Matteo and Benitez.

    @ Valencia- Left Wing
    @ Chelsea (AvB)- Left Wing
    @ Chelsea (Di & Benitez) – 10

    I saw the Fulham game from start to finish. Oscar has been super but he ain’t no outstanding playmaker, in fact he hasn’t succeeded in creating any goal opportunity for our strikers, rather he scores from the passes of others.

    Oscar is a wonderful link up player and he can intercept well, defend and carry the ball well. This got me thinking, Oscar would be super @ the pivot, breaking up play, making those long passes, bursting forward to put opponents on the back foot and rententing possession.

    The truth be told we can’t win any big game playing like this.

    A lot applauded our performance against Bayern, but that performance showed me how light years behind we are. Conceding possession intentionally to a midfield pairing of Muller, Kroos and Lahm says a lot. No wonder when Martinez got on to the pitch of play it was relatively easier for them to hurt us.

    We have real attacking talents right now and we can play better, win better, boss most teams. C’mon we have Willian, Mata, Oscar, Hazard, KDB, Schuurle, MvG, Ramires, Lampard, Luiz, Azpilicueta and Mikel.

    We had no pattern against Fulham. Fulham was just poor, if BENT had converted his chance, it would v bin a different story. Mou is older and as such he shd change and alter his style to become more unpredictable.
    We were playing cross and nod @ a point b4 dat lucky opening goal. Unimpressive despite the win. Super Mikel, Super Goal, May you score lots of them.

  18. Dioyik Haçhton says

    am happy for mikel
    i’ve watched the replay over and over again but…
    Lets talk about the game
    we didn’t play the way we shud
    the game was dull
    i dnt know if its becuz of the “park the bu” tactics fulham adopted
    nevertheless, I know the manager knows what he is doing and he will only field a player on merit not with name.
    So if mata wants to make us all happy, he shud pick up
    after all, the same mikel who scored yesterday had to adapt to so many managers wanting him to play as a dm their way and he conquered in all.
    We not just happy for the goal he scored but the way he moves the ball around and his influence on the game
    so mata shud wake up and make us all happy.

    1. Anonymous says

      Yes, yes it is because of the “park the bu” tactics fulham adopted. This is why the back 4 has to be quick: the back 4 were so so so slow, allow opposition to play defensive

  19. Ken says

    Thanks neri, some blinded fans ain’t seeing this yet..if I may ask, what clear cut chance did we creat in that match.
    simply put, fulham where just poor. We ain’t going nowhere with this cross-n-nod style of play..mata remains the missing jigsaw, take it or leave it..

    1. Noah says

      Except that he is not willing to, at least so far, to act like the missing jigsaw, up his game and adapt to the style of the team which any world class footballers should be able to do.

      I hate this naivety whereby they think they know better than the Jose. I mean seriously..its so irritating. To Mr Ken and everyone else slating Jose:

      how long have you been a manger for?
      how many teams have you managed?
      what have you won in footballing terms or what have you have you achieved to qualify you for slating?

      The answer is most likely none of the above, therefore, I suggest you watch and learn from the best in the game as you are not in the position to teach how football should be played. People now a days play too much football manager or PS3 games..grow up people.

  20. Anonymous says

    I loved our second half. Wasn’t brilliant but we got a glimpse of all the potential. Fans should start getting behind their manager the same way Man. U fans suported Ferguson.


  21. osazee @ leke says

    is not really about scoring goals that am concern about in mikel cause if he ever been given a free in the mid play he would have been scoring goals as every other player but in this case mikel is a perfect mid field balancing player, he is so so good at game balancing and to me is the best mid fielder at the moment in the chelsea fc

  22. Anonymous says

    Ohh? Oscar is better than Mata now? Y’all ingrates!! Mou is killing ueono it

  23. Max says

    Where is JAMES CFC? d guy who hate MIKEL wit passion, always d first to put comment on here but nowhere to be found now coz MIKEL has shamed him. Kudos to d boys for dis winnin after previous disapointin result n to all true fans let Just get behind our team in winin or losin coz some Muppet wil never stop actin plastic. CHELSEA til my casket drop.

  24. Akinwumi Steven says

    First of all,i’m very happy that Mikel finally scored after a long years but the issue of Mata is really giving a lot of thinking coz despite the fact that Oscar is performing his best at number 10 role,doesn’t really says that he’s better than Mata in terms of passes,dribbling,assisting,taken free kicks and corner kicks.The record is there for everyone to see!As a matter of fact,I don’t really know the pattern we’re playing at the moment!Mou is too rigid and arrogant!When Guardiola joined Bayern,he didn’t change the winning team but here in Chelsea,we don’t really has a starting 11,anybody can play!

    1. Jeff says

      I agree @ starting 11

  25. jk says

    I’m afraid we are at the losing end. We lack creativity meaning we have no balls getting into the opponent’s box. We struggle to score even with the lightest teams ever. I’m not happy with what Mourinho is doing. He has disqualified thr squad that Rafa Benitez had made, a killing squad with Mata steering the creative part of the match by dropping most of the balls at the box. Now the current sytem finds it hard to do so even with all the great talents who can do it nicely.

  26. ola says

    A very happy 4 us here in 9ja, both on our victory & our home boy Obi Mikel Scoring is first premiership Goal…Up Mikel Up CHELSEA FC

  27. kes says

    From what I see here, people are no longer for the team but individual players. Yet! Just a few has deemed it fit to celebrate Mikel. All the talk here has been Mata this-Mata that. Has Mata out- done Zola? Why not take a minute and see what Mou is planning. The league has just started an some plastic followers are crying. Comparing Mou to Benitez that entered mid-way into the season when the players have got enough game time.
    When Fergie hammered Rooney, I never heard of any Manu fan insult him. Here, you see people who know nothing about football, people that don’t even know how to watch football, condemn a don in the game.
    Congrats Mikel!

    1. Jeff says

      I believe this site is chelsea forum, why would people come here and start talking bout ManU and its fans

  28. CEO @ says

    I luv mikel’s goal

  29. Anonymous says

    Please can we all just stop being silly? Its you fans that insist on playing players based on history and not current form. Oscar is in the form of his life and even got Man of the match last game, Mata is not in form, do we risk a player because of sentiments or because they can deliver results? Why not put yourself in Oscar’s shoes and see if you’ll love to be benched whether you play well or not. Lets just pray that Mata takes his chances against Swindon
    Even though we struggled a bit in the first half, I think that this 4-4-1-1 is the formation for us as it provides midfield stability and can accomodate all our players playing their natural roles. We were rarely troubled by A diffucult Fulham team. Kudos Mou, & hope he doesnt change the formation
    Finally, I was there when Mikel scored and narrowly missed Man of the match after a brilliant midfield display. Hope all Mikel bashers can see his quality. Personally I think Mou should never bench him.

  30. Anonymous says

    Lovely review, but I thought that the caption and the picture were a bit unprofessional. The image was stretched, and the caption was a bit childish with that many exclamation marks.

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