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  1. GABBY says

    Record books will say, ‘José Mourinho gets his biggest win as a manager, on Wenger’s 1000th.’

  2. Cheapest Price For Lorazepam says

    This is the perfect line up we ve been waiting 4.rami & willian red card turnd out 2 be a blesn in disguise.jose take note.gunners were put 2 sword by a dorminant cfc.c.palace u are next.ktbffh.

    1. Emile 10 says

      Man you can’t say that. Always when we are down and need a goal, Ramires is the one who steps up and create something from nothing. It was a good game but then you can’t say that this is our best eleven. If I remember there is many time when Schürlle failed to deliver and Willian came in to save the day. They may had a good day but still believe that Willi and Rami have the place in XI

  3. star says

    The game was very nice, we enjoyed watching the london painted blue by hammering the last nail of the box… ktbffh

  4. Anonymous says

    I believe todays squard should be the one to play the remaining games

  5. Cheapest Price For Lorazepam says

    @ emilo 10.willian has good work rate,but cant give a through pass that can open up defences.he cant shoot wel.he is partly one of the reason why scoring goals has been dificult 4 us in some matches.rami is a machine,but always always!! slopy in passing.2days team was a perfect team.we didnt need other teams 2 commit errors b4 we scored,but we got everything right in every department.what a game…..!!! The best cfc display i’ve watched so far.

    1. blue says

      Willian cannot giv a through pass ? U r so stupid don’t u know that Willian is the second most chance creature for Chelsea in PL after hazard also he wasn’t playing regular at the first part of the season,
      u can’t decide the best line up in 1 game , every game has a better choice for the line up if u can remember the Southampton away game in d 1st half we were so bad shcurlle and mata went off , Willian and Oscar came on and changed the game so calm down, good luck

      1. Emile 10 says

        Blue thanks a lot. This is what I was trying to say. I just found that Willian is the second chance creator after Eden. The thing is..Willian is a nature n10 while Schürlle is a pure winger. If it was up to me, I will chose Willian against though opponents bcos of his workrate and he has this ability to keep possession and strong one on one. Schürlle is good with the team that have the back 4 close to their midfielders just like Arsenal. Him and Salah they have the ability to run behind the defender. Chelsea is perfect mehnn. Different type of players which is really cool for diffrent type of oppenents

  6. Vaakmeisster says

    Chelsea played with their best lineup and the result is clear for all to see. Oscar is not a winger, he is better in central midfield where he can dictate the tempo and recover lost balls . Schurlle offers more as a winger than Willian and Oscar ever will in that position. Chelsea where ruthless! Carefree

    1. Cheapest Price For Lorazepam says

      @ vaak spot on.only fans that are bias in judgement wil disagree wit u.ktbffh.

  7. Martin, Norway. says

    This goes to history books in one of the most entertained and goal galore matches we really humbled them Arsenals. I enjoyed the game greatly. Shurrle really made day, it was a sweet and solid display from the entire team. Blue is the Color, football is a game. We spoiled Wengers Jubileum 1000 for them.

  8. micky says


  9. DHEERAJ K says

    What a match!!! Mind blowing performance from blue lions.Everyone played well but my hero today is peter cech our legendary saviour,his save was turned to be crucial in this big victory.And i loved title of the article specialists in failure ha ha ha…..and i hope all CFC haters will not sleep well today especialy failure specialists fc club fans!

  10. Neri Abayomi says

    At Last, Salah plays. *sigh of relief*
    Great Lads- We showed grit and the hunger to win. About the Line up being the best, I say we do need all our squad players- Torres did well today- So did Salah and all the lads- Using all available players makes us fresher and better.
    Nice One Jose.

    1. Anonymous says

      Damn! for the first time you say something positive about MOU! what a day go Chelsea. enjoy the win Bro

      1. blue says

        Every time i see u

      2. blue says

        Ur on this guy called neri Abayomi i think hhhhh LOL

  11. Emile 10 says

    I don’t know about you guys but me, I would love to read something about Samuel Eto’o. the guy deserve a new deal. he should stay because i think he is the only striker we have who deserve to be in Chelsea. what a man. i just like his passion and his hard work. Personally i would like to say thanks big Samu..a man of big occasion like the legend Drogba.

    1. blue says

      Absolutely spot on

  12. GABBY says

    Hahaha that Sammy Etoo deserves to stay one more yr b4 leaving the bridge

  13. Cheapest Price For Lorazepam says

    @ blue my opinion makes me stupid,but ur choice of words ‘stupid’ shows where u are coming from & the kind of training u ve got.please how many goals hav willian scored in as many # of matches as against schurrle’s?so u love assists more than goals?as 4 me i want players that can give us better chances of scoring more goals & winning the epl title.

  14. Cheapest Price For Lorazepam says

    @ blue & emilo.
    Willian’s statistics
    Schurrl’s stat.
    Total gams32,goals7,asist2.

    1. Cfc_obsessed says

      Zyte, d stat may be correct and at d same time it may not cos personally am not sure and i dont ve time to check honestly. Ure fond of schurrle, he is a gud player but i am not his fan. I prefer willian cos he is a consistent team player. Schurrle has played gud match, i bet u, d next match he play ll be shit. Dats him for u. Inconsistency of a player leads to a frustration for wew fans. Am very secure wit willian. But its very gud to ve dis kind of headache in choosing one player. Cfc are lucky to ve dis attackin players. Next season willian and schurrle ll settle well, salah ll come ll come to frame and who knows, he may bench them cos he has d potential. All three are very different players. They dont play alike. Willian can retain possession,ve a gud work rate. Schurrle, very direct, clinical, gud shot. Salah, plenty pace, dribble. U cant just say one is a must, jose is a tactician, he knows who best fit a game. They re talents. Finger crossed. But y is nobody talking about eto? He shouldnt get injured. He stil got it. Dat first goal, oh i like.

  15. Matt says

    Zyte, I agree with you about your analysis Willian/Schurrle but I think Mou prefers the first one because he offers more contribution to midfield and defense and gives in general better protection than the German. I personally prefer the German, he’s a better wing and is able to score goals and team become more spectacular.

  16. miles says

    @zyte and @emilio and @ blue, yu are all right. None is better over the other. Why must it be one over the other. In some matches we cld rest oscar, play willian in No10 and play schurrle on the right. What is the argument exactly about? One must not always be better than the other. Who is better, messi and ronaldo? Benzema and higuain? Chicharito and welbeck? My point is that both players are good. But if yu look at it well, if schurrle adds defensive qualities he wld be better than willian. Willian is not a goalscorer. He will never be a goalscorer. Right from his time in Shakhtar. His greatest asset is his work rate. But like I said, both players are good to have on our team.

  17. miles says

    @cfc on.

  18. Fik says

    Schurrle is better finisher than William and even our recognized strikers. He is also faster than William. William is better distributer out of final third field. Most of willam pass in final third is useless and his shots are also very weak. William has to improve this gaps and can become worlds’ best… Every of these players can improve & become best players in z world…

  19. Cheapest Price For Lorazepam says

    @cfc obsesd,in as much as i criticise willian,i wont wish him 2 fail in our next match just 2 prove my point.i wish he becoms more decisive in the final third.pls u shouldnt say that schurrle wil play shit in next match b/cos if it happens both of us wont be happy,cos we are cfc fans.i go with miles,lets just kill the controversy & enjoy our victory.both are good players & i wish them great future & suces.u al are nice guys.ktbffh.

  20. ush says

    Andre schurrle plays better football dan wiillian,its not all about energy n work rate,its about stepping up wen d team needs u,d fulham game shows dt schurrle is more of a class act than willian,dts what I call how to save a game,with a hat trick,not mere flashy skills dt willian always does..willian also is good buh I see d reason why he’s not making d brazil squad until he came to chelsea,schurrle has been a german international since 2009 ryt from mainz..

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