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  1. ush says

    What a display from Nemanja Matic and Cesar Azpilicueta…kudos to u two…oscar should sit out some games he needs to rest..captain leader legend JT.

  2. Fik says

    Congra to Everton players, win deserved to them. Oscar is completely out of game. He has forgotten his no 10 role. No players in Cfc that accept and pass ball strikers and facilitate attacking. No single ball reached to strikers with in 30minutes. Why Mourn not inform z attacking players to pass ball to z others in better position to score easily? They simple kik and waste z chance. How strikers scored? Attacking midfielders not play their roles. Plz, pass ball to friends in better position. As a fan am disappoint with last minutes Torres’s wastage of chance. Torres contine his bad shot to z goal, it is worse to shot badly & carelessly z great effort of others. Z balls r easily scored by himself or by others if he pass to them or he can also win penality easily. We r unlucky of not hving killers. We hv strikers that kill us. Today playing shows CFC is out of title contenders. Winning a title by z defender strike. Plz, Jose give Schurrle or other defenders a striker role. Strikers not play a role like our defenders in front of goals. In last 4 match we scored goals by defenders. Their poor scoring skill makes our AM selfish not to pass ball to them.

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