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  1. Anonymous says

    i hope u guys wont blame mou for dis loss cos all atletico’s goals ar a result of defensive errors…terry is a suspect for some of d errors..we perform woefuly in defence except 4 azpi who tried his best…we tried alot in d first half…blues 4 life oo

    1. We did well 🙂 we can’t blame our manager

  2. Adam says

    Nothing to be ashamed of. Thank you mou. See next year.

  3. miles says

    Its no one’s fault. Every player in a blue shirt was poor except azpi. They were clearly better than us. But torres looked quite impressive I must admit. Hazard’s statement afteer the match was very disrespectful to his teammates. We look forward to next season. Up Blues

    1. Adam says

      “Hazard’s statement afteer the match was very disrespectful to his teammates. “: really shame

    2. He said nothing wrong media mixed it up 🙂

  4. DHEERAJ K says

    Yeah well said guys nothing to worry too much! We reached semis in UCL and still fighting for EPL title, may end with trophy less season! But performed well in first season of jose(second spell). So CHIN UP BLUES!

  5. miles says

    @adam..I was really disappointed wif hazard. First wearing a psg shirt afta we just played dem at d first leg, then criticizing ur own manager’s tactics, then saying ur teammates always expect only yu to lift the team. That’s was totally disrespectful

  6. qwec-i says

    Sorry to say that Hazard behaved stupidly. It was very wrong of him to bring out those comments. No one person is bigger than a team.

  7. Harry says

    I think Hazard’s comment if it is the truth, and not taken out of context, is a prelude for his wish to leave the club. I am not trying to speculate but Chelsea fans better to be alert about team disunity & disharmony. A good team plays together and share the glory as well as burden of defeats together.

  8. Fik says

    Problem of z team has to discuss with z coaches and with z teamates not to z media. Haz is completely wrong … He has to know blue is a great team won every thing with great players and also can do every thing in future … What I learn from z game more physical strong is better than being talented to win z game. Atletico players are all giants dominate z game by their physical power. Z talent of Haz, William is masked …

  9. Martin, Norway. says

    Tropyless season that bad not what I expected. The positive thing is we loss against a better side. We desperately need to sort out this team this summer. I knew we would struggled against Ath. Madrid they are one of the best teams. Our defence is not good, Mourinho should find the remedy.

    1. Matt says

      I agree. Atletico is better than us. But we should have tried to do something more in the first leg at Vicente Calderon. So far we lost everything this season. Let’s try to win EPL although very difficult.

  10. Buy Diazepam 20 Mg says

    mou gt it wrng guys lets b honest.tery…etoo shuldnt hav playd half fit an evn wen ramires z declining he kips using him. ther was van ginkel…shurlle. ba…..who culd hav bin 1st 11 wuld hav been shwartzer……dave iva cahil cole
    luiz van ginkel
    shurller willian hazard for fire.
    we went out coz we lackd determination whch madrid had surplus of.

  11. Anonymous says

    Mou is taking us nowhere, if it where benitez that’s about going trophyless, u guys would hv lynched him to death..let me ask, do u guys really enjoy cfc style of play with all the spent on buying player, as for me i dont. So, mou had better wake up cos i can see his sack letter ready should he perform woefully next season

  12. miles says

    One thing yu guys must know is that, mou’s style of play will not turn chelseea into a super power of football when he is no longer the coach. What I mean is that mou just prepares chelsea for the nxt opposition we face. We have no definite style. I can’t see chelsea being like a bayern or real. That is why some quarters don’t really want mou cos he is a quick fix kind of coach. Afta he leaves, chelsea will be an average team cos he lays no foundation for the future. I love mou and chelsea but we must watch closely at what is happening. He doesn’t trust youth, I hope that policy changes this time since he says he wants to stay at chelsea for a long time. Let’s just hope for the best. Why buy ann attacker when we have piazon. A midfielder when we have josh and chalobah. A lb when we have Van aahnholt. A cb when we have kalas and omeruo (an african cup of nations winner who kept dider drogba in his pockets when they met). Ktbffh

    1. Matt says

      Spot on!

  13. Anonymous says

    He(HAZARD) should have been fined for that i.e. Wearing p.s.g. Shirt by club. Our attackers/wingers stay to far/wide from scorings with no striker disturbing the defence

  14. Anonymous says

    Thanks miles, u seem to see what am seeing that others aren’t seeing…look at ATM that trashed us aint upto €50m and yet we keep dolling out money each yr when we have a very gud youth team we should hv be integrating with the squad…mou is a good coah but i dont think he’s the one that’ll give us what we want…and what are we looking at
    1 a team that play with fluidity n cohesiveness
    2 a team fused with some members of our youth
    3 a team with fantastic style of play..atm do park the bus but their style is nice to watch unlike ours

  15. Buy Ativan Lorazepam says

    Fluidity or not….. Next season, you will see our style….. This season is a texting and improving season….. Mou is going to have is own touch on the team….. His own player is going to come in….. Those that wasn’t his player will leave….. Anything less than the league and champions league next season will be a failure…… We’re Chelsea., we are soldiers….. Go is the command….. Blue for life….

    1. Neri Abayomi says

      We failed this season.
      Jose is a short term coach and he doesn’t have any direct impart on our style of play.
      Hazard was right with his comment- we can’t break down teams that allows us possession.
      I can’t imagine a team blessed with talents such as Hazard, Willian, Schurrle, Oscar, Salah- playing such pragmatic style against most top notch opposition.
      Jose would always be a short term fix.
      No room for youth.
      Always buying expensive players yearly.

      Let’s watch- No manager under Roman has survived a trophyless season though.

  16. Cheap Ambien says

    Hazard sed his mind whc 4 me is d truth of d mata.hw can a team blessed wt such wonderful talented players lik chelsea play such a boring 19th centuary football. Mourinho is neva a gud football coach but he is only a gud anti football coach.

  17. Buy Legit Valium Online says

    There is certainly a lot to learn about this subject. I like all of the points you’ve made.|

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