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  1. DHEERAJ K says

    WoW not knowing where to start from, was really stunned with winning goal from BA and it was indeed a thrilling climax. Against napoli two years ago and now against PSG. Just enjoying the special victory! And blue lions you made us really proud!!! Thank you JOSE.#CFC#.

  2. Buy Soma Online Uk says

    There is no harm in believing.i dont know what 2 say,but i felt am in cloud 9 when we got the 2nd goal.the special one is back,the blue spirit is back.up jose,up schurrle,up j.t,up demba,up cech,up the whole cfc team,coachn crew,fans & the man roman.even wit french former president at bridge supportn psg,yet we beat them silly.tank GOD.Am so hapy.ktbffh.

  3. xtian says

    After hitting the wood work twice, just as the PSG fans thought they’ve survived the worst that could happen to the heart, we decided to pierce even more wickedly at the perfect time.

  4. Fik says

    Thanks to God for doing it and proud us!

  5. Anonymous says

    Where are mou critics? The plastic fans who blamed him after first leg lost. What do u
    have to say this time.

    1. Neri Abayomi says

      Everyone have their opinions to give.
      We criticise after a poor performance and we give kudos after a wonderful season defining performance. Up Blues, it is not yet time to celebrate we still have the semis and final to negotiate.

      1. Cfc_obsessed says

        Ure a glory hunter. U dis neri guy, to qualify for semi finals is not worth celebrating for? Guy na wa for u o. Mou has notin to prove to u. Is dis not an advancement. Begin to compare this season and last again. Is it not wot ure obsessed wit? U knw notin about football

  6. Buy Zithromax Thailand says

    I love chelsea players attitude towards that game….what a class, makes me remember Napoli

  7. Akinwumi says

    Well done to all the Chelsea players who made us proud yesterday.I’m really happy and lest i forget criticising Mou doesn’t really made anybody a plastic fan at all!Just a piece of advice,Mou should learn to trust BA,he’s a fighter and should be given chance to shine.ktbffh!

  8. Buy Soma Online Uk says

    @neri if u are waiting 2 celebrate at the end of the season,then u should also keep the criticism til the end of the season.
    Pls criticise constructivly & also celebrate wit us.lets celebrate our team now,imagine from crashn out of ucl group stage last term,2 winin europa,den 2 ucl semis.i cant ask 4 more cos finals wil be a bonus,but yet i believ we can go al the way 2 lisbon.cfc’s sevent ucl semi’s,if am not!! The sky is blue.

  9. Emile10 says

    Haters be like Mou is here to destroy Chelsea, he is not special anymore, he lost it. Bla bla bla B*** did you see how he went crazy after Ba goal? That show the love he has for our lovely Club. This team was eliminated in group stage last season and 20points behind Man utd. Now here the difference. We are in the semis and still have a chance to win the league. Damn call me the fuck u want but I will keep my damn faith in Mou. The Messi of the coach. The best in the world. Credit to all Chelsea players. Thanks Demba Ba, you pay what Chelsea spent on you! David Luiz was my man of the match tho

  10. Vaakmeisster says

    Chelsea, do not fucking give me a heart attack again. Please!

  11. KING IMITOR says

    I’m so happy we made it through to the last 4 in the UCL. there’s one thing i noticed bout the big boss, the special one, his jubilation and the way he celebrated in the heart of chelsea is far diff 4rm the way he did celebrate when managing other clubs. he’s indeed our manager & pray he stays with #CFC forever. i love you jose.
    it’s very rare 2 see a coach like u making those sub he made in the game and later pay off, he’s a gem, i dug my hart 4u sir jose felix mourinho. i promise to name my son after u

  12. beedem says

    simple the best,up chelsea,up mourinho.

  13. beedem says

    pls give us what we learn

  14. Anonymous says

    What I learnt is players self belief and the joke of beloved Mou reaping the benefits from his written-off players. Chelsea don’t buy dummies. Mourinho should bring out the best out in them.

    @ Zyte, Neri, Akinwumi & Cfc obsessed, Lolz.. I know your stock. I would love to see more bickering between you when we get thro the semis. You guys are obviously nuts for Cfc. I Like that.

  15. ThankGod at lest we can now talk to our primier leaugue and champion league arriver. we are in did heart of lion.Sir jose mouriho pls give demba ba chance to prove u that is like our legend didiar drogba.I pray for u that we should win the semi fine

  16. beedem says

    pls post us what we learn.

  17. Martin, Norway. says

    I was very happy. Its open now in the semi finals. Everybody did well yesterday.

  18. Martin, Norway. says

    What did we learn yesterday?

  19. kes says

    I repeat again! Blame Jose for our failures, praise him for our successes. What a show of class! For him to celebrate the way he did meant it was over for PSG. One who have thought it was too early because if PSG had scored one, then it would have been over. Well done!

  20. kes says

    What I learnt yesterday, is Mou needs to find how to make them play this way without switching off momentory or at crucial moments!

  21. Fik says

    Very fantastic results! Players & coach proud us! The winning of gaints like Man city, Arsenal, Man Utd, Liverpool, Spurs & PSG in our home this season proud me more than winning throphy. Blue show better to gaints. If Blue buys a killer passer & best chance creater #10 player in summer, z speedy Schurrle & Salah wl be z blue’s next killer magicians… To utilize their speedy playing killing game blue hv to go & buy a killer passer that lack in z team now…

  22. Buy Diazepam 20 Mg says

    Dis site is nt trying at all.u d writers in dis site are nt up 2 date wt ur activities.u liv one writeup 4 as long as possible even wen new news n updates are circulatin around u guys are stil on d old stories.chelsea n psg played yestaday evenin it is dis evenin or towards evenin u are bringin up d match report n post-match report wil den take anoda day 2b here.why? Watsup wt ur site.its not really interestin here.anytime u visit dis site its dsame old stories u tired of visitin dis site but jux cos of my darlin chelsea.i wonder if u d writers in dis site even read our comments at all.wish u guys culd change dis ancient method of doing tins.

    1. Bobchyke says

      I miss classic CFC360

    2. blue says

      That’s true man i planning to not come back to this site

  23. Akinwumi says

    Dear Anonymous,why don’t just identify ursef or are u talking from another planet? Everybody is entitled to their opinion.I have every right to criticise Mou when he fumbled and praise him if it’s the other way around.I’m an objective analyst,what about u Mr.anonymous(alien)?

  24. bsoo8 says

    Where are the ” what we learned ” series … desperately waiting for it 🙂

  25. Buy Ativan Lorazepam says

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