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  1. Adetayor says

    Imagine !!! Dis jst shows our level of inconsistency….we won 6 nil against arsenal nd lost 1 nil against crysal palace….i tink we ar out of d title race jhoor…so so annoyed….we drop valuable points against west brom,newcastle,stoke,aston villa,crystal palace…dats jst crap mehn

  2. miles says

    Our loss was caused by 3 ppl: mourinho, matic and hazard. Mou bcos of his selection. It was too defensive. Lampard? For all dose saying lampard shd be given a nu contract, I laff. Mou’s got his tactics wrong. Anyway, it can happen to any one so let’s not dwell too much on the matter. Hazard and matic were my greatest disappointment. Especially hazard. Dint do anytin of note except dat shot in d 2nd half. Kept giving the ball away. Matic was too poor. He had a bad game. Let’s hope Paris holds better for us.

    1. Cheapest Price For Lorazepam says

      @ miles spot on!!!.

  3. Cheapest Price For Lorazepam says

    Epl title hopes has vanished.
    What i learnd
    1)no team can win epl witout a decent striker.
    2)beating felow top 4 teams & loosn 2 smal teams doesnt win anybody epl.
    3)mikel isnt realy the problem of this team as most fans & i thought.
    4)jose should focus on ucl,b/cos i dont know how i & most passionate fans wil feel if we fail 2 win sometin dis season..ktbffh.

  4. Anonymous says

    the only player deserved kudos was Cech, the rest were disappointing. Thy were loosing the ball easily and their passes were very poor.

  5. Aliyu Mohammed says

    well it all over now for the boys in blues. the good side is they have gotten the experience of being in the business of challenging for the title. costa in Torres out and the title is ours.

  6. Anonymous says

    Abramovic has to agree Torres 50mil was a waste and is the high time the club has to sell him, he doesn’t deserve 185,000 salary he earns, he is liability to the team. Am hoping Eto’o will be fit to face PSG, Torres dribbing is poor, he cant go past 2 players, his timing into the box always poor.

  7. miles says

    Winning a title dis season is looking a lot bleaker. Its only ucl available and that’s ann arduous task. An upside of today’s match was I was a lil impressed with salah. He seemed comfortable on d ball.

  8. Anonymous says

    Mou made a silly mistake today. How can you play Lampard in n10 role?? We had zero creativity in the first half. Torres is shit. I’m sorry to use this word but I still don’t know why he still playing for Chelsea? You don’t deserve to win the league with a striker like Torres. And then Matic had a poor game too. The same goes to Ivanovi…man how comes he can’t cross? I fell disappointed

    1. Cfc_obsessed says

      He didnt play lamps as no10. We played 433 frm d begining, this team selection suppose to beat a team like crystal palace, i dont knw wot happened. Matic played is worst game in blue shirt, i dont even knw where andre schurrle’s position, iva is poor, is this not luiz who played against arsenal? It was a deserved defeat. Am so fucking hurt. I feel like crying in 90min.wot is d point in beating arsenal 6 0? It ll be a shame if arsenal win a trophy and chelsea go trophyless. I hate white kit. I dont knw wot to say. Off to bed

  9. ush says

    Pls let torres go..always banking on hazard to deliver,,he’s not superhuman,,wen feeble lambs like torres can’t score from a poor backpass..pls leave Chelsea enough off all dis poor display..

  10. Balow says

    Some people would have said “MIKEL costs us another 3 points”

  11. wambua says

    fuck tores uve cost us the league.matic was more than horible…nkt

  12. Martin, Norway. says

    Some players play well one match and disappears in other . Why do we always struggle against these smaller team’s especially. We need to sell some of the players who perform abysimally. This does not look like team that thrash Arsenals last week.

  13. xtian says

    Its obvious we do no have 11 functional players on the field sometimes and his puts a strain on everyone. The most obvious shadow is Torres who is no longer clinical. Mourinho is not the manager who stays on top of the opposition for 90 minutes. He needs an early goal so that the team can settle and play his counter football but unfortunately he was forced to play two strikers at the end. When there is no number 10, then the striker must become visible in both positions. If Eto had played, there is a 98% chance that we would have won this match. Hazard didn’t have the best of games but he still managed to drag opposition defenders to himself. Matic Luiz and Lampard was and overkill. Verdict; Torres did not key into mourinho’s tactical plan hence there was no early goal to lift the pressure from everyone else. Solution: he should have played a number 10 from the start which would have given the attacking midfielder more freedom.

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