Match Report: Liverpool 2-2 Chelsea

Us Chelsea fans are left devastated as a last minute-goal by controversial striker Luis Suarez manged to deny the blues 3 points. However Luis Suarez should have been sent off after astonishingly he bit the arm of Branislav Ivanovic. It’s not the first time the Uruguayan has done this but I’m sure this will ignite a lengthy period of media attention.In my opinion he should be banned for a very long time and the incident was one of the worst things I’ve seen on a football pitch. Without a doubt that disgusting incident overshadowed what was an entertaining game on Rafa’s return to Liverpool.

The first half wasn’t a lively affair and both teams struggled to create any clear-cut opportunities. Liverpool started the brightest out of the two teams with the blues looking a little sloppy. However it was the Chelsea fans who were celebrating first thanks to a headed effort from Brazilian Oscar. The Liverpool defence made a mere out if a corner with nobody picking up Oscar. He cleverly manged to jog away from Agger and nodded the ball into the top-right corner. 1-0 Chelsea.

Minutes later we nearly were 2-0 up. David Luiz’s exquisite technique nearly manged to deceive Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina. The ball bounced right in front of the Spaniard and trickled over his hand. Initially it looked like Reina had fumbled the ball over the line but replays show that wasn’t the case.

Their was a spell before the break when the blues were put under heavy pressure. Luis Suarez forced a very clever save from the ever-reliant Petr Cech. Chelsea manged to see through the spell of dominance and went into the half 1-0 up.

The second half kicked off with the introduction of former Chelsea player Daniel Sturridge. He ignited a flame of energy into Liverpool’s attack and in the space of 30 seconds he produced three golden chances. With his dazzling feet Danny manged to skip away from three Chelsea players before feeding the ball into the feet of Steven Gerrard. The current England captain was denied by the feet of the heroic Petr Cech.

This time Liverpool came closer with Sturridge unleashing a bullet of a strike 25 yards from goal. The ball looked destined to nestle in the net but the ball struck the face of the post and bounced away to safety.

Liverpool eventually managed to equalise . An exquisite first time pass from Suarez was cleverly finished by Sturridge who tapped the ball into the net. 1-1.

Despite the setback the blues didn’t have to wait long until we regained the lead. A corner from Mata struck the hand of Suarez and Kevin Friend pointed to the spot. PFA player of the year nominee Eden Hazard steeped up and scored to pit the blues in pole position 2-1.

On the 69th minute controversy struck in the heart of the blues’ penalty area. Branislav Ivanovic expertly tackled Luis Suarez, but the next thing he knew was that his arm was fiercely bitten by the teeth of Luis Suarez. It certainly was an act of sheer stupidity and finally proved to the Football world what a disgrace Luis Suarez is. Without question it was one of the worst things I’ve ever witnessed on a football pitch. If you missed the game and you think I’m over- hyping the situation, well you’re wrong just take a look at this.


As the end of the game edged ever closer it looked like the blues were going to grab all three points. Despite two decent opportunities Liverpool couldn’t beat our resolute defence. However our task was made much harder when six minutes was added as extra time. Yet again Chelsea manged to defend well and deny Liverpool any space. Alternatively Kevin friend to decided to add an extra 35 seconds on top of the initial 6 minutes. Of course you all know what happened next Suarez scored.

Without a doubt we should have won the game and again were left in despair after another shocking performance from the ref. It’s all to common for us blues fans and I’ve finally had enough. Lets just hope the rest of our season won’t be influenced by controversy!

  1. Anonymous says

    We will EARN our CL spot INSIDE the pitch playing FOOTBALL! CFC TILL I DIE!

  2. koma Simon Fidel says

    nobody can stop the blue from getting cl spot for next season even if some how controversies surround some of our matchess. roman army oyeeeeeeeeeeeee,oyeeeeeeeeeeee go and win every match to finish the season in high. i urge all the fans of blue to come behind out team and cheer them up. By koma lioga

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