Match Report: Southampton 0-3 Chelsea FC


Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea won the new year’s day encounter vs Southampton away by 3 goals and keep up the chase on Arsenal and Man City who both won their matches on new year’s day as well.  Despite a goalless first half from both sides, it was Chelsea who were attacking and dominating the play even though lots of chances were wasted in the 1st half. Then, Jose Mourinho brought in Oscar and Willian as impact substitutes and they influenced the result as both of them scored. The first goal though was scored by Fernando Torres. This 3 goals coupled with our incredible, unbeatable defense lately secured the result with 10 points of 12 in the last four games during the festive period.

Interesting stat: Not any Chelsea striker managed to score a goal away from Stamford Bridge in the premier league during the whole 2013. Fernando Torres managed to find the back of the net in the first day of 2014. We hope this beginning continues with other important away games awaiting the blues in the 2nd half of the season.

cfc vs Southhampton scoreline

Starting 11s: 

Southampton (4-2-3-1): Davis; Chambers, Fonte, Lovren, Shaw (Clyne h/t); Cork (Lambert 60), Schneiderlin; Rodriguez, Davis (Ward-Prowse 75), Lallana (c); Ramirez.

Chelsea (4-2-3-1): Cech; Azpilicueta, Cahill, Terry (c), Cole; Ramires, Mikel; Schurrle (Willian 52), Mata (Oscar 52), Hazard (Essien 84); Torres.


Chelsea started the new year in style as they brushed aside Southampton 3-0 away from home. All goals came in the 2nd half despite Jose Mourinho’s team dominating play and attacking in lots of counter attacks in the first half.

The game started with Southampton keeping possession in a way their manager Mauricio Pochettino wants them to play. That style of play was countered by the mastermind Jose Mourinho as he had instructed our midfielders including Torres upfront to press them high and prevent them from building from the back as they like to/

John Terry and Gary Cahill started in their 2nd successive games and the opposition strikers were silent all of after noon as they failed to test Petr Cech into some tough saves.

Many opportunities were missed in the first half many of them coming from Fernando Torres. He didn’t manage to get in the end of Ramires’ brilliant cross and missed in lots of chances he created for himself. The Spaniard’s positioning for long-balls and his individual dribbling were all superb but he was unlucky as he didn’t have players to assist to or go on and score.

2nd half brought some radical changes from Jose Mourinho in bid not to slip up in the title race after Man City and Arsenal had won their matches in the same day. Oscar and Willian came on for Schurrle and Mata, who was incredible  in his defensive efforts by marking Luke Shaw to perfection.

The substitutions made instant impact as both players were influential in the build-up for Fernando Torres’ opener. Oscar receiving the ball outside the box, managed to cross but the ball deflected from a defender and hit the far post. The rebound fell to Torres who directed his header to the back of the net to give us the lead. It was the Spaniard’s third league goal of the campaign, but more significantly one that gave us a crucial advantage in what was developing into an extremely tight encounter.

Then, moments later, Willian doubled the lead after receiving a pass yet again from Oscar who made huge impact since coming on. He turned from defender Fonte and sent a brilliant curler in the side of the net for the 2-0. Talk about super subs!!

The Blues were seeing plenty of the ball as we looked to close the game out comfortably, and as Ramires played the ball into the feet of Hazard, who seemingly had little on, the Belgian displayed great awareness to release Oscar with one clever flick, and as the Chelsea number 11 raced through on goal he showed great composure to pick his spot and fire the ball past Davis.

Southampton looked to pull a goal back by attacking in the closing stages but, they couldn’t manage to get the ball past our back shield consisting of two Englishmen in Cahill and John Terry. The game ended with a 3-0 scoreline for the Blues and puts us in 3rd place in EPL table one point behind 2nd placed Man City and 2 points behind leaders Arsenal.

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  1. Cfc_obsessed says

    Am so sorry mata. Nobody doubted ure a magician. Uve been trying defensively, u need to be strong and agile. I think mata and andre schurlle gave d ball away too much in d first half. The consequence of dis rendered our pivot players unstable cos when u give d ball away without fast tracking back, d pivot feel d presure. Some fans on twitter critize our pivots for this and i told them what cause d instability is dat 2 of our trio is giving d ball away. Thank God mou spot it and changed them, and there is stability in the pivot. Am so happy for the second half performance. Hazard-oscar-willian=dominance. Mata was angry today, i can only hope he realise the reason for him been subed off.

    1. Bob says

      the thing is he didn’t advance that much like he usually does, and tried putting more of an effort doing the defensive work. I think Mourinho is killing his game and his confidence, because he creates a lot of chances when he plays. Credit to Oscar and Willian for their performance

      1. adam says

        Try next time to think twice before talking. We are tired of this stupidity ” I think Mourinho is killing his game and his confidence”. Tell me what is the difference between him and hazard? Hazard didn’t do defensive work today? How long are you going to be stupid?

        For your information, hazard was “man of the match” today. Stupid and plastic fan!

      2. Cfc_obsessed says

        Bob, mou is not killing anybody,every player should adapt to our play now. Let me ask u this: are u comfortable wit willian, oscar and hazard? If ur answer is yes, then mata needs to compete. I knw juan ll succeed and we ll be happy. Everybody love mata, but team first. Like schurlle, if he want to compete, he need to work on his first touch, passing and his accuracy(shot). Am happy wit this compition on places. It makes them play better. Oscar knws if he doesnt play well, juan ll take is place, schurlle new if he doesnt play well, willian ll take his place. It is a gud problem to have. All of them are gud but better than eachother in some situation. Ktbffh

    2. adam says

      mata not happy?? he was simply again today very very very poor. How in earth he gave too much the balls away and never track back to chase the ball? Who is there for him? This is a complete comedian. His body language shows that he was surprise to be substituted but I was crying front of my tv that what he was doing on the pitch?

      Cfc_obsessed Tell me why after 3 years he is still not strong and agile?

      1. Bob says

        I don’t know what Chelsea you’ve been watching for the past 2 seasons, but Mata is world class. He defended more than he attacked – because of Mourinho and his defend shit. Check the last few games he’s played and the clear cut chances he’s created.

      2. adam says

        “He defended more than he attacked – because of Mourinho and his defend shit”: because of mou, wowwww I suspect you are mata’s agent otherwise you are a f(ucking liair

      3. Cfc_obsessed says

        @Adam, i dont even knw welther ure in support of my opinion or not. Mata has not been strong and agile comparing to hazard,oscar,willian etc dat ve played in his position dis season. Mata ve spent 3 seasons here but dis season he is on low per due to our philosophy dis season. Some people opined dat mou kill him, no he didnt. Through out last season, oscar played on d wings and he did well but not too great and he adapted, y cant mata adapt now? Btw, he played as a winger in valencia. I can only hope mata stays at cfc and fight for his place cos i believe he achieve dat no doubt. We all knw he is not happy after he subed off today. All is well. I love him as a player and i want him to stay. Am thinking media may force him to leave. He won couple of tackle, he need to play to his strenght to compliment our philosophy now.

  2. adam says

    Where are the supporters of Mata?? I keep ask the same question: why mata cannot do like William, hazard and Oscar: defend and assist the striker. Mata is slow to make a pass, cannot defend like hazard. He was again today very very very poor. Soon he will be sell, better will be. We can use the money to buy a striker as torres is useless. Mata has to update otherwise it will be sold in summer.

    1. adam says

      mata not happy?? he was simply again today very very very poor.

    2. alexcfc8 says

      yep Torres is useless when he is the only that seems to work his socks off more than the other strikers

  3. Zane says

    Lol Mata just didn’t have a good game. Relax guys. The same can be said about Schurrle.

    Cfc_obsessed you asked couple of weeks what happened to me. Well,I’ve just been busy and will try my best to comment more frequently again.



    adams i disagree with you, mourinho is fustrating this guy, he should device a way to make him effective in his team, no need for comparing oscar and mata, both are wonderful players. we all want the team to win, it is better we do not lose mata.

  5. Robben16 says

    If Mata go to another club, I will let him go but not our BPL rival. It will be sad but that will be good for him to be selected in Spain squad.

    1. adam says

      even when mata plays shits, we have fan to agree with him. Trust me no PL team will take mata as all of the big team knows that the work rate of mata is not good. Who can take a player who cannot to defend?

      He has to ask to go because mou will never play him in big games and mou will continue to substitute him. It is better he left.

      1. Bob says

        Plenty of PL teams will take Mata. His vision is unparalleled to most in the EPL. A few players can give passes as good as him. Why do you think that many clubs wants to buy him…?

      2. alexcfc8 says

        United, spurs, Liverpool and Arsenal are 4 BPL teams

        Last season he was not tasked with defending as he was like a 2nd striker, he has never been asked to defend by any manager as they recognize his ability if he was asked to play same as last season he would be happier, he is being asked to play this defensive counter attacking football

  6. Cfc_obsessed says

    Mou is frustrating him. He want him to be a better player. All round player. Silva learn how to defend. Even ozil atimes. So y cant mata? Juan may be d niciest guy but we cant be sentimental. It s glaring.

    1. Cfc_obsessed says

      *mou is not frustrating*

    2. Zyte says

      @ cfc obsesd u made a well articulatd & balancd 4 adams he seem 2 be hapy dat mata isnt doing wel.@ adam what wil u gain if mata fail at cfc.yes hes not performn like oscar,willian & hazard,but de way u are talkn about mata & tores shows hatred.learn from cfc obsesd post.hapy new yr 2 all.

  7. Ken says

    Good victory today but not the best of game ..Mou should device a means of using mata cos’ we might end up regretting it later should we sell him…

  8. Emile 10 says

    For me Mata was average. He didn’t made impact on the game but he wasn’t that poor. The poorest was Schürlle. This guy can’t go forward. He can’t run out defenders, if there was someone with back passes to night it was him. Forget about Mikel. Once again I told you guys Willian Oscar and Hazard are our best AMFs. Mata was frustrated when he got subbed. And almost cried when both Oscar and Willian scored. Yes it’s really sad to see this guy sad. I love Mata but his time at Chelsea is almost over becoz he is not going to play in any biggest game. The same goes to Schürlle. These two guys were poor to night and I can understand Mou. There is no way you are going to play someone in a big occusion when you know the better one is one the bench

  9. Cfc_obsessed says

    @ken. If ure mou, ll u disorganize d team arrangement to please mata? Hazard play mainly as no10 in lille, he plays mainly as a winger for cfc. He adapted to it. Mikel is an attacking midfielder, he adapted to his new role. Likewise lampard. So y cant mata excel as right wing? Must he be our no10? So ure tellin me mata cant create frm right wing? Mata is not messi ffs. Mata played in d hole today as well as wing but he was too sloppy and give the ball away atimes. We ve a lot of talents in his position. U should tell him to fight for his place if he want to stay instead of tellin jose to find a way to use him. Are we a one man team? When arsenal sign ozil, cazorla adapted on d wing bcos ozil fitted more in d hole. Bale play as a left winger for spur, on madrid he plays on d right. Leave mata alone, instead, tell him to compete

    1. adam says

      Good post. Thank you!

    2. martin says

      spot on,it has to be him adapting and not the team adapting to him

  10. true fan says

    I think Mata is a top player but he’s not performing enough this season n he dis not adapted mourinhos philosophy n I think chelsea is bigger then d players he’s too slow n cannot run on the defence so he cannot play big games n he will miss the chance to get more chance at d world cup so is better to him to go or to adapt mourinho’s style ,
    Mata is creative n good at set-piece but slow n losses posses softly n not good at tackles coz he’s so soft on one on one
    But Oscar is faster and good at one on one good tackler n can run on defenders n good at high pressing n good at defending I think mata suites teams like barca or arsenal teams that r good on possesion soo I hope he improves he’s weakness n all chelsea fans good by

  11. adam says

    Mourinho, clearly aware of his player’s unhappiness, said: ‘I don’t want him to go, that is my opinion and that is my wish – but my door is open.

    ‘The club door is open too, so when a player wants to speak with us we are there waiting for them. But if you ask me do I want to sell him, I don’t want to.

    Read more:

  12. Zane says

    Adam support Mata man,he is still after all a Chelsea player. Surely you were cheering him on in the past two seasons when he was our talisman? Have you not learnt something this season? We can actually cope without him and the others have adopted responsibility but most importantly,the needed winning mentality to step up when needed.

    Other than the above,I strongly feel Mata should not play out on the wing because it limits his ability. Forget about the defensive responsibilty,think about what he offers in attack on the flank. He lacks the pace and power to work there. This guy is good at linking up play in the final third and releasing those ahead of him in the hole but will offer you almost nothing out on the flank,especially on that right side.

    Can Mourinho use Mata to full effect? Yes I think so. Give him a free role more often and let the wingers swap wings during a high line pressing attack. This will allow him to express himself and at the same time spin the magic when the wingers interchange from left to right and vice versa.

    What we know now is that the team can play without him but they are not really bossing the possession game yet. Even with Mata they wouldn’t be able to do it because Mourinho is clearly trying to build a faster,pressing,defensively solid and aggressive side. When all this click into place,I’m sure Mata will be able to perform to his abilities when he gets that free role. Only then will he have the confidence of the manager to play to his pontential because getting the ball back after losing it won’t be a problem.

    Mata is not a weak link in my opinion,I just think he isn’t well suited for this progressing machine in the making yet. If he is really unhappy then loan him out so that he can win his ticket to Brazil. Next season when the rest of the squad are well sorted and mentally organised to do what Mourinho wants from them,let Mata return and rotate him often with Oscar in the free #10 role.

    Surely you cannot let a gem of a player who can score you 20 goals and have almost 40 assists a season leave like that? He must be used intellegently.

    1. Emile 10 says

      @Zane. Actually there is not free role in Mou style. Look the amount of sliding tackles Oscar is putting in every game. I think Mata is not going to get that free role he had last season

  13. Chelsea4life says

    Some fans are getting too excited. There is something called ‘form’ and such things just take turn to display. 5 amf for rotation is a healthy number. Just that jose should have a little more patience and let him complete more game time in a match before subbing him out.

    1. Chelsea4life says

      I am referring to mata in my last sentence.

  14. Martin, Norway. says

    I think some people are too sentimental here in their analysis. Team first before been sentimental guys. Mourinho changed the game in our favour with those substitutions. He made the right substitutions at the right time. What happens to Mata since we can all see the hand writing on the wall that he is not happy? I hope we keep him though. Mata???? Hope the manager plays Cole and Cesar more. I think the entire team did well lets keep the blue flying.

  15. Martin, Norway. says

    Good analysis Zane but i doubt Mourinho will read such analysis. Mourinho should use Mata in the middle not on the flanks.

  16. Fik says

    The match clearly showed Mata fans & Cfc fans who is better players. Mata is uncomparable with both William & Oscar either in no 10 role or winges or …. Both were too much better than him in every thing as shown. He should fight for his place. Based on his current performance JM is right to bencg him. As cfc fan we like to see best players performing good for z team. Like Mata done last yrs, Torres was also best more than a couple of yrs in Liverpool. But this and having a lot fans is not gurantee to start match.

  17. GABBY says

    Mata here Mata there.After taking Mata n Schurlle out what happened?those who came in as subs scored goals.What else do you want?Let’s not allow our ignoranace in the game makes us hypocrates.If we loose u say Jose is this n thatnow is is winning u r crying abt Mata.Ceaser has adapted.Now he is on the pitch all the time cos he can play more than one position.Why can’t Mata adopt.I love Mata so much but under Jose,there is no monkey the work banboo the chop.Everyone must work under Jose.Take Oscar for example.

  18. Ken says

    Good one @zane..he should use him where he got less defensive work to do…look at Matic, sturidge,johnson etc we lost these guys cos we never had faith in them..there were times Oscar wasn’t doing well but Mou never subbed him as often he does to u know I easily predict Mou’s substitution whenever Mata is on the field of play..let’s call a spade a spade, he got this lil hatred for mata (my opinion though)

    1. Cfc_obsessed says

      @ken. Ure just typing wit sentiment. Leave sentiment alone and u ll see things clearly. Mata is not d best 10 we ve right now, dats just the bitter truth. U should knw no10 position is not for a player, all of them can play there. No player is giving special treatment. We all love mata, but team first. Are u tellin me mata cant play anywhere except no10? Is he not a professional? Leave sentiment alone

  19. Zyte says

    am hapy we arent conceeding also hapy dat el nino managd 2 score an away goal.i pray he wil continue like dat.i am hapy 4 mikel/rami pivot & terry/cahil partnershp.also am impressd by attackn trio,dey did the same i salute the tactical nious of jose (d hapy one).wish cfc a trophy laden 2014.hope 2 see a rejuvinatd mata dis am hapy we arent conceeding also hapy dat el nino managd 2 score an away goal.i pray he wil continue like dat.i am hapy 4 mikel/rami pivot & terry/cahil partnershp.also am impressd by attackn trio,dey did the same i salute the tactical nious of jose (d hapy one).wish cfc a trophy laden 2014.hope 2 see a rejuvinatd mata dis am hapy we arent conceeding also hapy dat el nino managd 2 score an away goal.i pray he wil continue like dat.i am hapy 4 mikel/rami pivot & terry/cahil partnershp.also am impressd by attackn trio,dey did the same i salute the tactical nious of jose (d hapy one).wish cfc a trophy laden 2014.hope 2 see a rejuvinatd mata dis am hapy we arent conceeding also hapy dat el nino managd 2 score an away goal.i pray he wil continue like dat.i am hapy 4 mikel/rami pivot & terry/cahil partnershp.also am impressd by attackn trio,dey did the same i salute the tactical nious of jose (d hapy one).wish cfc a trophy laden 2014.hope 2 see a rejuvinatd mata dis 2014.

  20. Zyte says

    am hapy we arent conceeding also hapy dat el nino managd 2 score an away goal.i pray he wil continue like dat.i am hapy 4 mikel/rami pivot & terry/cahil partnershp.also am impressd by hawilosc attackn trio,dey did the same i salute the tactical nious of jose (d hapy one).wish cfc a trophy laden 2014.hope 2 see a rejuvinatd mata dis 2014.

  21. Akinwumi says

    Mata’s morale is down and that’s what is happening at the moment.When ure down there’s no way by which u can give ur best.Mou doesn’t really give him that chance to excel.Hazard,Willian and Oscar didn’t play well against Arsenal and nobody complained and Mata’s case is different with Mou!!! ktbffh always!

    1. Anonymous says

      Willian and Hazard didn’t play well? which match did you watched? go back and watch the highlights please.

  22. xtian says

    Mata has to adapt his game. He must learn how to play without the ball after all, there are only a few teams that can play with the ball. This is Mourinho’s philosophy and I like it because the ball is played forward early for the attackers to chase rather than passing in front of the opposition defence.

  23. Mason Cole says

    Every time I see Mata, I think the same thing. There is no doubting his quality, but his work rate has always been poor and he was always quiet in games with one or two moments of quality. The only reason people are noticing now is because we rely on efficiency and hard-work, as it should be! If Mata can’t adapt his game and have a bigger impact then I hate to say it, but it may be time to let him go, just not to a BPL rival…

  24. miles says

    The reason y mata seems poorer is simple-he is trying to play to instructions.dose hu said mata did not track back against southampton did not watch the match. So what happens is that when mata gets the ball he is usually deep in our half. And mmata is not known for his speed or his dribbling. Mata can only cause damage in the opponent’s penalty area. That is where he can open up defences with his cheeky passes and play in those little pockets. He was not given defensive duties under previous managers so his defects went unnoticed. Give mata d ball in the opponent’s penalty area and u will see magic but give mata the ball deep in his own half and he looks average. What mourinho is trying to build is a fast counter attacking football as can be seen in the games against arsenal and liverpool. Does mata really fit into it? Mourinho will have to answer that one

  25. ernest says

    I tink mata is trying all his best 2 adapt 2 d new style buh its jst not happening, I tink d best Mourinho can do is τ̅☺ let him leave on loan inorder 4 him 2 gain his confidence back. And from d look of tins, I tink Chelsea played better witout mata…..kudos 2 d guys though 4 d victory ova Southampton, kip d blue Flag flying

  26. Neri Abayomi says

    Can we just make comments on this page without been abused?

    Let people make their heartfelt opinions and people should learn from it or constructively form an argument against it.

    No need for plastic fans and offensive words.

    Thank You.

    N.B- At last the potential of the team is coming forth.

  27. Neri Abayomi says

    How come Mata’s work rate is becoming an issue?
    Didn’t he have work rate last season when he notched up 18 goals and close to 40 assists all season?
    Mata’s form is down because Jose didn’t show enough belief in him earlier in the season and he is not showing it still.
    I have seen lots of our games that we would play hopeful balls forward to the CF- unfortunately all our CF can’t contest favourably in the air- Mata aint on the ball, shit can’t happen.

    Ozil without the ball as nothing to offer- that doesn’t mean he aint world class.

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