Match Report: Steaua Bucharest 1-0 Chelsea

0,,~11656537,00Us Chelsea fans probably witnessed one the worst performance of the season. There was no urgency, no pride, no passion, nothing! It was as if there was no inspiration or motivation to guide the team. Yes the penalty decision was controversial, yes the pitch wasn’t in the best condition however there’s no excuse under the sun we can use to condemn this utter madness. I feel like we’ve hit an all time low in the Abramovich. It’s mind-blowing to think that on start of the season we were tipped to have the greatest season of our history and now were left stranded on the verge of exiting the Europa League, yes the Europa League. I feel like us Chelsea fans have been positioned at the top of a never ending downward spiral.

The first half performance was extremely poor and un-convincing with us failing to make any real chance. Our front four was completely un-effective and we found it difficult to break Steaua’s resolute defence. The controversial moment came at the 38th minute when Ryan Bertrand appeared to tug Rusecsu shirt in the box. The young England international received a yellow card for his challenge and Steaua took the lead. Moments after we had our first real opportunity to threaten Steaua as Benayoun and Hazard played a neat 1-2. Benayoun shot lacked any conviction and Tatarusanu pulled off a good save. Half Time came with the Romanian side leading 1-0.

There were no changes at half time and there was no change in our performance either. Steaua were really piling on the pressure as we again failed to make any decent chances. As the half dragged on we were looking for an inspirational leader to ignite some hope in to our play. However neither Lampard or JT stepped up to the plate and were left like a lost soul-searching for the light. Towards the end of the half desperation kicked in, Marko Marin was the only real bright spark and he proved moments after coming off the bench why he should have started. Marko Marin’s curling shot earned the blues a corner and sparked some hope into our dreadful performance. Frustration was another growing factor off the game as Lampard wasted a shot from 25 yards out. Full Time came as the Chelsea fans heads dropped!

It really was one of the worst performances that we’ve witnessed for a very lengthy period. We were all over the shop and we had no heart in our play. It was embarrassing to see the Champions Of Europe producing such an abysmal performance. I’m longing for the day when Rafa departs the club.

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