Me, You, Us

In my first article in the comments I had a request to talk about us, the fans of Chelsea FC so had a few days to think about what to talk about and it is a very difficult area for me to talk about as it is difficult to talk about them as stories you read in the paper your not sure about as the papers hate us. As I write this I am watching the FA Cup Replay against United to see if I can talk about something else.

The Fans
Let’s start with us the fans. We are a passionate lot and have a big voice together in a game when we get behind the team. Many times last season and seasons before that we have got behind our team and it seems to have pushed them on. I will take the example of the game against at Napoli at Home where from kick off we got behind the team and we got off to a stormer with Drogba and Terry scoring for us early on then Inler scored, it looked like the team just dropped a bit and looked deflated but the good old faithful started to sing loud and strong and they drowned out a very vocal Napoli support and after a while you could see the team started to lift again and started to push and stretch Napoli again with Lampard scoring a Penalty to take it to extra time. Then we started to sing even louder and longer and Chelsea where just all over Napoli then after Brana scored, Drogba pumped up the crowd and the sound was immense and they sang loud and proud till the final whistle.

Now lets talk about the times we are quieter ie when Rafa signed we where quiet as anything and during each game at the 16th minute we sang Di Matteo’s name loud and proud for that minute. Whenever Rafa came out to the edge of the box we booed and cursed him, we have died that down as of late but you still sometimes here it every now and again but not a lot. To me I hated the signing of Rafa but I guess we will have to put up with him till May then we can say goodbye. Im not defending him I am just saying we should just put up with him till May then say goodbye and support the new manager we get. I hate the man as much as the next Chelsea fan after what he said about us while he was at Liverpool calling us plastic and not true fans.

When support our players

When we support our players we support them like they are our own flesh and blood. I’ll take 3 players for example John Terry, Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba. These 3 i think the Chelsea faithful love the most out of all Chelsea players. They have been to hell and back again for this team

John Terry

The Captain the Leader the Legend. We love this man he has been a rock for us in that back line and we stand by him no matter what happens to him. We sing his name loud and proud and many see him as a future Manager of Chelsea and many see why as he makes himself Loud making sure he is heard and has a lot of respect and is well known. We support him and we stand by him through everything. The racism case showed the Chelsea faithful that they support Terry through everything and they love him no matter what happens to him.

Frank Lampard
The Chelsea fans midfield maestro and the man who has scored many goals for us to cheer about and we cheer for him and believe he should have a new contract by now to see out his career at Chelsea. He deserves it the fans see he does, every manager in the world does and all the neutrals see he does. Just not the Chelsea Hierarchy so I think the fans will not be happy if he does not get a new contract and signs for our rivals.

Didier Drogba
Our King of the Finals. we love him for the Champions League final and what he did in it. Every one of us cried and thought what are we going to do without him. He has been our Big Man for the Big Occasions and supplied some great displays for us. We have repaid this by supporting him through thick and thin making his stay perfect for him. I will always love Drogba like every other Chelsea Fan.

Us Fans have had a lot of stick from other fans because of the way our club is run but wShed Ende cannot help that we just stand by our team through everything and we love them all. The only thing we are not happy about with our club is the Manager we have but we are happy with everything else.

I’ll leave you with a question: Who should we have as our next manager if we do not get our ‘Special One’?

As always leave comments on other areas I can talk about.

  1. Blue Mafia 13 says

    Jurgen Klopp is who I want to see…..he will have our young attacking players in sharp form and I’m sure he’ll give the opportunity to De Bruyne, Lukaku and maybe even Chalobah and Mc Eachran…

  2. daniel ikechukwu says

    i love blues i no moyes we okey

  3. Thamvir says

    If the special one doesn’t come back then we should bring our old no 25 back, GIANFRANCO ZOLA

  4. shingirai samu says

    Every Manager do support his team and alwayz say bad words about opponents thus what Rafa did when he was at Liverpool and we should forget about it. His doing a good job at our club and I think if we fail to get The Special One he ‘ Rafa’ can be our manager.

  5. Sammy chelsea mwaura says

    I love chelsea… Am a great fan and enjoy to see each and every game.
    Rafa out! Mou in and if he fails we go for FABIO CAPELLO

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