Message to Di Matteo Fans


He was our hero, a former Chelsea star, the man that lead us to Champions League and FA Cup success as our interim manager but please people can we finally get over the fact that Roberto Di Matteo is not our manager anymore. I mean did we really expect him to be our long term manager? Roman clearly did not want him as our manager otherwise he would have offered him the job on a permamnent basis straight after he won the Champions League final but instead Roman delayed this decision in an attempt to try and bring Pep Guardiola in. When Pep commited to his 1 year sabbitcal then Roman reluctantly gave Di Matteo the job after being pushed by fans and players to do so but he only signed him a relatively short term deal because Roman still had his eye on Pep when his sabbatical ended. It was blatantly obvious that Roman didn’t want RDM as manager so when he was sacked was it really that much of a surprise?

As the owner of Chelsea football club Abramovich has always wanted big name Players and Managers. Due to his money and how well regarded the club is Roman is able to attract these big names. Abramovich refuses to settle for second class and when you think about it that’s all Di Matteo really was. Sure he was a terrific man motivator and brought the team together to lead us to trophies last season but lets be completely honest, a man who was sacked as the manager of West Brom is hardly a World Class manager. He did not have the tactical ability to bring success and beautiful football to Stamford bridge and therefore he was sacked.

But what seemed to make fans the angriest was that Rafa Benitez was installed as Chelsea interim manager, a selection by the board that pleased very few supporters. I’m not sure whether it was due to the sudden dismissal of Di Matteo or that it was our old arch enemy Rafa Benitez picked to be manager but many fans were outraged by this decision. But lets be completely honest, behind Pep Guardiola Benitez was the best available manager out there and has a list of honours to his name that many other managers could only dream about. Benitez was brought in as Chelsea manager for two reasons, to keep afloat the sinking Chelsea ship and to get Fernando Torres scoring again. So far he has achieved these goals with success so there is no point to be angry at him. We should forget about his Liverpool past and comments made years ago because at the moment he is Chelsea manager and we must support him. Chanting ‘One Di Matteo’ everytime we play and abusing Rafa on Social Media websites are not the right way to go about making someone feel welcomed. It was ok the chant Di Matteo’s name once but game after game fans are doing it and its unnecessary. It is understandable to be upset about the way Di Matteo was sacked but fans must get over that. Its not like Roman is going to sack Rafa and bring Di Matteo back. Really the chant is sending a negative message to players and staff.

Fans go through Good times and Bad times but what makes a true Chelsea supporter is somebody that sticks through the tough times in the hope that success just around the corner. It is fine to voice your opinion but not the the extent we have done with DI Matteo sacking and the appointment of Rafa. People have stopped supporting Chelsea over this decision and others like it made by Abramovich. These people are what are known as ‘Plastic Fans’. We must trust in Roman Abramovich and back the club’s decisions because most have paid off and as long as somebody is a part Chelsea we should show our support because this is what makes a true Chelsea Football Club fan.

  1. Godwin Nkem says

    what do u mean by Di-matteo is not a world class coach?? At west-brom, he did not have the quality of players that he would have wanted.look at fcb,dey always want their own example after pep left,vilanova took charge and now roura..i think that is high time we give our own the opportunity..thankz

  2. Shiloh says

    Whats the obsession with Pep? We can’t have him yet and we shud rather have let RDM end the season b4 d sack, now we’v sacked him what has really improved in d team? Torres inconsistent as usual, still 3rd in d league, lost CWC, 1st eleven players still unchanged. I Support Chelsea Fc not Roman Fc, RMD fc. KTBFF

    1. Sahil Sharma says

      Aldou i ws gutted and still sad that rdm left..and rafa 2 plays 4-2-3-1 wid almst d same players js lik rdm u cnt nuthn hs improved since den..aldou dat attackin flair is lost a ‘bit’ at d cost of mch mre defensive stablity..we have become defensively more solid under rafa,dat sure is a fact..under rdm,cech had 2 make far more saves dan he has 2 make rite nw..if only rdm and benitez wud hv becum co-managers,i wudnt hv actli mind dat..!

      1. FAITH + 1 (@amitesh_singh) says

        Are you writing SMS here?

  3. Pejuseyi says

    Great article. Managers will come and go but Chelsea will remain, let’s keep supporting d blues regardless of who d manager is. KTBFFH.

  4. Jenni 'Didi Drog' Butler says

    Hear, hear………apart from the bit at the end about trusting in Abramovich. Yes it was obvious he didn’t want RDM but he should have held with him till the end of the season – if we’re going to go thru good and bad times. I just don’t think he cares at all about the fans.and that’s why he got the reaction from them that he did. Unfortunately Benitez took the brunt instead of the real villain the owner.

  5. Darlington says


  6. Auxel Yves Drogba says

    Pls stay away frm liquor…

  7. Adejola Joseph says

    Trashy writeups from insensitive columnist. You should get this straight,loud and clear that Di matteo’s incredible achievement remains highly adorably indellible to Chelsea fans globally. He is simply irreplaceable! It’s impossible for we beautiful blacks to love Benitez. Why? He is racist! Collectively as black nation,we view football from different perspectives but more importantly from racial and psychological point of views. We can’t love those whom hate us and we equally can’t resent those whom receive us with open arms. This was why we love Mourinho. I love Chelsea! But it’s sad things aren’t going well now. Pretty soon we shall fix it. Prof. Adejola Joseph. Nigeria.

    1. Anonymous says

      Can’t believe i’m reading this.. Racist? Really?? Have you met him? Do you know him?
      Individually as a white person, I see a manager who benched a brazilian wonderkid for a nigerian, coming from Wigan.

      I love Chelsea but Mourinho was five years ago, get over it.

  8. manuela matern says

    absolutely brilliant article..well written and very true. Sadly though we will always have those that have the aggressive nature and insist that they are right.

  9. Zane says

    What does racism got to do with it? Do you have evidence that proves he is a racist? Calling someone a racist is an offence when it’s only an assumption without any proof. Besides that,I don’t think RDM wasn’t good enough to play an exciting attacking style with all the new players he got this season. What I can give him credit for is the way in which he won us the Champions League. He didn’t think about pride when he told the players to sit back so deep. Other managers probably would have told the players to go out and play their own way. With this new season,he had a very leaky defense,build up play was slow with no end resul and Torres barely had shots at goal because there was too much passing infront of the opposition. Benitez came and fixed the defense,the team are playing as a unit when defending or attacking and Torres has 6 goals in 5 games with more chances. Torres has 13 goals in all competitions this season,the total number of goals Drogba had when last season ended. It is possible he can get to the 20+ mark and that will definitely boost his confidence for next season when this squad has a season behind them together. All credit to Benitez. We all love Di Matteo but he is responsible for his own fall…still,LONG LIVE THE LEGEND!

    1. ledron says

      How can u play attacking football without the striker banging the necessary goals?

    2. brown says

      Torres alredi has 13 goals,he has been playin almost every single match,drogba didnt last season

  10. Kobbyhans says

    These articles are excellent. Exact what every chelseafc supporter needs to read. We should get over it because di matteo will not come back while benitez needs rather than castigating him.



  12. Benard says

    Our dmateo brought us champions.league in london…but he waz sacked ! All chelsea fans lov di matteo.,

  13. Anonymous says

    under Dmateo we were playing sex football, very nice passing, remember the game against Man u, though we lost but the team did show a lovely football, I thinks he was the pafect coach for the team and fans,Rafa isn’t the coach we want his tact wont bring to the team what we want

  14. Ken says

    Life goes on…long live roman, long live chelsea and forever chelsea

  15. mozellah says

    Di matteo made us heroes,rafa has contributed 2our downfall

  16. Zane says

    Ledron. Chelsea scored with more players than any other team in the league this season. Take the Leeds game as an example. Torres’ movements in and around the box and linking up play allows other players to run in behind him at goal. Brown,Drogba started way more games than Torres did. Besides people,try to understand that this is a side in transition.

  17. mozellah says

    The goals that torres is scoring can be scorred by even a non footballer.Di matteo proved himself worthy

    1. Zane says

      Do you play football bro?

      1. ledron says

        He’s right dude. Anybody can score em, tapins, rebounds. Has he took the ball and moved n create his goals? Hardly. last season drogba was giving in to age and malaria yet his movement was still dragging defenders and he was still creating chances and he wud show up in every big game he was needed. In the last game we played the commentator actually said torres gives away the ball about 80% of the time he gets it. Drogba on the other hand would hold the ball and give a pass. The final against tottenham the volley he scored came from nothing at all. That’s wat every big striker does ever so often

  18. Zane says

    Ledron,Torres only had one tap in goal in his run of 6 goals in 5 games and that was the final goal against Leeds. Other than that he’s goals came from shots,anticipation and a penalty. You must realise is that you get different types of strikers and Torres being a finess striker,made him one of the most feared strikers in the world. He isn’t naturally a powerhouse type like Drogba and Lukaku. He wants to run onto passes behind defenses and create chances for others,a typical Spanish player. With RDM the manager,we flooded the opposition half with players and lots of passes with no end result. Torres suffered and scored 7 in 4 months. With less flooding,Torres scored 6 under Benitez in a month. I agree that we do need another striker because Torres definitely can’t lead the line every game because it will have an effect on him.

  19. Akinwumi says

    So ure telling us to forget someone who put smiles on our face on the 19th of May and welcome a racist like Benitez who refuse to play Mikel without reason in CWC final?That’s not gonna possible.Pls think twice before u posted ur article coz we’re not a glory hunter!

  20. Mustafa says


  21. Mustafa says

    They shoud of let him stay in the club you cont have a new manger that they don’t even want in the club di metteo is th beeeeeeeeeeeest

  22. Anonymous says

    I luv u RDM

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