Moses to be offloaded to West Bromwich


Latest rumor suggests that Moses could be on his way out of Chelsea and on his way to West Bromwich, but on loan.

The Nigeria international player moved to Chelsea from Wigan just last summer for a fee thought to be between £9m-£11m.

The 22 year old has failed to make an impact such as Hazard and Mata and has seen himself sit on the bench multiple times throughout the season as he has only scored 1 goal in 23 Premier League appearances and 10 goals in all competitions in 43 appearances.

A loan move to West Bromwich Albion could help him have more playing time enough for him to develop and earn a starting place the same way Lukaku did.

The clubs have reportedly reached an agreement and all that is left is for him to agree personal terms. However, until now this matter is only just a rumor, let’s wait and see if it develops.

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  1. Okechukwu Amadi says

    Good Day, Moses is prolific sending him on loan when Chelsea has attacking challenges is detrimental,we need to manage the attacking options Chelsea has now.   Okey


  2. Shingie Samu says

    I see that as a good idea we can’t have six players for one position, also he is young he needs too much game time and thus a room for improvement.

    1. Jeff says

      I don’t think you watch Moses play that why you can conform to that suggestion

      1. kes says

        Jeff nice talk. Tell the writer. If truly he watches Chelsea play he would have known Moses is fast maturing.

  3. Martin, Norway. says

    We need to add him to our numbers instead of loan. Can always come in as super sub. Besiides, he played well pre season so we should also use him quite a long order season.

  4. Anonymous says

    No way! Moses needs to play with Chelsea. Last year, we loaned out too many players and our squad was as thin as Arsenal’s. Now, we mustn’t commit the same mistakes

  5. patrick says

    Moses shudnt b loaned out,d squad is rich nw wit many players tat can last d whole season,we loaned out debrune last season,he wud av made a difference last season wit our thin squad den.

  6. nii says

    Utter shite!!!

  7. William Allieu says

    Jose pls dont do that silly mistake,to allow Moses to live Chelsea this summer.Moses is instrumental than Ba and Lukaku more than two times.

  8. kes says

    Who is writing this thrash? Moses hasn’t been what? Did you see his performance at the preseason. I think you’re just being clear myopic… No need playing the racist game. Hazard is in form, would you want Mou to bench him for Moses? I’m disappointed in your write-up. Be objective not subjective.

  9. ernest williams says

    plz my fans lets not foget so soon that their is happening in every team so plz mou as boss concida plan b for moses never u loan him for any rezen for u nided him if not 4 a 4mula he could 4d b

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