1. Steve Sellevoll says


  2. […] Motivational Video : Chelsea ? We'll keep the blue flag flying high … […]

  3. Robben16 says

    can you tell me the song please?

    1. nizarusm says

      Jason Mraz – I Won’t Give Up

  4. Neri Abayomi says

    To all those that think Mourinho has done a wonderful job, I have some stats for you. The only reason while we are still close to the top is because the lesser lights of the EPL have taken off points from the major contenders so far this season.

    Results as @ Dec 23 in 2012
    Played- 17
    Won- 9
    Draw- 5
    Lost- 3
    GF- 36
    GA- 17
    Points- 32pts
    Position- 4th

    Results as @ 23rd, 2013
    Played- 17
    Won- 10
    Draw- 4
    Loss- 3
    GF- 32
    GA- 18
    Points- 34pts
    Position- 4th

    Mou’s Chelsea is just 2 points better than last season’s sexy Chelsea, conceding a goal more and scoring 4 goals less. Stop fooling each other, we are not improving, we are declining.

    Only Close to the top due to the failings of the teams above us.

    We are out of the Capital One Cup in the quaterfinal stage, we made it to the semis last season.

    U would say we progressed in the UCL, we progressed with a points total of 12pts, we lost out last season with 10 points that’s enough to clinch second spot on a good day but guess what we had better teams vying for the 2 spots, Juventus and Shakthar. Mind you we didn’t get beat home and away. We had a easy group with the likes of Basel and Schakle.

    Is Mourinho improving the team? I think we are declining, my honest submission.

    1. sammie says

      U can keep ur stats to ur self and join another club if u are tired of been chelsea fan its because of people like u that makes people to ridicule chelseafc

      1. Emile 10 says

        Thanks Sammie. I’m tired with this clueless stats. If you are not happy with what Chelsea is doing, u are free to go and support other club. @Neri. You are simply a good definition of a glory hunter. Chelsea forever. #inMou#we#trust#

  5. rolando says

    This neri abayomi guy is just silly.. So so silly…

    Now ner you can go join another team.. You clearly dont know how to analyse stuffs.. So kill yourself maybe… You are just one silly fan who is always saying rubbish.. If you think you are better than mourinho go and build your own team… Infact all ur stats are wrong.. So wrong.. All u do is copy and paste from people who hate mourinho.. So silly of you..

  6. Anonymous says

    I tink mourinho is doin a wondaful job@chelsea,…he is buildin d team gradually nd i foresee a veri veri brilliant chelsea side in years to cum

  7. Anonymous says

    Mourinho is d man for d job…if mourinho cant..wu will?

  8. Kunle says

    Cool video there, I love it. As for abayomi or wats he called? He’s never a chelsea fan and can’t even be,so guys ignore his post.
    cfc for live!

  9. Kaoru says

    …// //உங கள ஆச ய க க ட ப ப ன ன // //”தம ழகத த ல உள ள அன த த ம நகர ட ச கள ல ம த ப ப றவ ப பண கள ல ப ர மணர கள க க 50% இட ஒத க க ட க ட க க த ர ம ன க கச ச ல ல ங கள ” என க ற hayyramஇன ஆச க க உங கள ஆதரவ உண ட ?

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