Mourinho: 'After half an hour we should have been winning 3-0 or 4-0 and we weren't'

Jose reaction

The Portuguese manager was understandably frustrated with his team not taking enough chances on goal and praised the efforts of Eden Hazard with the way he has changed his style of play from before. The Belgian tried really hard to open up the opposition defense and try to score but wasn’t successful as a result of a resilient defense from Stock.

‘After half an hour we should have been winning 3-0 or 4-0 and we weren’t,’ said the Portuguese.

‘When you play so well and it’s so easy, you find spaces and the three players behind the striker, Hazard , Mata and Schurrle, are playing so well and creating so much, you have to kill the game. Normally you kill the game but we didn’t.

This has been the main reflection of Jose Mourinho after the defeat which should have been an easy win and three points to chase the leading Arsenal side in the table. Instead, we are trailing with four points in 2nd with just a goal difference over 3rd placed Liverpool. The Special also went on to compare today’s main problem of the team with similar games from this past season so far.

“I can compare this first half to other first halves, Everton v Chelsea and Newcastle v Chelsea, they were exactly the same, with chances, chances, chances but we didn’t score one goal. In the last part of the first half against Everton we conceded a goal and we lost. At Newcastle we concede later. Here, we conceded an equalizer at the end of the first half again.” 

Jose Mourinho also praised his 3 attacking players behind the striker for their efforts of creating chances for the team but, lamented not taking enough chances and capitalizing to score as a problem we have been suffering for many times this season.

Another topic was the horrible defending of the team and some costly errors at the back in the past two consecutive games. Jose added, “We played amazingly well at the beginning of the game, I have to say it was like Sunderland, with the three players behind the striker playing very, very well, but we didn’t score enough goals. On top of that we made defensive mistakes and conceded. If you don’t score a lot of goals but you don’t make defensive mistakes you can win with just one goal.”

Those were some true reflections of the mistakes we committed in the game that made as suffer in an important period in the premier league which is the December fixtures. We will see how the league table will shape up after Arsenal’s game tomorrow against Everton. We have seen Manchester united lose at home to Newcastle just after a day Mourinho said we can’t count out the red devils out of title chances.

But, it’s been two losses in two consecutive home games for Moyes’ men at Old Trafford while Man City drew 1-1 away at Southampton. We now look forward to the midweek Champions league game against Steaua Bucharesti to cement our first spot in the group after last round’s qualification guarantee.

  1. Zyte says

    Jose u ar right.i was so sad watching ramires with his mis & hit style.we playd so well in the 1st half & our failure 2 capitalise on our 1st half dominance cost us 3points.this defence needs 2 wake up.brana & cech what has happend 2 ur consistency.rami am ur fan,but u faild me 2day.

    1. Emile 10 says

      I swear If we don’t get a better goalscorer in January we can say bye to any trophy. I don’t know how I will deal with my arsenal fans friends if they win the EPL because already their noise are pissing me off. With the strikers we have there is no chance to win it. To win the league your top scorer have to have at least 20 goals which I think none of our striker can do! Hope I’m not going to kill myself at the end of May

      1. adam says

        @emile10, this is the truth reality! mou is not a magician: if the strikers cannot score goals, what can mou do?

  2. ken says

    biggest problem is the strikers. Mou syd Mata, Hazard and Schurrle plyd wel and created chances bt thy ws no one convert those chances. Wat he meant is that he nid a gud striker. Am sure if chelsea get a gud striker u wont notice defence problems as goals wl b coming hence oponent wl b forced to retrack bak and our defence wl b comfortable

  3. Akinwumi says

    Yeah that’s true,we should have been 3-0 or 4-0 but what of the useless substitution on the part of Mourinho himself?Why on earth did he have to substitute both Mikel and Schurrle that game?Is it must for Lampard and Eto’o to play in that game?It’s very true that we need to attack and we have to defend at the same time!Mou’s really killing our game.In fact,he shouldnt have come back to the stamford bridge for the 2nd time.Its the biggest mistake by ROMAN!

    1. adam says

      “Mou’s really killing our game”: you must shut up yur big mouth

    2. Emile 10 says

      I have nothing against Nigerians but you guys think Chelsea is all about Mikel? I’m a big fan of Mikel playing style because he add something special in the team which is stability. Even Mou is a fan of him too. Once he said it’s a miracle to see Mikel scores but it’s also a miracle to see him losing the ball. If Mou took him off isn’t a hate or something against him. He is a top manager and he know what he is doing. This page turned in Mata and Mikel FC. None is happy with loosing but we all know the problem where it is. I’m grad Mou spotted it already. Our striker are too damn useless. If you can’t score please at least hold the ball and help your team in the link up. Something which Torres and Ba with their poor first touch they can’t do. Eto’o is not longer the same but at least Roman didn’t pay millions to get him. We need a striker that the priority

  4. Irokotola michael says

    mr akinwumi why can’t you people stop crying for a while? Spoiling your game? Why can’t you people try and face the reality? The stability is here no more sacking of manager……. Try to derive positive from any failure and stop complaining even those that put bet on chelsea are not complaining because we are building a foundation that will turn this team into a champion. We loose and we win….. Those guys really tried but that’s football for you…. Let support this man and stop criticising…… Blue for life…

  5. SEUNFUNMI says

    Mourinho knows exactly what he is doing, he will definitely get a good striker + a defender in January. But the truth is we are giving away opportunities to oppositions by not scoring enough goals thereby attacking us and putting pressure on our defenders and if that continues it makes you vulnerable no matter how good a defender you are. If we are converting our chances by scoring up to 3 goals in the 1st half, no team will be able to survive that against us.

  6. Anonymous says

    What is this blind fuss about strikers …? the last time I checked there’s no magician on the scout list to soothe this undying hunger for CF. esp in today’s Chelsea fc. Otherwise I’m keeping my fingers crossed to here from the same set of critics after another Striker have been traded to the Bridge.

    For those fans who luv to point fingers generally at players; if u want to accord blames please watch the match with a level head, because what I saw was not entirely a striker problem. What I saw was players displaying good passes but lacking the final ball ( attackers in general).

    Hazard had a nice outing too but his passing and movement is sometimes confusing to other AMF’s. Question is: what happened to a Chelsea solid defense known for resilience in salvaging points. it’s really a top concern. it was possible to keep it at 0-2 or worse case scenario at 1-2.

    When you play Stoke, you gotta be defensively balanced while attacking. watch out for encounter with Arsenal & Liverpool respectively. it could be a turning point if articulated.

  7. Ken says

    Well, we need a striker. lukaku should be recalled after his loan spell and Mou should learn to play to his strength and the goals will flow..Mou should also tinker with defence a lil..take Ivanovich to CB and Dave back to his position and we’re ready to goooo

  8. Pearl says

    I don’t think we have problems with strikers… Torres, Ba and Eto’o tried very hard to a goal.The problem is our trio behind the striker.They can create chances, of course, but only for themselves.The only unselfish playmaker is Juan Mata, or maybe de Bruyne.Hazard? Not really, he will dribble, cut in then shoot.Benitez said that already, if midfielders can create many chances, then striker can score many goal.How many strikers u want to buy? 2, 3? who? falcao? lewandowski? even he is world class strikers, midfielders cant create chances for them, then, sorry, keep dreaming about title Chelsea… never gonna happen

  9. Vaakmeisster says

    Mou,good at talking to the press. If only he focused on understanding his opposition and figuring out what we need to be dominant, we’d fair better

  10. Zyte says

    @ pearl,dont blame our attacking trio.torres flopped big many chance did stoke create 4 crouch 2 score.didnt u see the predator finish of suares & me torres is afraid 2 mis chances so he hides behind defenders,even when they manage 2 pick him with a pass the way he wil react with the ball at his feet wil show that he is not ready 2 score.i hope he wii change.

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