Mourinho: I always want Chelsea to win


In a recent interview, Mourinho has talked about pressure of managing Chelsea, bonds between fans and the club and how he always wanted to Chelsea to win.

When asked about the pressure of managing Chelsea, Mourinho replied by saying “The only pressure I feel is the pressure of fighting for my own club, because being the manager of Chelsea means more than being the manager of any other club.

He then went on to talk about the fans, saying the following. “I want them [the fans] as a blue family, that last year at certain moments, looked like it was broken.”

He ended the interview by talking about how he always wanted Chelsea to win. “I always want Chelsea to win, even in the last 5 years with 10 different managers, but now I am here and I can do something I couldn’t for the last 5 years. Help Chelsea win. That’s the only pressure I feel.”

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  1. Bitto raphael says

    If you don’t want shurrle to be another Marin use him in the ATTACK not MIDFIELD

  2. Koma Simon says

    so nice to hear DL is valued by blue hierarchy, let Jose get WR fire-power upfront to lead attack comes May 2014, CFC will be declared champions of England/europe. I sense sign of triple for blue..

  3. nii says


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