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  1. Neel says

    At this moment we desperately need some one with Charisma which only MOU can bring back. As we all know our owner is famous for very little patience, so at this moment he is the best option if want results fast.

  2. Abishaek says

    I would prefer Mourinho cause he has already tasted success at Chelsea and he loves Chelsea.All the players would get good chance under him.He also has the potential to make Torres come back to form!!

  3. drogba says

    si llega mou se va torres

  4. King24 says

    Mourinho brings instant success and loves the club. Although Mourinho believes in raw talent, he still prefers to buy finished articles or players that suit his style of play. Kopp used the young talents and players from the academy at Dortmund to make them one of the most exciting teams in the world. Klopp’s training methods are known to be very effective seeing that his team is very fit and plays a high tempo game. If we want instant success and a familiar face, it’ll be Mourinho. If we want our young talents and players from the academy to be the future of Chelsea, then its Klopp.

    1. drogba says

      tu si sabes de futbol

  5. Buy Soma Online Uk says

    Well, i would prefer mou but when ever he want 2leave a club he doesn’t give his maximum attension 2the club like he came but i still prefer him

  6. Buy Soma Online Uk says

    Well, i would prefer mourinho but when ever he want 2leave a club he doesn’t give his maximum attension 2the club like he came but i still prefer him(mourinho)

  7. Blue blood says


  8. Vaibhav Kumble says

    Mourinho anytime.. and who said his team is only defensive. Last season they scored a record number of goals in the la liga.. and Madrid’s style is anything but defensive..

  9. Hendz says


  10. I want mr Roman 2 sing mourinho than klopp mourinho is my best coach we need jose, rafael should go.

  11. Rémy Fière says

    Hey Tom, didn’t you forget our Special one from Lyon? The future legendary Rémi garde…

  12. our best coach is mourinho only,dont stick around the bush mr TOM,mr roman do it quickly we love the blues and when they lost the game we hurt us.

  13. xtian says

    This is tricky but Klopp would be the best option after Pep if you insist on the specially branded football.

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