Mourinho recent press conference


In a recent interview Mourinho talked about Luiz, Hazard, Frank Lampard, Aston Villa and transfers.

When Mourinho was asked whether David Luiz will be fit to play against against Aston Vill on Wednesday, Mourinho replied by saying “Luiz is much better, but not 100% fit yet.

He then went on to speak about other players. He said about Lampard “We have a great relationship. I trust him a lot, but at the same time, he knows he’s not 25 anymore. You have to be clever and intelligent in order to protect these players. He will continue to be fantastic for us.”

When asked about Hazard he said the following “I call him Eddie because it’s easier and he didn’t complain.” ” When you have a top talent you cannot waste it, i want to give him that responsibility to become better and better. He is working very very hard and I am really pleased with him.

He then said “Aston Villa are a team with qualities away from home, the alike to counter attack.”

Finally when asked about transfer news and whether he has a plan B if Chelsea failed to get Rooney to Stamford Bridge he said “Yes, and a plan C.

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  1. Shingie Samu says

    Wise words from a greet Manager, in him we trust.

  2. Kenyan Blue says

    Thatz the boss speaking

  3. apehtrix says

    I think we should try kun aguero,lewandoski and even javier henandes(chicharito) cus we need a Goal poacher

  4. jerry says

    joe’s his God sant.

  5. alabi oluwaseun says

    wise talk but we still need a scorer who can make the His work be effective

  6. Anonymous says

    amazing words from a wise guy!

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