Mourinho To Tender Resignation Letter After West Ham Match? PSG Possible Destination

Former Liverpool Midfielder, Dietmar Hamann has insinuated that he would be surprised if  Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho remain at the club till the end of May after a disappointing start to the EPL campaign this season.

 Hamann openly criticised the coach for the public criticism he gives his players. While speaking on an interview, the former player said:  

“It looks like he’s begging for the sack, He seems to be falling out with all the players. If you want to get a reaction from a player and you put him on the bench like he did with [Eden] Hazard the other day, it’s not a problem. But you don’t bring him on in the 89th minute to humiliate him and embarrass him even further.

 “Some of the stuff he is coming out with at the moment and over recent weeks is not far from a meltdown.

 “He’s upset everybody for no reason. Things have not been going well but it’s still early in the season. They’ve made a good start in the Champions League, and in the Premier League there is a long way to go. 

“Can they win the league from where they are? It will be very tough, but it’s early doors and you can’t treat top class players like that.

“Once you have that mood in the dressing room, and I can imagine what the likes of Hazard, Ivanovic, even Terry think about him, once you lose that respect and that trust for the manager, it’s curtains. It’s over. End of.

“If he wants to keep his job until the end of the season you’ve got to see a different Chelsea over the next few months. Can I see it? I’m not too sure, I don’t think they can. I’ll be stunned if he’s there by the end of the season.”

Jose Mourinho has repeatedly told the press that he wouldn’t resign and would face his new challenge. Although PSG might be a possible destination for the coach, it would be seen if Roman Abramovich would fire his man after giving a vote of confidence to the coach.

It is believed that the Portuguese tactician could exit the Stamford Bridge if he loses this weekend match against West Ham United.

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