Mourinho’s Mood Grumpy Heading Into Season’s End

Jose Mourinho is not happy. He’s focused, yes, and certainly hopeful, but he isn’t happy, and hasn’t been for some time. Ever since Chelsea’s stunning defeat to Sunderland on April 19, Jose has been unhappy. Mourinho’s reaction to the 2-1 defeat was accurately described as a “sulk-fest”, and little has happened since then to improve the Blues Boss’s attitude.

Certainly a nil-nil draw with La Liga leaders Atletico Madrid in the Champions League semi-finals is an acceptable result, encouraging even. Yet even that served to sour his mood, as his side lost Petr Cech and captain John Terry to season-ending injuries in that tilt. In addition to those injuries, the Blues will also be without Frank Lampard and John Obi Mikel for the April 30 second leg with Atletico, both of whom were booked in Madrid and must now sit out a game.

With all those details swirling around his head Mourinho is faced with the unenviable task of determining how to split his team’s focus. Chelsea still has an outside chance at the Premiership title, five points out of first with a weekend fixture with league-leading Liverpool ahead of them. Even with a victory, however, the Blues would need a number of other dominoes to fall if they wish to clinch the league crown.

So what is a manager to do? Does he send his best squad to the pitch against the Reds and risk putting them in poor form ahead of Wednesday’s Champions League semi-final decider in an effort to win the Premiership? Or does he utilize a weaker line-up on Sunday, keeping his team better rested for Atletico at the risk of dropping from the Premiership race?

It appears Mourinho is taking the latter tack, prioritizing the Champions League. Aiding his decision making while simultaneously fouling up his mood is the decision of the FA not to move the match with Liverpool to Friday or Saturday. Citing the advantage given to Atletico by their own home league in scheduling as a concern, it appears Mourinho will be putting a squad on the pitch come Sunday leaving something to be desired.

That is not to say that Chelsea are conceding defeat early, as they will still have stalwarts such as Mikel, Lampard, Nemanja Matic, and Mohamed Salah in the lineup. While certain key players for the Blues will see their roles reduced or eliminated altogether for the match, there will still be enough talent on the pitch to pull an upset in the always unpredictable Premier League.

No matter the outcome of the contest with Liverpool, however, Mourinho’s mood can best be salvaged by a pair of victories in the Champions League.

  1. Arthur Osadebe says

    For me option, let him not risk our Champions league chance. Let Liverpool win the league instead of City

  2. Arthur Osadebe says

    For me option, let him not risk our Champions league chance. Let Liverpool win the league instead of City.

  3. patrickallstar says

    Indeed I’d be grumpy especially when the FA is charging me for “Sarcasm”. It’s a head scratching dilenma. And Sky was willing to move the match to saturday but Liverpool refused and the FA can’t force them

  4. Gbasha.bitto says

    Players to be blamed @stingy and floppy strikers

  5. Debola abdullah says

    Ucl is very vital we can let the premireship go to liverpool instead of city lifting it but am very optimistic that no matter player we are using coming sunday there we upset liverpool

  6. IMITOR says

    @Anfied the blues will go all to do the damage irrespective of who plays or who’s selected we can always be sure of a deserving victory. chelsea my beloved will cause an havoc for the reds and later on the league shall be ours.

  7. Zyte says

    Blues dont realy hav a weak 2nd eleven as many are sayn,is just dat jose made some 2 be match rusty.this was wat i was sensing when i was cryn 4 jose 2 keep the whole squad match fit.theres no way hazard,oscar,rami,jt,eto & willian wil carry cfc from start of the season 2 de end witout suffering fatigue.jose should giv confidenc,suport & keep fait wit players lik schwazer,mikel,cole,ba etc & u wil see dem deliver the the real fans are comenting.where are those dat cal some players dat those so called useles players play,they wil be against cfc so dat they can come here & condemn the player the more.we must keep fait wit cfc no mater who plays.up cfc.up jose.

    1. kes says

      Well said Zyte. None of them will come up to say anything. Wait till after the match and you’ll see. As usual I expect Mikel to picked upon. He escaped it when we met Athletico de Madrid last week. I was expecting backlash but the likes of Adam, Miles10 and other Ghanaian contigents didn’t come to the party maybe after the Liverpool game we will hear from them. Mou didn’t anticipate such swansong, so didn’t put faith on others. I expect Chelsea victory no matter who got fielded tomorrow.

  8. Zyte says

    Fa & l.pool should tank cfc,cos our consistency in europ has made it posible 4 epl 2 stil hav 4 representativs at uefa competitons,yet wat they use 2 reward us is such a calous & selfish decision.the cfc spirit doesnt give up no matter what & who plays.if u doubt it ask bayern & barca.jose should awaken dat spirit now cos we must beat l.pool & atletico.go!! cfc go!!!.u guys can do it.we are the pride of epl.

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