My Chelsea Story – A #CFC360 Exclusive!

Sometimes we park the bus, sometimes we run you over with it! We are Chelsea FC!
Sometimes we park the bus, sometimes we run you over with it! We are Chelsea FC!

We, the part of team CFC360, have been writing articles and providing information from all fronts for quite a long time. And you might recognize a few of us by our Blogger name or maybe Twitter, but today we would like to tell you about how it all started. The early attraction, the crush, the madness, and every other thing that followed us in this journey with Chelsea FC. We, the writers on CFC360, thought about taking some time out to give a proper introduction about ourselves. And you are welcome to tell us your Chelsea story in the comments section so that we can know you better. So here it goes:

Tariq Asef Alam | TheRealBlueArmy | @TheRealBlueArmy
“Hi everyone. I would like to talk about how i became a Chelsea fan so that you as readers can try to connect with my articles better.
Life as a chelsea fan began for me back in December of 2009. I was at one of my friend’s house when Chelsea was playing Arsenal at the emirates. We won 3-0 with Drogba scoring a brace and an own goal from Vermaelen. At that time, my friend told me how amazing Chelsea was and so, i start supporting them. On the last day of the 2009-10 season, the same friend called me and told about how we beat Wigan 8-0 to win the league title. It was one of the earliest exciting moment I had with Chelsea FC.
The first match i ever saw was Stoke City vs Chelsea in 2010-11 season which ended 1-1 with Drogba scoring a belter. This is my life as a Chelsea fan and I’m very happy to say “Proud to be a BLUE”. The journey had a lot of ups and downs, but in the end that’s what tested us with our resolve to stay true to our club and finally we stand here today, on a day where every major club in the world will feel a chill when tasked with facing Chelsea FC. And to this day, I still thank my friend who influenced me to support Chelsea!”

Allstar Patrick Omoko II | PatrickAllStar | @cdawg2hot
“Chelsea FC has become a vital part of my life since a long time and I am proud to say that I have witnessed when we were down and rejoiced when we were standing up among the elites. I had watched a lot of matches but two matches convinced me that Chelsea was the club for me. One was in 1999 when Chelsea played Arsenal and my countryman Kanu scored a hat-trick against Chelsea. I felt bad then and I didn’t understand why till 2003/04 season. Here Chelsea beat Arsenal in the Champion’s league quarter final and I was super elated. I felt at home. Finally I could support a club that wore my favorite colour. The blue of Chelsea matched the blue of my passion. And like a pair made in heaven, I found my rightful place among this warm club alongside its passionate fans and I can’t be more thankful to fate for guiding me through till here. God bless Chelsea. KTBFFH

Sreya Mazumder | msreya | @msreya
Hello folks!! Watching football and supporting Chelsea just started as a pastime in the beginning, but today it has become an integral part of my life.
The first time I watched Chelsea play was in 2004, but I don’t remember the exact game. I didn’t even know the basics of football back then. I was just surfing channels and Chelsea were playing in their signature blue kit. Blue being my favorite colour, I started supporting the team. Over the seasons and scores of matches, I slowly fell in love with football and consequentially Chelsea FC.
The club turned 109 years old on 10th of March this year. Funny thing is even I celebrate my birthday the same day. So, in a way, I was born blue!
The match which will always be ingrained in my memory is the UCL Final 2007/08 when we lost to United in the penalties. It was heartbreaking to not win after getting so close, but it also made my belief stronger that I will be supporting this very club for life, without fail. Always! KTBFFH!

Muhammad Anns Lakhany | @Anns_Sikander
In the country which I’m born in, people are inclined towards cricket far more than they are into football. But after the 1999 World Cup between Australia and Pakistan, I changed my view. I tried to go for football more than cricket and with that intention I started researching more and more about the sport and the teams. I felt that I would be doing injustice to myself incase I went for Real Madrid or Manchester United as I didn’t want to go for some team whom I have never seen build their history. I wanted to be a part of some club who was growing and wanted to witness all the glory they might achieve in the future and thus savor every moment of it. The things that they won in their past meant less than nothing to me. So with that view I started watching the EPL, which was one of the most toughly contested and strongest league of that era with a hope that some team might catch my attention. I kept watching all the games, or atleast kept myself updated about the scorelines and finally two particular clubs caught my attention. Chelsea and Liverpool were looking good for me eventhough Man Utd lifted the title then. All the clouds of doubt cleared on the 3rd October, 1999, the day the mighty blues thrashed the Champions of England 5 goals to nil. I was as surprised as the pundits who were all about how Man Utd was going to beat Chelsea. This proved to be the point where I made up my mind and felt a certain connection to the club who weren’t at their best, and also didn’t have a much decorated history like other clubs, the passion might have played its role. I was pretty much convinced that Chelsea was the only club I wanted to support even though the FA Cup was the onlycup we won that season, owing to a Robbie Di Matteo goal! I started following the club through every point since then, through the time where we defeated Barcelona at Stamford Bridge 3-1, to the rollercoaster rides we were used to having. So yes, I am one of those fans who can proudly say that we have done and won things before the Roman Era began. We have done the impossible, beaten the impossible and kept moving towards success from the start and right now, look where we are, we have won 4 League titles, 7 FA Cups, 4 League Cups, 4 Community Shields, 2 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup, 1 UEFA Super Cup, 1 UEFA Europa League, the UEFA Champions League in 2011-12. There are many priceless moments Chelsea has given us and we all should be proud and thankful to the club for all the success and glory.

Fahmi I. Ahmed | FahmiCFC360 | @FahmiCFC
I started to become an avid football fan starting from around 2004/5 season and I immediately started liking the giants of European football with Chelsea being one of them at the time. But, of all the big teams like Barcelona, Manchester United, Arsenal or Real Madrid at the time, it was a team managed by a certain charismatic Portuguese manager that caught my attention and heart. That manager was the one and only Jose Mourinho. The team displayed sheer athleticism and a never die say attitude to win matches and triumph over rivals. And after watching them lift the trophy for the first time in 50 years in addition to a win over Arsenal 2-1 in the Community Shield at Cardiff Millenium stadium, Didier Drogba became my favorite player ever since and Chelsea became my passion and love thereafter. After a decade of being a fan of the club now, I can say I’m 110% sure that I will never be a supporter of any other club than the mighty Blues!! Long live Chelsea and here is for another 109 plus years of success. Happy Birthday Chelsea! Best club in the world

Tushar L. Kuzhi | TusharL7 | @TusharL7
Life as a Chelsea fan began for me through a sort of longer and coincidental process than many of you maybe, ironically me being a person who doesn’t actually believe in the concept of coincidences. I remember my first game of football that I saw was in the World Cup of 2006. Being brought up in a country of cricket maniacs, I finally decided to try something else and football was where I found my curiosity in. I had promised myself to watch every game of the tournament (which I most certainly did not keep), my first game being a game where Drogba’s Ivory Coast took on some team I do not remember. And despite not knowing much about the game, I was quite marveled by the name ‘Drogba.’ It was only the next day that my friend, a Man Utd fan told me about how good Drogba was. And then came my first club game where I managed to make time for Chelsea’s match against Manchester City, a game where we won 6-0, which was directly in the 2007-08 season. I found my connection to Chelsea through the man who eventually came to be one of the best players to wear the royal blue color of Chelsea, Didier Drogba. It was the season where we lost the Champions League by one penalty slip, the season where Jose Mourinho left Chelsea (which I apparently didn’t have much clue about then), but for me it was the season I saw in Chelsea a spirit that matched the wavelength I had. I knew that this was the team I could connect with and to date feel proud of it. For me to support Chelsea I have to thank my friend who is a Man Utd fan, who helped me make my decision, the 2006 World Cup, for introducing me to football, Manchester City, for showing the true spirit that lied within the club and ofcourse, Drogba, just for existing in the initial moments of my football fandom moment!

How did life begin for you as a Chelsea fan? Do share your stories with us in the comments section. We would love to read each and every magical story of yours, and we are sure you yourselves would love to relive that amazing moment once again!
PS: There are loads more writers in our team, but unfortunately every one of them couldn’t share their stories due to certain reasons. But I do want to thank the one’s who did share their story with me so that I could compile this list!

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  1. Arthur Osadebe says

    My name is Arthur Osadebe from Delta state nigeria. I become a Blue’s fan back in 2004, becos of the way some of our players plays then, the likes of Essien, Terry, Robben, Maka & our lion, Drogba, tiring opposition’s nets apart with his goals and mostly Jose’s charismatic behaviour and i called my first daughter’s name Chelsea

  2. Mason Cole says

    Born in Chelsea and Westminster hospital, in 1996, my love affair with Chelsea began in around 2002, I remember the happiness I felt after we qualified for the Champions League at the end of the 03/04 season and the unease I felt after Abramovich took over. I cried tears of joy on that fateful day at Bolton after a Lampard brace won us our first league championship for 50 years. There have been many ups and downs in the ensuing years; tears when Jose left, tears after the 08 final, anger after the 09 semi and pure elation on the 19th May 2012. May the next 109 years bring much more joy (but hopefully not as much sorrow!)

  3. Zyte says

    My team,my blood.i ve been cfc fan since 1997.babayaro’s signing influencd my decision.yes we werent winin titles den,but i lovd the way we dispatchd top teams like joyous moment was wen we beat m.united 5-0 & wen r.d.m gave us dat solitory goal dat won us facup against.aston favourite player was m.desaily & g.zola.tank GOD dat roman came 2 our rescue.long live all cfc fans & players wit blue blood.

  4. Cani says

    My name is Clinton Cani I started supporting chelsea from 2004/20050 season, I heard my friends talking about a certain player and he was no other than my best chelsea player ever “Frank Lampard”. Can’t forget the brace against bolton that gave of the league that year.
    My best moment thou it’s also my worst moment was 2007/08 UCL final, hmmm what a game.
    Chelsa forever

  5. blue says

    I don’t actually remember when i started supporting Chelsea coz i was younger then 10 years old , i think 2006 some where there but i learnt much of football after 2007

  6. Bobchyke says

    CFC360, I only got questions. Where is Sherry Phillips? The blue blood sherry girl? Look back @ CFC’s archives, and you will appreciate her tactical analysis. Where’s the classic “what we learned guy?” Sometimes, articles come late. Where’s Zane? You know Zane was so sound that I used to come here just to read his comments after every game, now he rarely comments here. I miss the classic CFC. I come here a lot still, and enjoy this new CFC.

  7. Anonymous says

    I am blube since 1998, watching players like the little magician Zola, Desailly, Di Matteo, Wise, and I still remember with great nostalgy the manager/player Vialli. At the time I started to follow the EPL games, because I always loved the style of football and the stadium environments of the league- At the time nobody thought that we’d become European Champions (neither did I). I initially didn’t want Roman at the club, since I believe money isn’t everything in the game, but then came a portuguese football genius and turned big money into competitiveness, mentality and a never surrender attitude that became parte of our DNA (besides helping Terry, Super Frankie or Didier to become the big legends they are today). Those characteristics fitted to me like a glove, since I believe that more than winning or losing (and in the league of my country, I only support a “small” club, who never wins anything), as “my” players give it all on the field I won’t blame them of anything.
    Emotional topic, was beautiful to remember all those happy and sad moments, always supporting CFC. Thank you for sharing your blue experiences. KTBFFH!!!

  8. ROY says

    My name is ROY, from Ghana. Chelsea fc has been a unique club to me. Going through my high school education around 2005, most of my friends were always supporting man utd,arsenal,Liverpool etc. because of their past glories. It was even possible for my friends to support two teams in England. some say “am a man utd fan but i want arsenal to win”…. strangely, even though Chelsea was not such a BIG HIT by then, i never saw a Chelsea fc fan who supports another English club. so i saw the loyalty of Chelsea fc fans. People hated Chelsea fc for no special reason. That is when i fell in love with the club…cos it’s either u LOVE Chelsea fc to the core OR u HATE Chelsea to the core. It has always been ” US against THE REST OF THEM” That is what makes us Stronger. WE ARE THE SPECIAL ONE’S. Chelsea for LIFE. . . Proud to be a PENSIONER. @CFC# Always Bleeding BLUE.

  9. Eddie says

    I am a 14 year old Nigerian kid.I became a Chelsea fan after the 2007/2008 Champions League final against Man U which was about the time I started following football seriously. Even though we lost that final which was a big deal in Nigeria, I just fell in love with Chelsea and Chelsea has been the only club I have supported ever since. Also the history of the club under Mourinho and Abramovich attracted me and I have become a die-hard Chelsea fan. I have supported Chelsea through the highs and the lows and I will always do so.

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