My Life, My Chelsea story – Part 3

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As I got out of the cab, I felt the cool winds hit my face along with the rays of bright sunshine. As I walked up the path that led to the main office of Chelsea’s training complex, I couldn’t express how I felt. These few steps could turn my life around. Once I’m in there and the pen touches the paper, everything I had ever dreamt of achieving , would come true at the age of just 19. I won’t deny that there were a bucket load of negative thoughts trying to penetrate my mind, but I made sure they weren’t seen.

We reached a door and walked up a flight of stairs. Me and my agent, Gustavo, were lead on by two men in black suits and blue ties. I couldn’t help but feel like the President of America, you know, very important. We then reached the room that was right down the corridor from the top of the stairs. The men knocked, walked inside and held the door open for us to get inside.

The first thing that catches your eyes is a man in a suit sitting behind a desk with his chair turned around. He had his arms behind his head and was tapping it as if he was waiting for someone.Beyond him, there was a transparent glass wall, through which you could see the one of the 30 glossy turfs of the Cobham training center. This place was beyond massive .

The man in the seat behind the desk turns around, gets up and brings out a hand
“Ron Gourlay, happy to meet you. “

My agent nods and shakes his hand.

“And you must be Daniel ” he says and pats me on the back. The room was spacious, with few pictures hanging on the wall , showcasing Chelsea’s  previous triumphs. There were a few couches and a round table with 3 official looking chairs. There was a water dispenser in one of the corners and some shelves with books and what looked like important papers. There were lights and a camera crew, perpendicular to the round table.

“Let the big boys take care of business” , Gourlay smiled and said . ” We won’t take too long, have a look around. “

I nodded and walked towards the transparent glass wall.

The sun was shining bright, the sprinklers were on and the grass was sparkling. The players were walking out one by one. Must be training as there were cones set around and balls strewn across the pitch. Two men were pushing the goal-posts into space. Ah, there’s the big man. Jose Mourinho. Never thought I would actually work with him.

The weather was perfect, unlike the extreme climate in Spain. I wouldn’t mind training for hours and hours in this. You could see the trees lined right behind the high walls of the training complex. Probably to forbid fans and photographers from sneaking in a clear view.

I could hear Mr. Gourlay and my agent, Gustavo, whispering to each other. I quitely smiled to myself as I stared into the horizon with my hands in my pocket. My life was turning out quite better than I expected, with the success coming before the hardships. The room was silent but filled only with my whistling, the ticking of the clock and their whispers

“And we’re all done here, now if you would sit right here Daniel”, Mr Gourlay declared as Gustavo got up, came towards me and put his arm around me. I walked towards the round table and sat right next to Mr.Gourlay. He leaned towards me and whispered, ” Remember boy, great men have sat on this very chair. Hazard was here a week before and Drogba almost a decade ago. This is a moment you’ll remember for years to come , no matter where you go. Oh and smile.”

End of Part 3. It’s been quite a while since I posted this, and this was mainly cause of me involved in other personal matters. Part 4 will be out soon !


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