My thoughts on this whole Mata to Man United situation

Isn't it Time for Chelsea to let him go?
Time to say good-bye it seems.

The Juan Mata to Manchester United stories have been flooding everywhere. From the newspapers to my Twitter timeline and its really starting to irritate and bother me. It is understandable that this is over our player of the year for the last 2 seasons but common lads, we’ve got to be more calm regarding and react in a more supportive manner rather than panicking.

Now one thing I don’t get is why/how any fan would put all this on Jose’s head? Mourinho can keep Mata at Chelsea until his contract runs out but its Juan Mata’s wish to play more regularly in a system which would suit him better. If a player isn’t happy at a massive massive club like Chelsea, what do you do? You let him go for the right price because such an attitude is not good at all for a team who could be potential champions at the end of the season.

And don’t underestimate Jose Mourinho lads. He’s the best manager in the world and all I know is that he loves Chelsea Football Club with all his heart and will do whatever it takes to take this club to the greatest heights! He did that when he was here earlier and he will do that now on a more long term basis. One player won’t affect the club’s mentality but Jose Mourinho will and he’s the man who will make us champions.hi-res-Preview_crop_north

I’m more than sure that Mourinho’s definitely got something special up his sleeves because there’s no way he’ll sell Juan Mata and Kevin De Bruyne and get no one in to fill that void. If Mata departs, we’ll all of a sudden look a bit short of options with only Hazard, Willian, Oscar and Schurrle for the positions up-front. Now I’m not sure if Jose’s going to bring in Rooney or he’ll bring in someone like Diego Costa but he will bring someone in. Thats for sure because it makes no sense to get weaker in the middle of the season all of a sudden.

Just recently, the Spanish paper AS claimed that Chelsea have triggered the £32m release clause of Diego Costa. Now its not all done or confirmed or anything that concrete yet but we all know that it only takes one big transfer to trigger several other transfers. Talking about Diego Costa, using the Mata funds on him would be way better that swapping Courtois for him if we do make a move in the near future.

Now moving on to Juan Mata, I simply don’t understand why Mata would want to join a club thats sitting 7th on the table. A club with an inexperienced manager who’ll probably not add to his qualities. A club which might possibly not be in the Champions League next season. Chelsea’s rivals: Manchester United. Why Juan, Why Manchester United? Thats my question.

Now its common sense that its the World Cup year and that Juan Mata needs and wants to play as much as he can and to he wants to impress his Spanish Boss so that he can make it to the Spanish Squad for the tournament. I get that but then he could explore moves abroad to other clubs like PSG as well. He could adapt his game to Jose’s system which he tried doing already. There are many other options. Even if he didn’t feature as much as he would have liked for Chelsea this season he would still have made it to Del Bosque’s squad in my opinion because his quality and experience in these big competitions is not a secret. I feel that Juan wants to move to Manchester United as well for alot of reasons I’m not quiet sure about.

Another thing I don’t get is where he would actually fit at United. This is something United legend Gary Neville has come out and talked about himself and its something I really don’t seem to understand. He certainly can’t play on the wings as we’ve seen under Jose this season and would he really sort of replace Rooney in there system? I doubt it. This is what Gary Neville had to say about this:

“Does he fit in with what I would call the typical philosophy of Manchester United? I would say no.

 The first question, I think, is where are you going to play? Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie are up top if they are fit so where are you going to play him? Are you going to play him off the left or off the right?

Maybe they have to change the philosophy and maybe that’s what David Moyes is thinking. Maybe he wants to play narrow wide players and maybe a three in midfield. They would have to change to accommodate Juan Mata in the way they normally play. They normally play with wide players.”

Now to wrap things up guys, we ALL love Juan Mata; both as a magical player and as a person but if he wants to move on play elsewhere this is something we have to accept as well and we have to move on as well. We have the best manager in the world in charge. A manager whom we all love and trust and he does nothing but the same in return. Trust me, the future for us looks more than bright with a manager like Jose in charge. Instead of going on social media outlets and panicing, we should remain calm and put all our support behind what Jose thinks is right for the club and with the kind of  mentality he will bring we will be winning every single trophy in no time to come. Also guys, there has been NOTHING OFFICIAL as of yet. No statement by either clubs or their managers or their chiefs. Its all just based on some strong reports and rumours.

CFC team celebrationI love you Juan Mata but its all about Chelsea Football Club here. We will win and dominate football in England and Europe with or without you. If you decide to move on I’ll wish you nothing but the very best of luck.

Do let me know what you guys think about this situation in the comments below. Keep the Blue Flag Flying High!

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  1. miles says

    Yh u right. Hrd mou is interested in salah. The boy is quite good and wld cost like 15m plus he is only 21. That is what am gonna do. Remain calm

  2. akinwumi steven says

    All blames should go to Mou for making Mata looked like an ordinary guy..I hope we won’t regret the mistake we’re about to make later!

  3. Chelsea4life says

    I love mourinho but absolutely disliked the way he has treated mata. When mata is playing well, he sub him off. When oscar is playing poorly, he allows him to play on. He is really biased and I dun like it a bit.

  4. Algy says

    If Mata has become surplus to the future and he wants to move, then its wise to get the best deal possible MU paying top price is an indication of how desperate they have become and their seems no end to their current plight. I agree that their must be something else in the wings prompting Marino to let him go lets all keep our heads cool and trust in our own future

  5. Kim says

    Was it not the same way Jose threw away Argen Robben? Jose has made silly mistakes in the past. This could be one.

  6. fidel says

    I do not know what to say,All I can just say is I am dissapointed in all this happening and particularly your comment.In as much as I love Mou,Mata was one of the players of our UCL and europa wins,he was our best player in 2seasons and all of a sudden,he is not good.aside Hazard,I will see how Oscar and willian reacts to games after transfer window.Mata bled for this club with heart and soul and surely other coaches are not wrong in using him.A good player is a good player,yeah? Maybe a bit match rusty but more games,intense derbies will sharpen him up.I know if this deal is not to pave way for rooney to join us then it is a massiv e mistake!!.mata knows us and intends to punish us for not believing in him.I feel sad because he is a fantastic player.I will miss him to bits.
    Thanks juan for giving us 2magical seasons we will never,ever forget as long as we exist.

  7. fidel says

    @miles: Saaallaaah?? Lol u don’t know football.Chelsea is bigger than salah

  8. xtian says

    Finally the reshaping has begun! De Bryune and Mata out, Luiz, Lukaku, Moses and Coutois to follow. Lol, hope it doesn’t get that bad. But I think Mourinho likes mobile hard workers in the middle of the field like Salah and Solid defenders. Plus players who seem surplus to requirement would be quickly exchanged for cash. Likely players coming in are *Salah, *Shaw, *Zouma, Costa, Rooney, Falcao, Cavani. Odds will depend on how the market shapes up but mostly for next window.

    1. adam says

      Good post

    2. alexcfc8 says

      o you want us to sell Lukaku and Courtois? Both who are destined for Greatness? We would not be able to buy Costa, Rooney, Cavani and Falcao in one transfer window and that would destroy us because of the FFP Shaw and Zouma would be good buys especially Shaw as we will need a new LB

  9. kayanja angel says

    Buh why sell to a rival club…even though Manchester united is in the 7th place we are still rivals and remember how they were tough on their best player(Rooney)in the summer transfer window when jose made an approach,i still feel Mataz ghost is gonna haunt us forever like the likes of Van persie to Arsenal

  10. Alabo says

    “Now one thing I don’t get is why/how any fan would put all this on Jose’s head?” Are you serious?????! I mean really serious? How can you even ask something like this, it was Mourinho and ONLY MOURINHO who deliberately and systematically forced Mata out of the club. Selling him to United is just insulting and disgusting, Chelsea fans should do what Inters fans did it couple of days ago (guarin/vucinic); but of course – ‘TSO’ is unmistakable, ‘how can anyone put all this on Jose head’… LOL

    btw even your ‘potential MU lineup’ is completely wrong: no Januzaj, and Ferdinand instead of Vidic?

  11. nicholas says

    mourinho should entirely take the blame….he marginalised our best player n made him shitty…and how da heck does he sanction such a transfer..u r looking at short term but honestly,we have strengthened utd for the future n with mata,atleast they can attract big names now……this is the moment when u wish benitez had stayed…..shit mourinho n his egoo

  12. Anonymous says

    Mourinho wahala hi ! You’re a BIG FOOL! What gets on my nerve is this excuse that Man.Utd are not title contenders, what of next season, won’t they? And if injury( which of course can’t be ruled out) should befall on Hazard, Oscar or Willian , then what? As in what were they all thinking! Even though Mata wanted to leave(I don’t blame him), Mourinho should’ve stuck to his ground no. We had this guy (mata), a guy without defensive qualities, yet we lifted the two major European cup with Mourinho & I’m not sure Mourinho will even deliver. How on earth can you sell your most prized jewel to rival! YOU SMOKE WEED!! This was the scenario that played with Robben. We can all attest how we struggled before we found a replacement . We better get ROONEY !! I DEY VEX ESPECIALLY WITH THAT MAN CALLED MOURINHO !!

    1. maritimo says

      “Our most prized jewel” is Eden Hazard, not Mata. I like Mata, respect him for his contribution, but all this noise is making me wanting him to leave as soon as possible. Yes, we won two European trophies, but we failed to meet expectations at the league (the regularity throphy and that normally the best team wins). Do you blame Mata for that? I hope he leaves today, to see if Mata FC supporters become red devils now…

      1. James Mwas says

        Sure ! He shud leave now

      2. xtian says

        Seriously bro, how can you be a Chelsea supporter and not a Mata supporter for the past two seasons. He gave us everything even lending himself as a striker. His style made it possible for Hazard and Oscar to settle and improve quickly. It is certain that he would be a pain in the eyes in red unless you aint Blue. This deal is just for money and maybe Rooney.

      3. maritimo says

        I said I LOVE Mata, I really do, but I don’t understand all the noise around him, that I really think is doing more harm than good to him. What Juan has to do is to shut up and work the double, to show ON THE PITCH, that he’s still one of our best players and deserves a place in the starting 11 – if he plays well and is still benched that’s a reason to talk about, but he’s not doing that. Unfortunately, this year, he’s not showing that he’s ready to fight for his place. Compare the competitive attitude of Andre Schurrle, Azpi or Willian, even Torres, when they enter the field, to Juan (I don’t say that things must always go well, but you must show a will to fight). Sadly what is getting clearer to me, is that Juan is more worried about his place on Spanish side (and I’m not sure even if he plays all the games he will be called – Del Bosque seems to have other options and none criticize him), than to fight for a place one the CFC team. If Juan wants to leave, I’m fine with that, bigger legends left – the great Didier, for example – and we’re still alive. For me, he’ll always be welcome at the Bridge and I’ll follow and support him wherever he goes, since it doesn’t clash with CFC goals. But I support Chelsea, not Juan Mata FC… Blue for life! KTBFFH!!!!

  13. Emile 10 says

    I like how you guys think Mou and Chelsea staff are stupid. Seriously? Believe me there is something good behind it I’m sure. I know most of us are surprised becoz Chelsea is a rich club which doesn’t sale players but then what is the importance in putting 40million player on the bench? Euh? Even United sold Ronaldo tho. I’m happy with this deal because I believe in Chelsea and something beautiful is going to happen soon

  14. donvic says

    I dnt knw y decidin sellin to man-utd wen man-utd decided nt to sell to rooney to us,,,f***k d cfc board

  15. Zyte says

    @ emilo am suprise that you are supporting the sale of mata 2 man.u.if jose will sell mata,it shouldnt be 2 man.u.this is height of insult 2 cfc fans.Hope jose will prove me wrong in the future.

  16. Anonymous says

    Dis is unbelieve,mata going 2 man u? i gues dis is one of jose’s mind games.mou is gettin it al wrong dis tym.fuck u mou

  17. Anonymous says

    Supported Chelsea 20 years, selling Mata to Man U is the worst decision we have ever made imo. Ive always wanted Jose as our long term manager, but as for him loving the club? well he cant love the fans that sing his name that much, forcing out our payer of the year x2 and making us watch him for united, whats Mata meant to do? its clear from the start Jose doesnt like him, he needs to play, sad day for us.

  18. Martin, Norway. says

    I hate Mourinho because he has sold Mata to a rival club, that is not how it is done. I doubt United will sell to us total mess.

    1. Zyte says

      @ martin this is a big slap on the fans face.i have been a fan of cfc since 1997 & since then i ve never been hurt like dis.selling mata is not my problem,but why sell him 2 man.u why wil a man i trust like jose sell 2 man.u.why not sell him 2 psg or atletico madrid.jose u must apease us by wining epl title & signin rooney.

  19. Fik says

    Very good decision by Mata, Jose & blue. Cfc do great business. Mata becomes happy as he goes a club he gets chance in XI starting. The happy one is also happy by solving z issue and have money to strengthen z team. Jose knows clearly Cfc problem of previous years out of trophy and even z team was in difficult situation to be in top 4. Right decision right business right Coach right club!! Jose is a fan of cfc like or more than us believe with his fantastic work. He & club know z risk and benefit of selling to rival… Z benefit out weigt more…..

  20. Forever blue says

    If this deal falls through … And even if mou wins the premier league.

    Mou is a big fooooooooooool. You do not sell your best players to a direct rival.

    Its not about money, you make the club feel small. This is a blinding slap to all chelsea fans

  21. Anonymous says


  22. Anonymous says

    i honestly disagree. mou should not hav treated mata d way he does. i would cal it hatred.this man,mou is just but selfish,,fuck!!!

  23. Anonymous says

    if ever i was a sniper, i would terribly end mou’s pride as he enjoys thiz ‘his dubious gem’ at on earth,and heaven, mata to MU.this man,mou,never was meant to be.such moments makes me think that rafa was the man.

  24. Anonymous says

    mata is the best creative midfielder in the world, without him i am sure we cannot win any trophy outside england ucl i mean

    1. adam says

      simply stupid cunt. “mata is the best creative midfielder in the world”: wow. Follow him at utd.

  25. Matt says

    Mata is such a gentleman to everyone and to the club, I feel slightly disrespectful if I disagree to the move. He’s such a talent not to play and sit on the bench wasting away. As long as a replacement is brought in this window I am fine the move (bring in Griezmann & one else). Thank you mata for being such a gentleman.

    1. Matt says great video to say goodbye to Juan

  26. miles says

    Yes its sad. But pls stop moaning about it. He is gone let’s move on. Salah or griezman is a good buy. For those saying salah is not chelsea quality, I laff. The boy is limited by an average squad. Let’s see what mou is trying o build with the squad. His treatment of mata was bad but mata does not fit into the squad mou is building. Lemme ask..wld mata get into the first team @ bayern?

    1. adam says

      never at Bayern.

    2. Neri Abayomi says

      Is Chelsea, Bayern?
      We sold an excellent playmaker to Manchester Utd- Rooney would wanna stay put now.

  27. Don Coleon Nii says

    I do no mind Juan leaving if he feels he believes it’s the right thing to do. I just don’t want to see him in a United shirt..

  28. mesgr says

    Its fair decision by to leave the club to get to spain squad by playing more games. But to MANU…seriously??How could MOu even let him go to the club like Manu. Its complete disgrace. No matter what you dont sell ur best player to ur rival club.

  29. Fik says

    Jose treated Mata as he treated other players. We looked Mata performance after Jose coming is poor comparing to other talent Midfield players. Even DBR performance was better than Mata this yr as we looked. Cfc sold him to happy him. As a fan Mata performance is unconvincing to coach as well to blue fan. Simply be a fan player and comment and insult our lovely Coach is wrong and unacceptable. I don’t wann to hear such unacceptable comment as I look Mata’s poor performance this yr. Jose gave him a lot chance even he is not convienced with him. Past performance is not garanty to start. I like Jose’s work as I look so far! Right reason to sell….

    1. Neri Abayomi says

      U like Jose work. Let’s wait and see.
      We r still in Jan.
      We r nt in COC final.
      U r saying it as if Jose has won a treble.
      Jose just strenghtened Man Utd with a creative gem.
      Can’t believe this, Mata creating chances for Rooney and RVP= Moyes just hit the jackpot.

      1. Neri Abayomi says

        This leaves only OSCAR has the only playmaker in Chelsea.
        Hazard, Willian, Schurrle and that’s all. We are suddenly short of resources in the attacking trio role.
        Moreover the aforementioned trio are direct players not good creators. Salah that have been mentioned is a direct player too and moreover he aint here yet.

        Mata to a foreign club is better than to any club in the EpL.

      2. Emile 10 says

        Hahaha where have you been my friend? In happy time I can’t see you on this blog. But when it’s a drama time you are the first to put your comments. Wow what a fan. How are you not happy with Mou work so far? Maybe you wish Chelsea was 7th to get your opportunities to comments it seems you have nothing positive to say. Always against Mou and Chelsea’ work. I’m not sure if your are Chelsea fan tho

      3. adam says

        @Emile 10: Dont waste your time with useless

    2. Zyte says

      @ fik fans like u are mercenary.u seem more like a jose fan than cfc fan.i support the sale of mata,but not 2 a direct rival like man.u that refused 2 sell rooney 2 pride as a cfc fan has been severely hurt.jose must do all 2 win epl & sign rooney.

  30. Arthur Osadebe says

    Mata pushed 4 dis move, i beliv, wit d world cup in mind. He is a gud player, no doubt abt it & Jose is a gud manager too. Pls lets nt insult Him 4 dis yet, let’s see wot he is up to?. we luv mata but can’t luv him more dan OUR BELOVED. CHELSEA.

  31. Solly25 says

    I just think Juan Mata is not a patient person and all the player of the year back to back 2 seasons don’t mean anything to him as regards whether the club and fans want him stay or not. He’s not a fighter and leaving Chelsea now means he’s ungrateful in my opinion because back then before Chelsea peaked him out from Valencia he’s not a regular too! Chelsea made him a UCL, FA Cup and Europa winner plus made him improve his game at the expense of some other players and now he doesn’t want some new players grow with his time and that’s totally selfish! He can go if he wants! I trust Jose to replace him big time

    1. Lightning says

      Assuming that he does indeed transfer to United, then this is pretty how I feel about him as well.

      You look at someone like Paulo Ferreira who basically nonexistent at the club for the last couple of years of his contract, but dedcided to run out his contract instead of going another club. That’s loyalty that he’s showed. Mata isn’t showing that kind of loyalty to us. The cold hard fact is that he will be a bench player for Spain regardless of what team he’s playing at, so the fact that he’d rather go to our biggest rival of the past decade or so and play there than be someone who puts the club before himself. It’s especially bad because he’s always come off as a gentleman, an all-around nice guy, the kind of person you want at your club, on and off the pitch.

      If he does indeed leave, then I don’t really see him getting the hero’s farewell. After a year of 2, he’d probably start getting booed every time he touches the ball whenever Chelsea play Man U, like what Arsenal fans do to Ashley Cole when we play each other. This is basically what Oezil did to Real Madrid, he left because he wasn’t guaranteed to be a starter. He put himself before the club, and went to Arsenal of all places. That instantly turned him from one of my favorite players to one of my most despised.If Mata is indeed this selfish, then selling him is indeed the right choice, Mourinho and all the other important executives at Chelsea seem to have agreed that selling him for a big fee is better than letting him pout like a little kid. They’re more concerned with out FFP standing than where on the bench Mata will be in Brazil.

      I really do want to see him stay, but if he’s going to be diva about not playing the way he should be, then all I can say is good riddance and don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

  32. victor says

    We are all professional typist. We can analyse well but put anyone on the pitch to coach and you will see them fumble. Coaches have pattern they use and sincere chelsea fan will know that oscar has done better in the role that mourinho wants than mata. We all love mata and will want him to stay but this team has a different mentality and mata finds it hard to cope. Oscar was not playing like this last season, he improved his work rate and mourinho rewarded him. We should not castigate JM but support his move to transform chelsea. No player is beyond a club (maybe ronaldo or messi) so adieu mata and good We are all professional typist. We can analyse well but put anyone on the pitch to coach and you will see them fumble. Coaches have pattern they use and sincere chelsea fan will know that oscar has done better in the role that mourinho wants than mata. We all love mata and will want him to stay but this team has a different mentality and mata finds it hard to cope. Oscar was not playing like this last season, he improved his work rate and mourinho rewarded him. We should not castigate JM but support his move to transform chelsea. No player is beyond a club (maybe ronaldo or messi) so adieu mata and good We are all professional typist. We can analyse well but put anyone on the pitch to coach and you will see them fumble. Coaches have pattern they use and sincere chelsea fan will know that oscar has done better in the role that mourinho wants than mata. We all love mata and will want him to stay but this team has a different mentality and mata finds it hard to cope. Oscar was not playing like this last season, he improved his work rate and mourinho rewarded him. We should not castigate JM but support his move to transform chelsea. No player is beyond a club (maybe ronaldo or messi) so adieu mata and good We are all professional typist. We can analyse well but put anyone on the pitch to coach and you will see them fumble. Coaches have pattern they use and sincere chelsea fan will know that oscar has done better in the role that mourinho wants than mata. We all love mata and will want him to stay but this team has a different mentality and mata finds it hard to cope. Oscar was not playing like this last season, he improved his work rate and mourinho rewarded him. We should not castigate JM but support his move to transform chelsea. No player is beyond a club (maybe ronaldo or messi) so adieu mata and good luck.

  33. Ishola benjamin kunle says

    Breaking news: Salah has signed for Chelsea

  34. aliyu says

    all this noice about mata is really annoying and its a big sign of disrespect by Chelsea fans both to the player and management. u always consider a player as a thing that u can use as u like. a player is unhappy at a club another club meets his estimated value and u say that he shouldn’t leave because we are rival, Madrid bought ronaldo and figo from barca which rivalry is more than there’s? u tell me. we are here trading insult and blame.
    mata has contributed his part toward Chelsea’s success in the pass two years but its time to move on weather its a unted or any other club we wish him well.

  35. Ishola Benjamin Kunle says

    Chelsea have beaten Liverpool to land FC Basle’s Mohamed Salah for £11million, according to Sportsmail sources in Switzerland. We revealed the Reds’ interest in the Egypt international and talks were reaching an advanced stage until the Blues gazumped Brendan Rodgers’ side on Wednesday. With Juan Mata sealing his exit to Manchester United, Chelsea have looked to replace the Spaniard with Salah who impressed against them in the Champions League this season scoring in both of their group stage games, including the winner in Switzerland.

  36. king imitor says

    you see whether Juan Mata moves to man u or not it still doesn’t concerns me cos he’s lady player who cannot adapt his game under the special one. How on earth will a player be so obstinate to change his partern of play? how??? we’ve seen players swapping their wings all in the need for them to play in their respective teams. left to me jose’s decision is final.

    one thing i also observe is that this transfer can rooney down to chelsea because both mata and Rooneys plays in the same position and i don’t see any reason why united will want to loss their player for mata. it can also leave rooney making a strong decision by handing a transfer request head off to united.

    1. adam says

      Yes, thks. Mata is a lady player, a lazy: cannot defend, lose the ball constantly and wait that his team mate will chase the ball for him. I am so happy to see him leave. Since he is been at chelsea, we always finish 15 points at least behind the leader. He has to work hard and does what he refuse to do at chelsea because he will finish on the bench at Utd. It was same for Robben at Barca. Robben finally did what Mou asked him to do at Bayern and that is why he continues to play and he is better player now.

  37. Matte says

    What a pity! Thank you Juan, elegant player and great man. Good luck.

  38. GABBY says

    What’s becoming clear is that Michael Emenalo and the board are willing to let Mourinho start putting his imprint on this team, and that together they are working toward balancing a squad that wasn’t balanced at all when the season began. That’s not something that the club will be able to achieve with just a few transactions however, and passing judgement based on the first few moves of what appear to be many makes little sense at all.

    Instead of jumping to pass judgement on whether or not the club are correct for selling Mata while ‘replacing’ him with Salah, it’s probably best to take a deep breath and wait. With the club potentially shipping out as many as six members of the squad that started the campaign, there are going to be more than two signings and a promotion from the U21 side. Who and what those moves are isn’t something we have an answer to just yet, but with over a week to go and a club that’s been quickly closing deals, it’s probably not long before we start to see some solid links.

    As things stand right now, Chelsea look more balanced than they did on January 1, while having saved a considerable sum on this season’s FFP accounting. We’re almost certainly not done with our January shopping though, so reserving judgement would be prudent. Wait until the window closes, and look at the squad that we’ll be finishing the season with. At that point, we can make an informed decision about whether or not the club are in a better position than they were before.

  39. FAME GEE says


    1. Neri Abayomi says

      @Emile, Gabby, and co : Thanks for the abuse.
      I can make comments when I choose to and where I choose to it is a free world.

      So stating that Mata to Man Utd is nt a good deal. (I agreed that Mata’s time was up).
      And pointing out that we now v just a genuine playmaker in Oscar.
      Is a bad thing?

      Didn’t n I v never abused Jose or any of u guys but u keep on attacking my person. My opinion is mine, yours is yours. Let’s keep it that way. Thank you.

  40. GABBY says


  41. Solly25 says

    Before the arrival of Eden Hazard, Oscar and Willian! All we have was Juan Mata and he did well in the first season which won him the player of the season! Oscar and Hazard in Mata’s second season showed flashes of brilliance but Benitez made Mata his Playmaker so he stole their show winning the player of the season at Chelsea for the second year running! Mourhino came and shuffle the team saying his Playmaker is Oscar! he making Hazard a CR7 gradually cos he showed why he’s Eden Hazard and a regular for Belgium and Oscar is also a contant for Brazil but Mata is a Substitute player for Spain! Jose sees that and gave priority to the duo of Oscar and Hazard and Mata couldn’t do just what Hazard did to peg a starting shirt by showing why he’s the clubs player of the season back to back which is why Jose dropped him for Willian and I’m sure during pre season Jose saw Mata’s body language and had his plan bringing willian and indirectly told Torres hey Eto’o can make it happen if you head Mata’s way!
    I don’t think Jose is bias like some people think cos Azpilicueta plays ahead of Ashley Cole and I feel if its a personal issue against Spanish players then an English won’t seat for the Spaniard!
    My conclusion is between the trio of Hazard, Oscar and Mata! The weak link is Mata and Willian has made up for that making them stronger! So he can go to Manchester United were he will get a regular playing time and steal the show of others and when someone better comes he runs again.
    Mata has just shown he’s selfish and weak ! Can’t fight for shirt! Don’t love the fans and teamates! Cos he don’t care how they feel about his exit! He doesn’t want others grow at him sacrificing and hardwork! Just want to be the one everyone sang about! He can only be a first team player for Spain if Xavi, Iniesta, Fabregas, Silva, Alonso, Busquet were injured
    Mata should accept Hazard, Oscar and Willian are the Happy Ones Trio cos when Benitez made him the Chelsea Playmaker Hazard and Oscar still showed class and professionalisms!
    He’s one legged while the three are ambidextrous!
    He’s not strong on the ball and can easily lose possession
    He can’t dribble better
    his workrate is on the down slide
    He should just exit Chelsea and let’s be at peace
    No walking past the coach without handshakes and a Pat
    No slamming of things!

    1. Lightning says

      He did show how incredible he is last year, with 20 goals and 35 assists in 12-13, but it’s as you said, he just isn’t up for the competition for that attacking trio behind the striker. His highlight this season was his performance against Arsenal in the Capital One Cup, but aside from that, he’s pretty much failed to impress when he gets the chance. Before the start of the season, there were all the sensationalist tabloids stating that Mourinho was going to ship off David Luiz and the Spaniards. More than likely not true, but even so, David Luiz has adapted well and impressed, Azpilicueta has adapted well and impressed, Torres has adapted well and impressed, it’s only been Mata who has been the odd man out due to his lack of commitment to the team. There may be only one Juan Mata, but Chelsea does have the talent at the club or on loan to easily fill his bench spot should he leave. We can even bring in anyone else to replace him just to stick it to everyone.

      There are 2 things Abramovich loves to spend ludicrous amounts of money on, yachts and midfielders.

  42. Anthony Owusu says

    All what i just read is can mourinho treat mata this sensible coach would bring in Salah and ask mata out..or will bring in Schurle and ask mata out…fuck mourinho

  43. GABBY says

    Too many comments saying “fuck chelsea” “fuck mourinho”
    All i can say is go support Man United then, we support the team and manager not just MATA. Yes we are sad a class player is leaving but we can just wish him the best, and you criticise Mourinho?
    The man who Chelsea first league after 50+ years, who made Chelsea a top team and Stamford Bridge a place where opponents are fearfull of the Blues?!

  44. Fik says

    At this season Mata is not a classic player at Cfc as we looked. He easily loose ball and his defending and dribilling is poor. Z others are much better than him. Even in z game against Cfc defeated by Basel in home or away Salah is a fantastic player scored goals show Salah current performance is much better than Mata. Jose is right to bench him. He can go either rivals or else. But what is good is we buy better players and done great business to strength our blue. Jose does every thing well. We love Jose, & His work.

    1. adam says

      Perfect post

      1. Addrienne says

        Oh yeah, fauolubs stuff there you!

  45. Zyte says

    i think salah is a more rounded midfielder than mata.he is welcome 2 a great club,great coach with great fan base.with due respect & apreciation 2 mata,but i urge all the fans 2 forget mata & match on in the blue army with jose as the captain.up cfc.

    1. adam says


  46. miles says

    I am happy with the purchase of salah but m hoping it will not be another victor moses. I am sincerely hoping. Tho I know one thing for sure-salah is d fastest player in chelsea only second to ramires

  47. GABBY says

    Things that people criticised Jose for and they turned out to be WRONG
    1.Playing Cesar Azpilicueta at LB ahead of Cole – WORKED
    2.Playing Eto’o vs Liverpool ahead of Torres – WORKED
    3.Playing Eto’o vs United ahead of Torres again – WORKED
    4.Sticking with Hazard,Oscar and Willian – WORKED
    5.Buying Willian – WORKED


    1. Wallace says

      Buying Willian for 30mil WORKED?
      Buying Schurrle – WORKED?
      Loaning Lukaku- WORKED?
      Loaning Moses – WORKED?

  48. CEO@ says

    I pray we won’t regret this, according to reports, the three parties are happy with the deal, we have got a replacement for him, who I pray he brings more benefits and qualty to the team.

  49. GABBY says

    Azpilicueta fought for his spot
    Mikel fought for his spot
    Willian fought for his spot
    Torres fought for his spot

    My question to Juan is,why didn’t he fight?

    1. Rabi says

      He did, you tw@t.

  50. Yusuf Yazir says

    I love mata than anyone in chelsea but when it comes to a team as a whole, I have to just calm down and think right…
    When I heard the news, I lost concentration in class. Anyway I wish goodluck.. Sad though

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