Napoli eyeing Meireles Swoop?

 On his way out?

It is reported that one of our prolific midfielder, Raul Meireles, is Napoli’s coach, Walter Mazzari, top transfer target this summer window, according to La Gazzeta dello Sport. Raul Meireles who signed from Liverpool on deadline day last summer was an integral part of Chelsea’s midfield. He has a total of 28 appearances’ last season and a total of 6 goals and 6 assists in all competitions. Napoli President Aurelio De Laurentiis is reported to have sent an enquiry to Meireles’ agent, José Caldiera. It is reported that Meireles has a price tag of around £8million.

Meireles is a top target to replace Ezequil Lavezzi who is on his move to big-spending Paris Saint-Germain. The 29 year old has been an integral part in Chelsea’s midfield, and one of his best performances was the away semi final match against Barcelona in Nou Camp. Losing Meireles would mean Chelsea would be left with Frank Lampard, Michael Essien, Oriol Romeu, Ramires, Jon Obi Mikel, and Joshua McEachran. The Mirror also reported that Meireles is yet to comment on this matter, stating that “he is still focused on the Euros and can’t think of his future now”, you can read the full reports here.
Now, losing Meireles would be a great blow for Chelsea in my opinion. Even though his passes aren’t as sublime as Mata’s, but Meireles possesses the energy and determination a midfielder should have. Meireles is a versatile midfielder and can play in any position in midfield, but at Chelsea, he’s played behind the attacking midfielder and as an anchor to our defense. I personally would make him first choice if Lamps is rested or suspended, as he still got the stamina to help the attack and quickly get back and help his defense, the long passes and the tackles. Oh, and how could I forget those powerful shots he produces time to time? 
So what should Chelsea do say if Meireles does go? That means another signing for me. Yes we still have Mikel, Essien and Romeu, but Mikel has a different style of play compared to Lamps and Meireles. Yes he played outstandingly in the finals, but that was because we played defensively. And yes stats wise he’s one of the highest players with pass succession, but don’t forget he tends to slow the game down. He likes to hold the ball too long and it slows our tempo down. So in an attacking play, I’d leave Mikel out and unleash him when we need to defend. As for Essien, well I guess we all agree he’s a shadow of his former self. I do wish we could watch the Essien we adored next season. But as for now, he’s got a long way to go. And with his future still in doubts, we’ll have to wait and see. Now, Romeu and McEachran, both exciting young talents, but both still need more games and experience to be fully relied on.
Maybe Romans meeting on the yacht with Bastian Schweinsteiger a few days ago was not just a normal “chit-chat” as was said in reports?
What do you guys think? Should we let Meireles go?

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  1. Anonymous says

    IF meireles do go, i think shweinsteiger will be very gud midfielder for us. sign him! great article! Renald-South Korea.

  2. Anonymous says

    Infact if Roman want a great team that would mean a creative midfielder. He should sacrifice and get this man, Shweinsteiger, at whatever cost!

  3. Anonymous says

    Maybe let essien and meireles go to leave room fo schweinsteiger? He's class, experienced and still young!

  4. Anonymous says

    i say we go for de rossi! he was brilliant against england

  5. olivier l'homme marambo says

    No, Don't let Mirales to move away of chelsea fc, if we have possibility we can buy Schweinsteiger, and Mirales remain in the Club.

  6. Haqi Wibowo says

    then we'd have too many midfielders mate. we need to offload some, but if no one moves then no signing is required

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