Negotiations underway for Mata as he expects Man Utd medical this week

article-2543542-1AD6B30400000578-603_636x421Talks between Chelsea and Manchester United regarding the potential sale of midfielder Juan Mata have begun.

Sky Sports Spanish correspondent Guillem Balague is of the belief that the Blues and Red Devils have entered negotiations for the Spain international with all parties looking to get the deal done. Recent reports suggested that Chelsea wanted £35million for Mata but Balague suggested on Revista de La Liga that another price could be reached.

“Manchester United and Chelsea are negotiating the future of Juan Mata – and the idea is that Mata, who Chelsea are happy to let go, goes to Old Trafford in this transfer window,” he said.

“Chelsea are asking for £32 million or with Wayne Rooney as part of the deal. Manchester United have said no to the money and no to Rooney – but I am under the impression that a deal will be reached because it benefits everybody. Manchester United need quality, Mata needs to get out of the situation he is in, and it would reinforce United for their meetings with (Chelsea’s title rivals) Manchester City and Arsenal, which is clever from Jose Mourinho.”

Manchester United boss David Moyes is reluctant to talk up their pursuit of Chelsea midfielder Juan Mata. United are reportedly confident of landing Mata from Chelsea in a £37million deal by the end of the week.

Talks regarding the 25-year-old Spain midfielder are so far advanced that Mata is convinced he will have a medical before the weekend, says the Daily Mail.

But United are treading carefully only because Moyes and his chief executive Ed Woodward failed to sign the likes of Thiago Alcantara and Cesc Fabregas during the summer.

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  1. akinwumi steven says

    This is absolute nonsense from Mou and the management.Selling a quality player like Mata to a rival is total madness!

  2. miles says

    I cannt believe dis is happening. Well I’m sure things will work out fine. If mata goes to Manchester, I can assure all chelsea fans that he will haunt us. Anyway, if his exxit means a chance for lucas piazon, then to me its worth it. I so much love that boy- maybe its cos he looks like kaka

  3. miles says

    @akinwummi. I agree with yu. But mata does not fit the team mou is building. Our transition from defence to attack has to be precise and fast. Wld mata get into bayern munich first team? The best thing is to sell mata. I agree not to a rival but the first thing is to sell mata. Any chelsea fan that wants mata to remain in chelsea with the way he is being treated is just selfish.

    1. Noah says

      This is what we will be missing when Mata is gone.

      I love Mourinho but Mata gives chelsea something that the chelsea fans have been craving for a long time…flair! He has scored some amazing goals for chelsea and find it hard to believe that a manager of Jose’s calibre is unable to accommodate such a brilliant player in the team. Mesut Ozil doesnt defend, how come he is the best number 10 in the world according to Mourinho? I am losing sleep over this and I hope it doesn’t go through. Watching him score amazing goals for Man Utd will be too much for me to watch. If he has to go, we must sell abroad, and he should not be sold to anyone in the premier league. If he does get sold to Man Utd, I will say shame on Chelsea board and Mourinho for strengthening our rivals. I dont care if they are not competing with us.

      I wouldnt sell Mata to them even if they were getting relegated.Will Man Utd ever sell us any of their top players? No chance of that ever happening. Ive been reading all over the internet for articles that would help me get over this but there is none. The more I look, the more I appreciate what Mata will give chelsea. The only way I will be happy is if we get someone like Draxler, Jackson Martinez or Wayne Rooney.

  4. dragurar says

    Really nobody knows what is the point of this, but when they do not want to let go Rooney in Chelsea. This will blow up next to the head, this is a big mistake club coaches and the entire administration to be our very expensive in the end cost. If you already Juan Mata has to go, abnormal and boost direct competition (next season), let him sell the PSG or elsewhere. With all that nedovesti a suitable replacement for him, the risk that if one of the starters in the formation of offensive midfielders to be more hurt is pure madness! Really no one knows what else needs to happen to get things clarified individual club, Juan Mata is the man who is certainly in the short term borrowed this club and something not deserve to be treated!

  5. Martin, Norway. says

    Mata will score a lot of goals against Chelsea if he eventually ends up in United am sure about this. I give up on this issue I don’t understand why Mourinho will sell him to United, why not Valencia instead. Just like Sturridge he always score against us or better still he could have exchanged Mata with Rooney. Why will he sell to a rival? I hate Mourinho for this decision.

  6. Onyeka Emokam says

    As much as I love Rooney to come to chelsea,but I will never be happy seing Mata wearing United jerssy… God forbid!!!

  7. donvic says

    Dis wud b d worst businex eva dat chelsea will eva make..we cfc fanx luv mata,,so show us some respect by nt sellin him to a rival club..if u wanna sell him,,sell him abroad.y must it b man-utd of all clubs.

  8. ken says

    then it should be a swap deal. Rooney for Mata

  9. Tom Gardner says

    I have no problem selling Mata, its good for both parties. Good for Mata and good for Chelsea, as Mou is not going to play him. Our record with him as a starter this season supports him. Mata’s work-rate, tackling, willingness to make hard contact, finishing ability, and his speed are all below Mou’s standard. His offensive genius and ability to set up goals are terrific, but that is not enough for Mou. Mou stays, Mata goes, simple as that. And it is a favor to Mata, he can get starts at many clubs.

    This also fits with the “money in money out” financial strategy. Mata out, Shaw, Zouma and Costa in?

    Bottom line, if Mou sells Mata to ManU, he thinks that ManU will be weaker verses Chelsea with Mata on the other side. He’s not stupid, regardless of what Mou haters want to think. With Mata, the hype does not match the player.

  10. Martin, Norway. says

    Can you guys explain to us why Mourinho have decided to sell Mata to United? He could have sold him to PSG or Valencia but not to our direct rivals. This really hurts us as spectators frankly speaking. First it was Sturridge and now Mata bad decisions.

    1. adam says

      UTD is not our direct rivals: ut cannot catch up Chelsea anymore this year.

    2. maritimo says

      It’s easy Martin. We have already played ManU twice, I think Jose’s plan is that Mata will help Arsenal and City lose points in EPL matches. I believe it’s a good deal, Mata is a good player but I believe he’s not worth such money, that I think it will be well spent on strenghtening the team. KTBFFH!!!

  11. Martin, Norway. says

    Come on Mourinho is rather strenghtening United by selling Mata to them.

  12. xtian says

    Strange decision especially when you consider the stance of Manu about not selling Roony to us. Strengthening Manu with a world class player when we barely survived them without their top strikers in the last game. Ironically the player in question just happens to be the best number 10 in the premier league when on top gear.

  13. adam says

    You know this blog is become Mata or Mikel “Fan club”. When asked why Mata cannot defend and assist the striker like Hazard, Oscar or William do, No one can reply to my simple question. Since Mata has been at Chelsea, we always finish 15 to 20 points behind the leader. If it were not because of Mou, Chelsea will be in same situation like UTD and we will look to seek 3 or 4 th place. So, tell the so call Mata “Fan club” to shut up and let mou works. I am so happy that Mata has gone. Lazy cunt

  14. adam says

    Every body will see the truth face of mata in UTD. Mata is not rooney (who is a truth number 10: rooney defends, assists and score). Mata cannot defend. Mata needs space to play: he is so weak against team who play defensive. Mark my word, it will not take longer to the newspapers to critizise mata like they did for fellaini. They will say: oh, finally mou was wright.

  15. Augustine says

    Sometimes I think mourinhno is just selfish at times first it was moses,de bruyne and now mata players that improved chelsea am so pissed with this nonsense he has continually benched mata for no appropriate reasons…this is stupidly annoying..mourinhno is destroying our beloved chelsea I can’t stand his stupid styles any more

  16. Emile 10 says

    Only smart pple will understand this.

    Because Chelsea have played both of their matches against United but others still have to play and that will be helping them into the title race.
    And tbh even if they buy Mata that won’t be making so much of a difference since Mata is at his best when he’s playing as a CAM and United have been using 4-2-3-1 lately. So if he isn’t playing as a winger then he’s of no use cause Rooney was already doing a playmakers job for them. And if they will play Mata as a CAM then either Rooney or Persie will sit on the bench.
    United needs a WC winger or a WC CM or CDM. He’s not the solution of their problems. They already have 2 WC strikers and even their defence isn’t as fucked up as their midfield is. And then Mou has the summer window to find the perfect replacement of Mata. Great deal tho. Insisted of benching him it’s ok to let him leave and everyone is a winner tho.

  17. Emenike ken says

    Someone here is Manu ain’t our direct rivals anymore. Are u sure ur nt bein myopic? So other seasons wnt come huh? I just pray this deal wnt hunt us anyway!

  18. adekunle says

    I wish mata all d best,but its $✽ painfull τ̅ loose player like juan mata

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