Not Everyone Can Do A Chelsea!

“England attempted to do a Chelsea”
If you have been surfing through the web, exploring football news (especially about Euro 2012) you would have probably come across phrases like “doing a Chelsea”, “pulling a Chelsea” or even “trying a Chelsea”. If a team tried their best not to concede goals, then they are being accused of “doing a Chelsea”. Well, if doing a Chelsea means fighting till the end, against all the odds, commitment, courage then its fine by me. But let me remind you one thing. Not everyone can do a Chelsea.

Chelsea rule at the Camp Nou
It wasn’t a piece of cake for Chelsea to become the European Champions. We beat Valencia, Napoli, Benfica, Barcelona and Bayern Munich to be finally called as European champions. We overturned a 3-1 deficit against Napoli. John Terry played with broken ribs. Two of our center backs (Luiz and Cahill) got injured, had to use right backs as centers; but still we scored two goals with 10 men at Camp Nou in front of 90+ thousand fans. Everything was against us. But still, our manager, players and fans wouldn’t just give up so easily. Because, we are Chelsea. Not everyone can fight like we do.

Yes, we defended a lot. But no, it wasn’t boring and it definitely wasn’t anti-football. We took our chances, moved forward and took our shots. Considering the main objective of a football game is to score goals; then passing passing passing in the midfield looks more boring and anti-football to me. In the case of Chelsea, it was a well-organized plan by our manager and flawlessly actuated protocols by our players. This is isn’t as easy as it sounds. I mean over turning a 3-1 deficit, leveling with Barcelona at their magnificent Camp Nou and beating Bayern Munich at their own Allianz Arena isn’t a weak man’s job. It requires legends. Legends like Frank Lampard, John Terry and Didier Drogba who have an unbelievable fighting spirit.

Neuer unable to react to Drogba’s bullet
After beating Chelsea 3-1 in the first leg, Napoli thought they won it. But then stepped Drogba, Terry, Lampard and Ivanovic to prove them wrong. In the semifinal first leg at Stamford Bridge, Barcelona were bossing around. But Lampard, Ramires and Drogba didn’t like it. They stepped up and shut the mouths of all the haters. In the second leg John Terry was sent off (rightly so), Barcelona scored two goals and they thought they won it. But Lampard, Ramires and Torres didn’t agree with them. In the final when Bayern Munich took the lead in the 82nd minute. They took Muller off, thinking that these defending Chelsea players cannot do anything now. But then stepped up a legend with a newsflash: WE SCORE WHEN WE WANT. Didier Drogba came with a thunderous bullet and that over confident Neuer didn’t even know when the ball hit the net. Shortly after that, we were called the European champions.

Well not everyone has legends like Drogba, Terry and Lampard etc. Not every team has a Roberto Di Matteo. That’s why not everyone can pull a Chelsea. So people should stop comparing Chelsea with teams who just parks the bus. Because at Chelsea, we park the bus and then score when we want to.

By #LimCFC

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  1. Amiie says

    LoL,…. Hence prooved

  2. Anonymous says

    Chelsea are Chelsea ..we are uniques these United and Liverpool and Spurs morons or anyone else can not copy us…haha

  3. Austine chaldree says

    We r dah best in our tactics…..Lmao:-)

  4. Anonymous says

    buhahahahahhahaha….LMAO!!! U're, photocopy is not easy, they just can't be us.

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    Blue devil til I die

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