Oi! Rafa what's your problem with substitutions?

We all sometimes wonder a managers substitutions don’t we? But i am completely berwildered when Rafa makes subs. He either does them too late or not the right ones. There are a few games where this has happened, Rubin Kazan away, the FA Cup semi final and most recently the Liverpool game.
Rubin Kazan Away
In the Rubin game they mounted on a lot of pressure onto us from the first whistle and we where lucky to go through a nice early goal from Torres saw to that with Moses adding later on after Rubin pulled one back through a dubious penalty call. The last 15mins of the game was very tough on us as there was attack after attack from them and we where lucky to keep the score at 3-2. He bought Mikel on which was smart to give more cover to the defence and some more height which we where lacking. He then brought on Oscar for Benayoun(do not have a clue why he started) which was smart as I didn’t notice Benayoun at all in the 77mins he played whereas I saw a lot of Oscar tracking back and defending in those 13minutes, and then in the 90th minute he brought on Ivanovic. I would of brought him on a lot sooner as we did need some height and strength and we where getting bombarded with crosses. I think if he had come on sooner we would of be more stable at the back than what we where being.
FA Cup Semi Final
The Semi final against City was a mix of excitment, passion, heartache and and disbelief. I do believe we where robbed in this game as I can’t see how Aguero was not sent off and Torres didn’t get a penalty. If you watched the match you would of been aware that Ba was being dominated and we needed to even the playing field upfront, everyone was screaming for Torres to come on at half time, but no subs where made and then City where getting closer and closer to scoring and they did. Still Torres didn’t come on. He was warming up from the moment City scored to the 65th cos he knew he would be needed and so did everyone else. Then came Rafa’s favourite 65th minute and he made a sub and Torres came on and we scored instantly, nearing the end of the game we still needed a goal we just needed to have someone who knows how to score and to pop up unoticed in the box. We supposedly had that player on the bench. Some guy called Frank Lampard? Heard he’s scored 200goals for us and is second highest goal scorer for Chelsea? Well everyone did know this but Rafa seem to not know this and the final whistle went and we lost. When we possibly could of brought on Moses and Lampard to add to our goal scoring threat.
Most recently is the Liverpool game where I think he was more interested in returning to Anfield than getting a win. Torres didn’t look interested in the first half but I am not blaming him for us drawing I think he was possibly saving himself for Thursday and I do think Ba should of come on at half time as Ba won’t be playing now till the weekend whereas Torres will now play 3 games in a week and i think he will look tired against Basel but knowing Torres he will still put in a strong performance and chase that ball all over the pitch. Rafa’s first sub was Benayoun and when he cam on I thought “Do you want to win or not?” as Benayoun was another player who looked like he just wanted to come back to Anfield more than win, his comments on twitter annoyed me, had to turn my laptop of for half hour just so I didn’t send him anything abusive. Then Rafa Bought on Moses and Lampard. The subs I would of made would have been Ba for Torres at half time to save him for Thursday, Terry on for Mata around the 70th minute and play and 5-2-2-1 then bring Lampard on for Hazard and play a 5-3-1-1 and just have cover all over the defence and play on the counter attack.

He sometimes gets it right
Rafa does sometimes get his substitution correct and to the point like in the FA Cup semi final where he bought Torres on and that changed the game he just didn’t bring him on early enough.

United Away FA Cup
He did the correct subs early against United and bought on Hazard for some pace and precision and he bought Mikel on to anchor the Midfield. Hazard scored an equaliser and then ran up and down the left wing helping Cole defend and attack. Him and Mikel changed the game for Chelsea and pushed United deeper into their own half.

Im not having a go at Rafa I am just saying his subs do make me confused sometimes. I mean I hate his guts but I will support him as he is Chelsea’s manager. As soon as he leaves I won’t be civil about him again.

What do you make of Rafa’s substitutions?

  1. MīԍųєƖ (@BeltoMiguel) says

    I agree with you
    Also we should be giving Marin some games to help with the rotation of the team …we’re just leaving him to spectate at home. He’s talented , i know he hasn’t really showed himself but if he gets the confidence he needs he could prove a vital member of the team

    1. Joseph says

      Should start infront of Benayoun but rafa being biased just playes benayoun because they are good friends

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