Old Enemy Fabregas turning Blue??

Cesc Fabregas to Chelsea?? Its not a notion i’d ever entertained for a few reasons

1. He played for Arsenal and Barcelona ( both big rivals of Chelsea )

2. He is highly unpopular ( or was ) with CFC fans because of the above reason and his actions in games against us

3. He does not get on with Jose Mourinho

These reasons mean up until a few days ago it wasn’t even something i’d expect to read on The DailyStar or even Caught Offside

But with so many people reporting it AND with Barcelona willing to sell i thought i’d pose the question to all you CFC diehards out there




Firstly, the man is a class player, Even while screaming at the TV how much i hated him i always grudgingly admitted to myself the boy could play, He is Premier League proven, in fact you could say his skill set is more suited to the hustle and bustle of the Premier League then La Liga

But does he fill a need? We need someone to play in the double pivot beside Matic and Cesc has been playing much more up the field lately in his career.

Can he work with Jose Mourinho? The two have traded barbs in the past and Cesc hasn’t been complimentary about Jose’s style of play

And finally, can he and the CFC fans get over their mutual distaste of each other??


  1. ae says

    Thank you very much for sharing.
    I am fan clubs Chelsea
    I Love this since 2005

  2. better blu says

    The boy is a genius. We need someone with an assured touch in midfield, I say let him come. I think its foolish to dismiss a player based on personal feelings. Think of etoo how he inspired us blues upfront, yet in the past he felt otherwise. Passion is one thing in football, but not everything.

  3. fidel says

    I don’t think this deal will happen.period.I like the boy though.

  4. SunneyLamps says

    No player loves any opposition team so we can’t say no to Fab if we need Him but I dont think He is the Kind of Player we need for now Thats only if Jose is planning to sell Oscar again for him to play up which I dont think he wants to…… We might think Fab could play the Pivot role with Matic because He is very creative with good vision and he’s strong and you can’t just push him off the ball easily but the thing is there’s more to being a
    Pivot player for Jose than what Fab is capable of doing and another thing is that i’ve never seen Fab played the Pivot for Spain and Barca but only at Arsenal and not often and not even in the same system as Jose….. I just believe Jose wont have any problem in finding solution to that very important area cause its been one of the reasons why our strikers has not been scoring goals….. Gosh! How I wish i could rejuvenate Ballack to 25yrs old and take him back to play that position for us again….. We need someone as assiduous as he was for us in that area….. Next Season is just gonna be great and we will make another History I BELIEVE! KTBFFH!!!

  5. Zyte says

    i just wish this deal comes 2 reality.i know fab & i believ he was playd out of position at barca.this guy can orchestrate our midfield & can do the modric or pirlo role in the pivot 4 cfc.maticfab wil just be a clas act.i hop he comes.he can also play #10.jose pls get fab 4 us if u can!!

  6. Mason Cole says

    As much as I acknowledge Fabregas is and exceptional player, because playing in the pivot isn’t his natural role, I would have him as 3rd choice [in terms of transfer targets] behind both Pogba and Koke. That is in terms of them as players. Expense-wise, Fabregas is much more cost-effective option, however, we do have the £40m from Luiz’s sale and some left over from Mata and De Bruyne. I will trust in Jose

  7. Chris says

    Id prefer Kroos to fabregas. Kroos has more pace to play on the counter.

  8. robben16 says

    I think Chelsea should buy him because Chelsea do not have player that has accurate passing especially long ball. He is the one can do that. Lampard & Luiz have already leave the club. These 2 players that have accurate long ball ability. Even though he already 27 but young player did not have this kind of ability. Beside Fabregas, only a few player that have that kind of ability such as Xavi (FCB), Alonso (RMFC) & Gerrard (LFC). So, he is good addition for Chelsea.

  9. Mourinho is the Best says

    Good job Mou! We need Fab playing with Matic. His passing skills and accuracy and a bit creativity is what we lack last season. Of course there are many players better than him. But we are not playing FIFA Football Manager or Winning Eleven, we cannot buy any one we want. Fab is one of the best options.

    Now I hope Mou doesn’t sell Oscar and Hazard and on the other hand, buy one more world class striker and centre back. Give some chances to our potential young generation – Kalas, Atsu, Lukaku, Piazon, T Hazard, etc. Our team can win all the trophies in Europe next season.

  10. Anonymous says

    If Mou reverts back to 4-3-3, which would be very likely, this deal would make much sense. Fab-oscar-Matic and Haz-Costa-Willian/Schurrle would be an extremely interesting prospect

  11. miles says

    I. Agree with @anonymous that posted before Me. If we play 4-3-3, itt wld be interesting with oscar, matic, fab then hazard costa willian/schurrle. But I think we need fabregas to partner matic but I DON’T want him. We can do without him. I wld rather we give MVG And romeu a chance at the pivot than fab. Tho I agree the partnership btw mattic and fab cld be world class as they compliment each other. Koke and pogba wld be too expensive. Hrd atthletico is holding out for 60m for koke and pogba wld be like 40-50m. So I rather not have players who cost that much. Let’s just trust in mou.

  12. Fola says

    I think he will be a great signing 4 us, think about the future not the past. We are Blues!!!

  13. Sesan says

    9ce 1 Mourinho, fab s a great player let get d deal done bcos chelsea team lack creativity in dat midfield let gve him a chance 2 make our team better in premiership. Cheers all blue fans, 1 luv

  14. Fik says

    It is great signing to partner with Matic at z pivot but I wann a player more creative like Hazard behind z striker that use his skill to create best chance in closed space playing. As #10 both Osc & Fab r z same. Osc should not be sold he hs z potential to be a great player in z world in near future.

  15. ismaila ibrahim says

    i am neva a fan of fab playin 4 barca nd spain-simply bcos deir style dnt suit him-buh i wld be a no1 fan of him as a chelsea player bcos he wil fit in perfectly here nd adapt to our style so easily. LETS DO IT!

  16. Chidi says

    He is welcome , i wish him the best

  17. mark says

    No one will replace lampard but thats life Jose will get the right replace ment top manger remember theses players can’t play for ever age catches up on ever one

  18. Anonymous says

    I dont prefer FABRIGAS,because there are so many players better than him,(FABRIGAS is just a name at the moment). we want either KOKE,POGBA or VIDAL is the man who can suit us best,these are my opinions…..we need VIDAL

  19. Akinwumi says

    Well,playing in pivot position is not a piece of cake at all.We’ve tried so many players in that position.But partnering Fab with Matic isn’t such a good idea so to say.Mikel’s definitely leaving the club after the world cup,and we still have Ramires in that position remember?We have Oscar,Hazard,Schurrle,Salah and Willian already,so where did u want to use Fab,it means u will have to sacrifice one of the players i mentioned above and how did u want that to end?A food for thought right? well,the guy Fab is good but we don’t need him at all,we need at least 3 proven strikers not a midfielder,remember that we have close to more than 20 players on-loan last season,and i think its time to give some of them a chance in the team not the wasting of cash around in the transfer market.ktbffh always!

    1. Anonymous says

      do u remember that ramires is awful is the double pivot? right now, we dont have anyone. KOKE, POGBA or VIDAL will be ideal but who said they want to come to chelsea or chelsea can pay the price? FABRIGAS knows the PL, so will be perfect upgrade to lamps.

  20. Zyte says

    I can remember fab doin great 4 arsenal in midfield.in as much as koke & pogba seems good,i did definitely go 4 fab b/cos of his experienc & he is also epl proven.this fab is the best scoring midfielder 4 barca last season.come on jose lets do the deal.

  21. Benito says

    Cfc need vidal dat all so mou no mistake

  22. isaac says

    i thing fab is a gud player and we need him badly

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