On, De Bruyne being included in the Schurrle bid

599624_408317699263714_1453832810_nChelsea could use Kevin de Bruyne in negotiations for Bayer Leverkusen striker Andreas Schurrle.

The Daily Star Sunday says Werder Bremen, Bayer Leverkusen and Wolfsburg are ­interested in De Bruyne, 21 – and Chelsea are prepared to sell him for a cut-price fee.

Leverkusen are in the driving seat to land him as Chelsea want their winger Schurrle, 22, but Werder Bremen sporting director Thomas Eichin wants De Bruyne to stay with them.

“We have made no secret of our interest to keep Kevin. We are the right club for him.”

Compared to some Stamford Bridge stars…. via WhoScored.com

I personally can’t wait to have Kevin back at Chelsea next season. He has been doing an amazing job for Belgium and Werden Bremen. De Bruyne has made 26 appearances so for for Werden Bremen assisting 8 goals and scoring 6 himself and also scored recently for Belgium in their 2-0 victory over Macedonia. De Bruyne also has 2 goals for Belgium in the FIFA World Cup qualifiers.

Schurrle’s stats aren’t very different. He also has 8 Bundesliga goals and 5 assists this season. He is more of a #9 or a left winger. De Bruyne is much more flexible and compatible as compared to Schurrle and is a year younger than him as well. Werder Bremen, Bayer Leverkusen and Wolfsburg are ­all reportedly interested in De Bruyne and not as many sides would be willing to pay the asking price of £20-25 for Schurrle which pretty much sums up the story.

De Bruyne's playing positions
De Bruyne’s playing positions
Schürrle's playing positions
Schürrle’s playing positions

On the other hand, we have a wealth of Belgium talent who play for the national side together and selling De Bruyne would create a negative image in the minds of players like Lukaku and Courtois who are also doing excellent for their respective loaned clubs. They might also consider their future away from the Bridge.

Kevin De Bruyne's Characteristics
Kevin De Bruyne’s Characteristics
Andre Schürrle's Characteristics
Andre Schürrle’s Characteristics

I am not a big fan of this transfer at all. Schurrle is not the kind of striker who can replace Drogba. We would surely go for a prolific striker like Falcao or Cavani to replace Torres and would most probably recall Lukaku. Andre Schürrle would just be the icing on the cake kind of player meaning, extra spending and getting rid of De Bruyne for him would be simply silly. Lets hope we keep hold of De Bruyne and spend wisely this summer.

What do you guys think about Andre Schürrle and Kevin De Bruyne? Who would be an ideal striker for us this summer? Falcao? Lukaku?

  1. Snowhite Obi says

    De Bruyne is just 21 and he’s Highly Gifted. These are the kind of players who can worth £30M or £40M in the near future…cos he’s a World-Class Player.
    Secondly,De Bruyne can fit into Chelsea than Andry-S. De Bruyne can play as a Midfielder, Dictate the Game, Create good Chances for strikers and can also score goals. He is just Lampard-Junior.
    Thirdly,Lampard kind of players always succeed in Chelsea. We need players who are 3 in 1.
    Lastly,if Chelsea wants to buy any player,they should go ahead and buy,instead of including our players. Its foolishness. How can we give out our GoalKeeper at A.Madrid because of common Falcao? Knowing fully well that we only have Petr Cech.
    And how can we give out De Bruyne because of Ander S.?
    Please Chelsea should stop including our Good-Players to Buy nonsense.

    1. Green Rose says

      yeah, you right! i totally agree with you. never include our players when you want to buy other players from other clubs.

  2. xtian says

    if coutois was valued for 30M and de bruyne for 25M, then ill be ok with exchange deals.

  3. Anonymous says

    luking at de bruyne and shurle dis season u can realize de bruyne x far better dan him therefore bruyne shud be worth £25m
    DIS means they shud rather gives us money

  4. Olawale says

    I want chelsea too kevin nd lukaku not falcao

  5. FLENZY says

    De-Bruyne shuld not be included.

  6. Olawale says

    Obi that’s a great idea if they want too buy they shuld buy is not by given our player because of another player whish is not gud we have many player out there i dnt no what is rong with chelsea ooo,we dnt have a gud coach they are talking abt player chelsea should make there fans happy.

  7. Hi i know you guyz ar fun why cn't u sell torres and yossi to buy Neymer? the suggetion of buying Falcao is fine but dn't sell coutois. says

    http://www.chitungu sudden.facebook.com

  8. Tehseen Khan says

    I dont see this deal happening,, chelsea highly regards KDB.. and KDB initially did not like the life WB .. so i dont see this happening

  9. TK says

    We should keep KDB replace Torres with Schurrrle. Then start next season with Lukaku/Ba/Schurrle up front with mazacar behind. Chemistry between Marin and Schurrle would be fantastic on the left flank

  10. Anonymous says

    i would be insane… letting a player go, without even giving him a chance….
    why was he bought, if he was not to be played….

    i see these stories as rumors only…

  11. azeez says

    Why would KDB be traded for Squirrel or ђã† do u call him? KDB i§ as good as Hazard if not better as confirmed by their National Coach (though we’ve not seen him closely) but I have seen one or two occasions where Hazard was benched Α̲̅πϑ KDB playing for Belgium. Don’t misquote me, I am a big fan of Eden Α̲̅πϑ not saying De Bruyne i§ better but dat Calibre of player should not be let go without making any impact. CFC shd sell Torres, Benayoun, Α̲̅πϑ let go of Ferreira, Malouda Α̲̅πϑ possibly Lampard.
    Still there are some boys on loan like kakuta Α̲̅πϑ so on, they should be sold. So also Hilario Α̲̅πϑ Turmbull Α̲̅πϑ recall KDB, Lukaku Α̲̅πϑ Courtoise. Buy either Cavani or Falcao without involving any of our players in †ђξ contract. This i§ my own anyways. KTBFHH.

  12. Bitto raphael says

    He should not leave plzszszse

  13. shingirai samu says

    Lets we keep Kevin loan or sell Marin who failed to make the grade at the Bridge. Lukaku to exteod his loan stay.

    1. azeez says

      if lukaku continues his loan spell, who do u now have as striker? Torres? its a lie.

  14. apextlardah says

    De Bruyne will b good 4 ous.

  15. Anonymous says

    if this is true then we the blues are big fools KDV is far more better than AS look at what happened wit NIMANJA MATICS when he was included in DAVID LUIZS deal up de blues

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