Oscar Can Overtake Ronaldo – Neymar

Brazilian ace and highly-touted-about Santos star Neymar has said in an interview that his Brazilian teammate and Chelsea wonder’kid’ Oscar can go on to be better than Cristiano Ronaldo was in the Premier League.

“The Premier League has many quality players but nobody has hit Ronaldo’s level” said the 20-year-old. “You look at La Liga and they have Messi, Ronaldo, Falcao, Iniesta and many others.”

The Santos prodigy who is largely being touted as Messi’s successor as the best player in Europe in years to come was full of praise for the baby-faced Chelsea midfielder, “He is my friend but I don’t speak as a friend when I say Oscar can go on to be a better player for the Premier League than Ronaldo was.”

“His technical ability is as good as any player in the world and he can score some great goals.”
“He is like Ronaldinho and Rivaldo, a magician on the ball – and even though he has had a good start with Chelsea you have not seen anything yet.”

Oscar already has 4 goals in his 4 Champions League appearances this season with two peaches of goals vs Juventus and Shakhtar and if we’re to believe Neymar, Oscar could well go on to score more than Ronaldo himself, who did move out of the Premier League to Madrid. Why, he could go on to beat Drogba’s record of having the most goals in Europe for Chelsea.

“His game is perfect and he has everything to become the best player in the world in the next two years.”
Oscar has already mesmerized a lot of us, tackling like an Englishman despite his very very tiny frame and oozing typical Brazilian finesse when attacking; he is what we missed last season. In fact, he is what we would’ve missed if we’d only had Hazard and Mata. He’s our super glue – he orchestrates and holds together the link between defence and attack.
Neymar has seen Oscar grow, right from playing in the same league against each other in Brazil to sharing the same dressing room for Brazil through the years til now when they play with each other in the Brazil senior team. So no doubt, if anyone is aware of Oscar’s potential it could be Neymar.

But take all that away. Everything we’ve seen from him at Chelsea. Everything Neymar said. This kid, took away the no 10 shirt from Kaka for Brazil. If that doesn’t speak of his talent, I don’t know what will.


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