Oscar, where’s your position at mate?


The summer of 2012 marked a new beginning to the future of Chelsea Football Club as the owner decided that the club needs to not only win cups, but with style. He authorized the deals for young magicians Eden Hazard, Victor Moses, Marko Marin and Oscar Dos Santos to an already available Juan Mata. Well, people knew what each of the signings brought to the team, or at what position they played at, except for Oscar, who was somewhat a mystery signing as not many knew what his qualities were.

In Brazil, Oscar plays in the proper no.10 role, just behind the striker, the role that Juan Mata excels at Chelsea FC. When Mata is moved to the wings, his contribution is still admirable, but not at his best. While Oscar isn’t a winger at all. Though he has a very quick feet, and a superb crossing ability, he is no winger. He has the mindset of a number 10, he plays like one. Even when managers deploy him in the right or the left, his game remains like a number 10. He likes the short passes and acute dribbling which is really pleasing to the eye of the viewer. And he is capable of really magical moments from that position. But the issue is that, when he is put up in the number 10 role (atleast at Chelsea), he takes time to catch his feet. On some days he is magical, while on some others he is totally invisible.

When Di Matteo was in charge, the trio of Mata, Hazard and Oscar were given the front three role just behind Torres. However, there was a freedom to move according to will, so that meant that even if Mata started at the attacking midfield role, it wasn’t the same all through the game. Sometimes it would be Hazard, and sometimes it would be Oscar. So that meant each of the three had a chance to prove what they can bring in from the center. However, since Rafa has been in charge, Mata has been given the central midfield role and Oscar is given the wings as usual, however, the rotation in position is not as frequent as it used to be. Rafa Benitez obviously understood the limitations of playing Oscar in the wings and so many a times he preferred to play him as a central midfielder, just ahead of the holding midfielder, or maybe bench him so that he can be introduced with fresh legs for Juan Mata.

For me, Juan Mata and Eden Hazard are the finished products (not the final finished, but finished as their positions on the pitch), however, Oscar is a different case. He is yet to be polished. If Hazard and Mata have reached 60-70% of what they are capable of, while Oscar is still at 40-50%. He has enormous talent, and can play at a wide array of positions, but the manager has to decide whether he wants this guy to play at the attacking midfielder role, or maybe in the holding midfielder role. And the day Oscar realizes the position that he is the best at, he can evolve into a player maybe even better than what Eden Hazard and Juan Mata is.

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  1. tim says

    oscar is a fine player! I think pairing oscar and luiz in da defensive midfield role will work perfectly…. Since they all have an eye for accurate descent passes! Oscar also can cause problem with his long range shorts and tackles and win balls tooo

    1. tushar07 says

      yes, good point, he is slightly better defensively than hazard and mata.
      Even I think he should be in the central midfield role partnering Luiz, Mikel or Lampsy.

  2. Anonymous says

    putting him in defensive midfleid would be a big blunder as he is a natural no 10. I feel we need to change our formation from 4-2-3-1 to 4-2-1-2-1 wherein oscar can play just ahead of the defensive midfielder

  3. Anonymous says

    A talented player technically good in a suitable position.

  4. adexdu1 says

    Oscar has been a wonderful player since joining chelsea just that Rafa does not belief in him and or he thinks he has not matured enough. Even if Oscar recognizes his strong position, ȋ̝̊̅ƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇ he going to force himself on †ђξ Coach? I think it ȋ̝̊̅ƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇ a test of time when he will sit tight in †ђξ first eleven. I love him as a player and always want to see him play. What a talent Oscar ȋ̝̊̅ƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇?

  5. brynknight says

    For me, Oscar is the new Xavi, not the new Kaka or Ronaldinho. I’m sure that Oscar will be best deployed as a central midfielder, a general in the mould of Xavi or Pirlo. His long passing is already outstanding and a Xavi-role doesn’t shackle too much of his creative instincts. I’d move him deeper as soon as possible.

    1. Nathan Smith says


  6. Zane says

    Firstly,excellent article.

    Well,Oscar for me is a cross between Kaka and Aimar. Brilliant on the ball,tricky and deadly with his shots (power and finess). He is a natural number 10,trequarista. I just can’t see him in another position.

    Some want him as the deeper playmaker,regista,but he is currently not equiped yet to play in that position. He is raw yes and can definitely make the transition,it’s just his physical and natural mentall attributes make him that player he is today. If the club wants him deep,he’ll have to spend a long period of time in the gym to build mass throught his body and most important he will have to discipline himself for the position.

  7. Bitto raphael says

    If u want to use him in the midfield u hav to use a strong and fast defend midfielder,he will be switchin with mata(midfielders) or the wingers

  8. Evans waweru says

    The boy is very good and talented,
    very dramatical in the pitch,
    i to believe that he need to be given sometime and he will be the best player in Chelsea squad,
    am sure it will good for him if he accept and appreciate the way they are working with Rafa

  9. Michael chawiya says

    Oscar is the most intelligent we hv , he got skill and he works hard for the team. He only lacks physic and he is not consistent but we must note the he is only 21 he is far from peak n he is still developing n adjusting to English football. This young man is exciting and he already a starter inthe selecao. I just like Oscar he is a great talent, i m sure he will be a football legend.

  10. makinwa says

    i have once said it here Oscar dos santos is the emerging star in world football as at today to become the full superstar like messi or ronaldo or kaka needs encouragement from the coach u just dont continually bench a talent of this mould u would demoralise him … messi was given chance to flourish under the d watchful eyes of pep guardiola …. .. mata brings opportunities in a matter of time with 17 goals about 11 assists this season …. hazard creates chances for the team with 9 goals and 10 assists this season but Oscar brings the magic and fluidity i.e with oscar u expect the unexpected with 9 goals and 9 assists but with a limited playing time than mata and hazard

  11. Armaan says

    I would prefer him as a holding midfielder too. His dribbling and passing is very good. He and Mikel/Luiz would be amazing. One person defending, other attacking. The perfect pair

  12. uduak says

    Oscar is a very good player.
    Yes,he’s our Xavi but the fundamental problem about him is the coach,Rafa.
    Pls cast your minds back to the humble days of Di Mateo when he played rightly just behind the striker.He was wonderful and chelsea looked like Brazil playing in their glory days alas Rafa came and Oscar looks so ordinary.Pls Rafa needs to go quickly.

  13. Jane says

    Oscar is smarter,faster and energetic than both mata and harzard

  14. Anonymous says

    hes very good on football

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